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Hidetools Child Control - 4.8

Control your child's computer usage: restrict access to Web sites, browsers, messengers, games, programs, files and folders, protect from adult Internet and monitor unwanted PC activities.

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Rating: 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Current Version: 4.8
Release Date: Oct 20, 2008
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Downloads: 216

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Ez Parental Control 3.2.1Data Added: March 20, 2008   
Ez Parental Control. Access Control Block Messenger Block Pornrestrict Internet Access.
Ez Parental Control blocks Website Urls And Programs from running on yours, your child's or employee's computer. Features: Blocks Website Urls. Blocks Programs. Shows Running Process Details. View Detailed History Report. Stealth (invisible) Mode support. Hot keys support. Windows Vista Compatible. Free Household License. Blocks Website Urls and Protect your child or business by restricting access to any Website Url such as Adult Content, Business competitors or Job...
Size: 2.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $39.99 
Keywords: Access Control - Block Messenger - Block Pornrestrict Internet Access - Block Software - Block Urls - Internet Access Control - Kids And Parents Software - Monitor Internet - Online Safety - Parental Control Software

HomeGuard Activity Monitor 64 bit 2.2.4Data Added: January 06, 2016   
HomeGuard Activity Monitor 64 bit. Block Websites Content Filter File Monitor.
HomeGuard is an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard will silently and automatically block all adult and inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent on each website. Plus a built in keylogger, activity based screenshots, chat and email monitoring and filtering, program/games blocking and time restrictions, Internet and computer usage time...
Size: 4.2 MB License: Free to try Price: 39USD 
Keywords: Block Websites - Content Filter - File Monitor - Gaming Addiction - Keylogger - Net Filter - Parental Controls - Porn Blocker - Printer Monitor - Program Blocker

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional 2.1Data Added: August 19, 2013   
Aobo Filter for Mac Professional. Aobo Filter For Mac Block Applications Mac Block Sites Mac.
Aobo Filter for Mac Professional is a piece of internet filtering software that helps Mac OS X users to block adult websites, stop games and applications and record accessed websites on Mac. Key Features of Aobo Filter for Mac: - Start automatically as user logs in - Work with every/current user account on your Mac - Block adult and other websites by keywords - Filter unwanted websites by adding website URLs - Record visited websites in every web browser on Mac -...
Size: 1.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $79.95 
Keywords: Aobo Filter For Mac - Block Applications Mac - Block Sites Mac - Filter For Mac - Internet Filter For Mac - Internet Filtering Software For Mac - Mac Internet Filter - Mac Parental Control - Mac Web Blocker - Parental Control For Mac

HOSA-Future Health Professionals HD 2.2Data Added: May 26, 2014   
HOSA-Future Health Professionals HD. .
HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a national student organization that provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, collegiate and adult students enrolled in health science education. HOSA is 100% health care! For more information please go to
Size: 12.8 MB License: Freeware 

DiAppBetes 1.1Data Added: June 13, 2014   
DiAppBetes. .
Are you competent in managing adult inpatients with diabetes? Do you know which insulin is which? Can you effectively manage hypoglycaemi* Can you adjust insulin doses confidently? Up to 15% of all adult patients in hospital have diabetes. The vast majority of them are cared for by medical teams who are not experts in diabetes. Derived from national guidelines, this App from Southampton General Hospital will provide a concise resource for the common issues in diabetes...
Size: 1.7 MB License: Freeware 

WBTA 4.1.0Data Added: February 05, 2014   
WBTA (1490 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Soft Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Batavia, New York, USA, the station is the only one directly serving Genesee County and in general serves the area between Rochester and Buffalo. The station is owned by HPL Communications, Inc. WBTA offers News, Weather, Local Sports, Radio Auctions, Obituaries, and Local Personalities. Nobody talks more about Genesee County than WBTA.
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 

Horror Movie Weapons 3Data Added: April 20, 2014   
Horror Movie Weapons. .
Time to play. ***TOP 200 APP!!!*** ***RATED 17+ FOR EXTREME VIOLENCE, TORTURE, AND ADULT THEMES*** Horror Movie Weapons lets you choose from over 16 unique weapons. Press the button to USE your weapon and TORTURE your captives. Hear their SCREAMS of AGONY and see their BLOOD splat, as you use your weapons to MANGLE them. Below is a partial list of weapons that you can choose from: Chainsaw, Hacksaw, Knife, Axe, Razor, Hammer, Scythe, and MANY...
Size: 4.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Single Jingles App 1Data Added: March 19, 2014   
Single Jingles App. .
Single Jingles A Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to young adult men, in an effort to raise awareness about testicular cancer. This app provides young men (15-35) the ability to remind themselves once a month to perform a self check for Testicular Cancer. We are asking men to "Man Up and Check EM" What Is Testicular Cancer?: Get the facts, and find comfort in the fact that 99% of men diagnosed with TC survive if they get treatment early....
Size: 2.4 MB License: Freeware 

Cwrs Sylfaen - Welsh Foundation Level 1.0Data Added: January 03, 2014   
Cwrs Sylfaen - Welsh Foundation Level. .
The Cwrs Sylfaen App helps you achieve foundation level Welsh, based on the popular CBAC/WJEC course for adult Welsh learners. It is the second App from CBAC's Welsh books, following on from Cwrs Mynediad - entry level (if you are just starting Welsh, start with that App, it teaches pronunciation and gives a basic level of conversational Welsh). This App, like the Cwrs Sylfaen book, looks to consolidate your Welsh into the ability to converse in daily life. Cwrs Sylfaen...
Size: 63.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $20.99 

Anxiety Disorders 1.0Data Added: August 09, 2014   
Anxiety Disorders. .
More than 10% of adult population suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. In fact, you can actually have an anxiety disorder and not even know it! If you find yourself arguing with your partner more frequently than normal; catch yourself side-stepping social events; or perhaps even fostering unrealistic feelings of fear or apprehension, there's a good chance you are experiencing some type of anxiety disorder. If you or a loved one experience continuous bouts of fear,...
Size: 307.2 KB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Club Kindness 1.0.3Data Added: August 21, 2014   
Club Kindness. .
Club Kindness is a tool for parents & teachers to work with children ages 6-12 (early readers and writers may need help from an adult). Please note this is not an independent game for children. It is an opportunity to make age appropriate Acts of Kindness fun for kids! A perfect way to generate positive conversation around the dinner table or at bedtime or in the classroom. Children can submit stories of kindness through this app and be inspired by other children's acts of kindness...
Size: 24.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $3.99 

Pocket Truth or Dare 1.5Data Added: May 22, 2014   
Pocket Truth or Dare. .
Come to get this most interesting adult Truth or Dare! Wish to be more close to your crush or that hot girl? Want to know more about your friends secrets/crazing staff? Willing to do some embarrassing thing with your guys?
Size: 13.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Collage Camera App 1.1Data Added: July 20, 2014   
Collage Camera App. .
Collage Camera App is simplicity combined with aesthetics making it one of the easiest picture collage apps at the moment. Its a photo collage app with no-frills, and can be operated with as much ease by a child as by an adult. Its a ˜family-and-friends app that should be in with you at all times. Collage Camera App not only captures the most beautiful moments of your life but also collates them to create memorable emotions for ages a photo collage of the most precious minutes of your life...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Freeware 

Web Shooter 1.0Data Added: June 15, 2014   
Web Shooter. .
Web Shooter for the iPhone! Now anyone can have amazing spider like super powers and shoot web ( or pretend to shoot spider web) from their iPhone! Hours of fun for both adult and kids! We have two modes: Mode #1 You can strap your iPhone on your wrist and then use your other hand to ta the shoot button. Mode #2 Simply put your iPhone in your hand and use your fingers to pretend to shoot web! Fun sound effects! In Mode...
Size: 10.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

School Library Journal 4.01Data Added: August 24, 2014   
School Library Journal. .
School Library Journal is the leading publication serving librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries, and is the world's largest reviewer of children's & young adult material, from books to digital content. School Library Journal Pricing: Single Issue Price - USD $10.99* Subscription 1 year - USD $109.99* Subscription 1 month - USD $9.99* * For non-US app stores, the equivalent currency charges will apply.Please note: App...
Size: 14.8 MB License: Freeware 

Neurology as an Artform 1.19.8Data Added: September 14, 2014   
Neurology as an Artform. .
This is the easiest way to access Neurology as an Artform on your phone. You get instant access to all the latest episodes from Dr. Wendy Stewart. This App provides users with integrated information on clinical pediatric and adult neurology, neuroanatomy, medical education and the humanities. This app contains the following additional features: * Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere * Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back...
Size: 9.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Bliss Lite - The Game for Lovers 1.1.9Data Added: February 04, 2014   
Bliss Lite - The Game for Lovers. .
Bliss Lite, the Game for Lovers, is a romantic game for a couple in love to play in bed. Unlike many adult oriented computer games, Bliss emphasizes romance and intimacy rather than blatant sexuality. Bliss Lite uses advanced computer technology to adapt itself to your personal romantic preferences. Bliss keeps track of: * your favorite background music * your romantic preferences * even what you are wearing to give you and your lover a surprising new...
Size: 46.9 MB License: Freeware 

APNA 2.1.1Data Added: September 24, 2014   
The Adult Pneumonia (APNA) Order Set is a clinical decision support tool designed to aid prescribers in the treatment of adult patients with pneumonia. Prescribers will be guided through a short series of patient assessment questions, which will ultimately direct them to the corresponding treatment options. Clinical decision support tool encompassing: -CURB-65 Score -Pseudomonal risk factor assessment -MRSA risk factor assessment -Antibiotic therapy recommendations
Size: 2.4 MB License: Freeware 

DDx pro 1.0Data Added: August 26, 2014   
DDx pro. .
DDx pro is an advanced differential diagnostic application designed for the iphone. It is the most comprehensive, searchable database of medical diseases listing more than 1500 diseases covering all the subspecialties in adult medicine. The user can search for an individual disease or obtain a list of possible diseases upon searching for any combination of clinical, laboratory or radiological attributes
Size: 512.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Tap Animal 1.5Data Added: August 14, 2014   
Tap Animal. .
Tap Animal turns your iphone/ipad into a simple, digital toy for pre-school children and adult. Entertaining and engaging for all ages This game is both educational and fun! Teach your child the animals, their food, sound, habitat and name in this interactive colorful game! Enjoy 6 separate game modes in each of 12 stages: 1. Tap & Follow Me 2. Spot the Difference 3. Listen to Animal Sound 4. Find Animal Food 5. Match Animal...
Size: 12.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Ford Show 1.3Data Added: March 15, 2014   
Ford Show. .
A great wise man once said, "it's a man's world" & he was right. The FORD Show is built by men, for men. Every week Ford, Brittany Murata, Joey Vegas & Nates discuss the news, sports, life & women. They have conversations with adult entertainers, authors, pro wrestlers, MMA fighters & more! Every Wednesday night @ 8pm, Radio is Back.
Size: 17.0 MB License: Freeware 

Fish Fun HD 1.1Data Added: October 22, 2014   
Fish Fun HD. .
A fun and educational game for ages 3 to adult. If you're looking for more than shoot'm'up games and cartoon drawings that use up your kids spare time without them learning much, give them a game with beautiful real tropical fish that will teach them something valuable while they have fun. This game is also is a great hand/eye co-ordination trainer for preschoolers. Intuitive enough that a 3 year old will get it in a minute, but at the higher levels, it will engage and entertain...
Size: 48.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Jefferson County Human Services 2.1Data Added: August 22, 2014   
Through early childhood education, adult and child protection, job training, food assistance, Medicaid, mediation and other programs, Human Services helps people step toward better, safer lives. This application is designed to help people find out more information about the services and programs offered by Jefferson County Human Services. Users can search for a specific program, filter by categories or answer a few quick questions to display possible services of interest.
Size: 1.8 MB License: Freeware 

107.7 MIX FM Stratford, Canada 1.2.1593Data Added: April 03, 2014   
107.7 MIX FM Stratford, Canada. .
MIX FM is a Stratford, Ontario Canada based radio station that broadcasts at 107.7 FM. We hate repetition, so unlike a regular Adult Contemporary music station that only plays the top 600 songs over and over, we have over 2400 songs in our musical universe and its expanding all the time. MIX FM is known for showcasing local Canadian emerging artists on the MIX Backyard where local musicians have their chance to strut their stuff on radio. The popular MIX Morning Show from 6am 9am always...
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 

Cloud Link 1.0Data Added: April 14, 2014   
Cloud Link. .
Cloud Link is a safe browser that protects against unsuitable, time wasting, adult and infected web sites. It is designed to work as part of the web filtering service which is available from many service providers.
Size: 6.7 MB License: Freeware 

Expedition White Shark 2.1Data Added: January 18, 2014   
Expedition White Shark. .
Welcome to Expedition White Shark, the worlds first app designed to track adult white sharks in real time! To make this possible, scientists at the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI) attached custom satellite tags to the dorsal fin of adult Great White Sharks, allowing us to follow their movements from Satellites orbiting the earth. Expedition White Shark allows you to receive near real time Great White Shark tracking data at the same time as the research scientists. Positions for...
Size: 60.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $3.99 

Penalized 1.1Data Added: July 16, 2014   
Penalized. .
Penalized is an adult party game for two or more people. The object of the game is to have fun. Players take turns revealing a challenge and following the directions. Penalties can consist of a sip of a drink, removal of clothing, or loss of a coin or poker chip. There are 200 challenges (more to come) in 6 basic categories: - 'I've Never': Player reads the statement aloud. Every person for who it is untrue receives a penalty. - 'Physical Challenge': Player...
Size: 716.8 KB License: Freeware 

Kangaroo Jump - Free Game 1.0Data Added: April 08, 2014   
Kangaroo Jump - Free Game. .
Kangaroo Jump is a jumping and running fun game.Free Game for Children and Adult any ages. Player has to be collect more coins to get next level or unlock character
Size: 16.1 MB License: Freeware 

Bluff Wars - Hysterical Game of Deception! Free 2.2.1Data Added: September 15, 2014   
Bluff Wars - Hysterical Game of Deception! Free. .
Think you can DECEIVE your friends? Play Bluff Wars, the #1 ADULT PARTY GAME, today! It's hysterical. It's absurd. It's pure deception! In this game of wits and trickery, you earn points for guessing the correct answer, as well as bluffing opponents into believing your made-up answer. SEE WHAT CRITICS ARE RAVING ABOUT! "If this is starting to sound like your last job interview, don't worry - it's actually a lot of fun." - PocketGamer "Essentially a...
Size: 74.0 MB License: Freeware 

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