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AV Digital Talking Parrot - 1.0.5

Digital Talking Parrot is the first intelligent, interactive screensaver.

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Current Version: 1.0.5
License: Freeware
Downloads: 3851
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Echo, the Talking Parrot 1.0.1Data Added 1: October 12, 2014   
Echo, the Talking Parrot. .
Echo, the crazy talking parrot which lives on the beach of Copacobana, talks back to you in a funny way. Features: * Universal app for every iOS device with a microphone * Change Echo's color to change his voice * Touch him to hear funny words. You can touch his hair, and his belly. * You can record your own voice/words and play them back if you click Echo's beak * Poke his feet, twice, if you dare! * make him dance * make rain * make storm...
Size: 30.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

AV Digital Talking Parrot 1.0.21Data Added 1: August 18, 2012   
AV Digital Talking Parrot. Digital Pet Free Screensaver Interactive Screensaver.
Digital Talking Parrot is the first intelligent, interactive screensaver. This cute and friendly animated 3D Screensaver is based on the latest multimedia technologies in voice changing. Parrot can talk, laugh, and sing. It can also mimic bird songs and repeat the words or phrases that you teach it. Parrot remembers whatever it hears and will repeat it later in a funny voice that you can alter. You can teach Parrot to talk with different voices, and decide which words it should remember, and...
Size: 1.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Digital Pet - Free Screensaver - Interactive Screensaver - Smart Pet

ABC with VocabuLarry - by BabyFirst 1.2Data Added 1: August 14, 2014   
ABC with VocabuLarry - by BabyFirst. .
Now FREE for a limited time! Join everyones favorite talking parrot, VocabuLarry, as he introduces all the letters of the alphabet! From the hit TV series on BabyFirst, comes another interactive app made specifically for young toddlers. Your child will see each letter and a common word that starts with that letter. As a new letter appears on-screen, VocabuLarry says the letter. With the touch of a finger, an object related to that letter appears. VocabuLarry says the...
Size: 16.8 MB License: Freeware 

VocabuLarry's Things That Go Book 1.3Data Added 1: February 14, 2014   
VocabuLarry's Things That Go Book. .
Available now for an introductory price of only $0.99! From the hit TV channel BabyFirstTV, comes the very first digital book featuring everyones favorite parrot, VocabuLarry! The spirited talking parrot takes babies and toddlers on an interactive journey as he meets all different things that go
Size: 20.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

DeskBot 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
DeskBot. Actors Agent Avatars.
DeskBot is a free, multi-featured Clipboard Reader, Text Reader, Time Announcer, and Internet Explorer Add-In for Microsoft Windows which Microsoft Agent Animated, Talking Characters. From the developer of MASH - The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper.
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Actors - Agent - Avatars - Bellcraft - Bonzi - Buddy - Characters - Conversational - Genie - Helper

Amazing Ninja Buddy 1.6Data Added 1: February 08, 2014   
Amazing Ninja Buddy. .
Ever wanted your own personal Ninja Buddy to train and interact with? Look no further! Ninja Buddy is a talking ninja master who reacts to your gestures; leaning with the tilt of the device, jumping and rolling with your swipes, and fending off ninja stars that you throw at him by swinging your arm! Win mini-games to earn secret ninja moves! NEW: Version 1.6 Adds a white costume option for your Ninja Buddy and fixes some interface/audio bugs. INTRODUCTORY...
Size: 8.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

MASH 7.3Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
MASH. Actors Agent Avatars.
Bring your Desktop to Life with Microsoft Agent Animated Talking Characters in 11 Languages! Record and playback entertaining presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen, directing what they say and do. Behind the scenes, MASH does the hard work and can generate your presentations into several scripting languages for use in Websites, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, Emails, Visual Basic, Windows Scripting Host, and more. Some uses for these captivating technologies...
Size: 7.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $25 
Keywords: Actors - Agent - Avatars - Bellcraft - Buddy - Characters - Conversational - Interactive - Listen - Mash

My Talking Calculator 3.96Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
My Talking Calculator. Calculator Converter Equation.
A talking calculation robot, includes the standard style, mini style, cartoon style,detail style which could display the detail steps of calculation. Calculate and talk expression in the text file.Memory variable, user defined parameter, system parameter, unknown variable,unit converter,exercise center, formula manager make the daily calculation easy.
Size: 3.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $9.95 
Keywords: Calculator - Converter - Equation - Exercise - Expression - Formula - Language - Robot - Talking - Unit

Buddy Icon Constructor FREE 1.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Buddy Icon Constructor FREE. Aim Aol Bmp To Icon.
Buddy Icon Constructor Free allows to create own buddy icon for on-line messengers. You can use your pictures, pictures of your friends and family. You can use you pictures, images from Internet, your art-works. Take any image (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIFF) and convert in into your personal buddy icon. Buddy Icon Constructor Free allows rotating. The simple Buddy Icon Constructor Free interface allows you to customize, modify or make your own buddy icons.
Size: 509.2 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Aim - Aol - Bmp To Icon - Buddy Icon Builder - Buddy Icon Constructor Free - Buddy Icon Creator - Buddy Icons - Buddyicon Builder - Buddyicon Constructor Free - Buddyicon Creator

Anonymous Forum Buddy 2.8Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Anonymous Forum Buddy. Anonymous Forum Buddy Anonymous Surfing Anonymous Web Surfing.
Anonymous Forum Buddy toolbar masks the IP address by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies. This way you can surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups without revealing your real IP address. More, Anonymous Forum Buddy has posting possibilities, meaning that you will be able to interact with web pages, post messages on forums without being banned or kicked out, use searches, cast votes. All that in complete anonymity! Choose the proxy form the dropdown list and surf...
Size: 435.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Anonymous Forum Buddy - Anonymous Surfing - Anonymous Web Surfing - Anti- Spy - Browsing Companion - Hide Ip - Invisible Browsing - Online Anonymity - Online Privacy - Online Protection

Buddy Icon Smileys for AIM 1.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
Buddy Icon Smileys for AIM. Aim Aim Smileys Aol.
The smiley Buddy Icons for AIM is a set of free icons to express your moods and feelings on AOL Instant Messenger. These smileys are a simple and easy way to show how you feel while chatting, the buddy icons are animated and compatible with all versions of AIM. Try the cool Buddy Icon Smileys for AIM today!
Size: 199.3 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Aim - Aim Smileys - Aol - Buddy - Buddy Icons - Free - Icon - Smiley - Smileys - Smilies

Christmas Buddy Icons for AIM 1.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
Christmas Buddy Icons for AIM. Aim Buddy Icons Aim Icons Christmas Icons.
Spread the Christmas joy on AIM with this special Christmas Buddy Icon set! This free Buddy Icon Set contains lots of Christmas related AIM Icons, completely free and easy to use. We hope you enjoy these Buddy Icons for AIM and have a great holiday season!
Size: 256.1 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Aim Buddy Icons - Aim Icons - Christmas Icons - Free Buddy Icons - Xmas

New Year Buddy Icons for AIM 1.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
New Year Buddy Icons for AIM. 2005 Aim Buddy Icons Aim Icons.
The year 2005 is almost upon us and you can now celebrate the new year within your AOL Instant Messenger and share the celebration with all of your AIM buddies! This set includes 50 free Buddy Icons (Including animated ones) for use within AIM.
Size: 298.4 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: 2005 - Aim Buddy Icons - Aim Icons - Free Buddy Icons - Holiday - New Year Icons

Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy 1.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy. Coach Z Desktop Desktop Buddy.
Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy uses animated cartoon homestar runner characters display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite homestar runner friends such as: The Cheat Coach Z Marzipan Strong Bad Homestar Runner If you are a Homestar Runner fan you owe it to yourself to get this! Download it for free now!
Size: 1.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Coach Z - Desktop - Desktop Buddy - Desktop Friend - Free - Friend - Homestar Runner - Marzipan - Strong Bad - The Cheat

Talking Reminder 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Talking Reminder. Calendar Forget Reminder.
Never forget another event again with this great looking reminder and calendar that even talks to you! Talking Reminder will keep track of your important events and remind you about them using speech, sound, alert window, email, or file execution. Talking Reminder is fun and easy to use. With this program you will not be spending time in figuring out how to use it. It takes no time to enter a new reminder and it will even offer to pre-remind you automatically before the main event. For...
Size: 2.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Calendar - Forget - Reminder - Speech - Talking Reminder - Talkingreminder

Talking Agent Plugin for eReminder 2007 2.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Talking Agent Plugin for eReminder 2007. Calendar Ereminder Planning.
Talking agent plugin is specially designed for eReminder 2007 - Easy Calendar & Reminder It comes with a cast of characters including Peedy, Merlin, Genie, and Robby. If you specify Popup an agent as a reminder way, then an Microsoft Agent will pop up and read the notification when the appointment/task is due. To install this plugin, you need install eReminder 2007 firstly. eReminder 2007 - Easy Calendar & Reminder is a full-featured calendar application designed specifically for planning,...
Size: 18.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Calendar - Ereminder - Planning - Reminder - Talking Agent

Talking Alarm Clock 1.4.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Talking Alarm Clock. Agent Alarm Clock.
This program lets your computer remind you of important dates and events. It uses Microsoft® Agent to show a talking animated alarm. The alarm can also play any sound you choose and includes a handy snooze button. An alarm can be set to go off once, daily, weekly, monthly or annually, with very flexible scheduling. Each alarm can have multiple schedules. An icon in the Windows system tray gives quick access to the alarm clock. The New Alarm Wizard makes adding an alarm fast...
Size: 6.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Agent - Alarm - Clock - Reminder - Talking

SQL Buddy Lite 1.0.3Data Added 1: October 29, 2007   
SQL Buddy Lite. Insert Statement Creator Sql Buddy Sql Script.
Automatically create SQL scripts to insert default values into tables with this easy to use program. Set your connection, choose your tables and click Create Script. It's as easy as 1,2,3! After using SQL Buddy you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Feature: Easy to use interface Supports MS SQL 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008 Fully Automated No More Hand Coding Save Hours Of Coding Script Large Tables In Seconds Connect To Database With SQL User Account or Windows...
Size: 585.9 KB License: Shareware Price: $24.99 
Keywords: Insert Statement Creator - Sql Buddy - Sql Script - Sql Server

Talking Translator Pro 1.9.4Data Added 1: October 17, 2012   
Talking Translator Pro. Clipboard Reader Dutch English.
Talking Translator Pro is an easy to use 4 in 1 language utility which can translate text between 8 languages with 23 language sets, Find meanings of words, Read the contents of files and clipboard. It can also read the translations in its native language with proper accent using the in-built text-to-speech feature. You can easily edit and saves your translations and meanings in multiple formats. Also, text-to-speech engines in 12 languages are provided free. The English Dictionary provides...
Size: 4.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $15 
Keywords: Clipboard Reader - Dutch - English - French - French Translator - German - Italian - Language Translator - Portuguese - Russian

Talking Event Scheduler 3.8.1Data Added 1: March 27, 2012   
Talking Event Scheduler. Talking Alarm Talking Alarm Clock Talking Event Scheduler.
Talking Event Scheduler is a simple yet very effective speech enabled scheduler. It allows you to schedule limitless events (or alarms) with associated message text and is an invaluable tool for those who have trouble getting organized and those who do not like to forget their appointments, meetings, and so on. Like all of oursoftware products, Talking Event Scheduler is designed to be used as a stand alone program. What this means is that you do not need any kind of screen reading software...
Size: 3.9 MB License: Shareware Price: 2.99GBP 
Keywords: Talking Alarm - Talking Alarm Clock - Talking Event Scheduler - Talking Organizer - Talking Reminder

Talking Calculator 1.35Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
AIDEMs Talking Calculator is a calculator that not only show the number like normal calculator but also announced the number. The crystal clear announcement of number is very cool ! When you are using the Talking Calculator,your friends or clients beside you can also hear the result. AIDEM SYSTEMS INC..
Size: 595.0 KB License: Demo Price: $9.95 
Keywords: Aidems - Aidems Talking Calculator - Business - Calculator - Crystal Clear - Normal - Not Only - Number - Show - Talking

Buddy haut den Lukas 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Buddy haut den Lukas is actually a quite simple beat em up game. You slip into the role of Bud Spencer and your task is to get as many points as possible in order to reach a new highscore. Villains will pop out of the boxs holes and its your task to give them the good old Bud Spencer treatment (punch them!). All you need is fast reaction and a liking for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Florian Landerl | Nullstars OG.
Size: 1.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Action - Beat Em - Beat Em Up - Bud Spencer - Buddy - Buddy Haut Den Lukas 1 0 - Den - Em Up - Games - Haut

Tele-Buddy 1.3Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Tele-Buddy will be your new Television Buddy! Tired of either not remember when your favorite shows come on, or what is on any given night of the week? How about missing your favorite shows all together ... ever do that?! Then this is the utility for YOU! With you new Tele-Buddy you can: Quickly view all your favorite shows on one form! Quickly view your favorite shows on ANY SINGLE "Whats on today?"... tap the button that represents today and youve got only todays...
Size: 140.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $5.95 
Keywords: Buddy 1 3 - Business - Color - Favorite - Favorite Shows - Organizer - Shows - Tele-buddy 1 3 - Telebuddy - Your Favorite Shows

Debit-Buddy 1.1Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
If youre like me and always seem to never remember the amount or date of your last ATM withdrawal or where that receipt for your debit card purchase is, then youll LOVE your Debit-Buddy. With a few quick taps of the stylus, you can quickly and easily jot down these uses and help avoid those accidental overdrafts!.
Size: 116.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $7.95 
Keywords: Atm - Buddy 1 1 - Business - Card - Debit - Debit Card - Debit-buddy 1 1 - Debitbuddy - Finance

Beer Buddy for HanDBase 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Beer Buddy is a database for rating beers you have sampled. The database contains a baseline of 868 beers, which you may sample and rate (of course you can add others). The database contains the fields region, country, beer, brewery, type (a Popup), rank (a Popup of from "excellent" down to close the brewery), proof, and a section for your (personal) notes. The fields region and country, come from a DB Popup named Brewed In. The database rankings are clean, so that you can rate the...
Size: 36.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Beer - Beer Buddy - Beer Buddy For Handbase 1 0 - Beer Buddy Handbase 1 0 - Beers - Buddy - Business - Database - Databases - Ddh Software

BarBQ Buddy 2.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
BarBQ Buddy has a lot to offer the novice and expert griller. Turn your grill into a precision cooking machine. Cook your food better than expensive restaurants. Tackle those large BarBQ parties with ease. Get detailed information for every item on the grill with a single tap. Each item has its own doneness indicator and the initials of the person the item is for. BarBQ Buddy takes the hassle out of grilling and gives you time to enjoy the party!. .
Size: 1.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Barbq - Barbq Buddy - Barbq Buddy 2 0 - Buddy - Cooking - Cooking Time - Food - Gastronomy - Grill - Hobbies

Car Buddy Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Car Buddy is the result of the evolution of Mileage Wizard and is the ultimate assistant for tracking economy, maintenance and statistics for your vehicles. Analyze economy trends, track service entries, track trips and more! Ability to enter fuel entry details: Date/time Vehicle Cost Quantity and its respective type (gallons or litres) Distance travelled and its respective type (miles or kilometers). This can be either entered directly or calculated by the Odometer Helper Association...
Size: 1.9 MB License: Demo Price: $24.95 
Keywords: Buddy - Business - Car - Car Buddy 1 0 0 12 - Distance Travelled - Economy - Engineering - Entry - Fuel - Service

Math Buddy 2.1 2 1Data Added 1: April 12, 2012   
Math Buddy 2.1. Addition Buddy Division.
Math Buddy 2.1 is a FREE math game that helps you practice your math. homepage
Size: 1.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Addition - Buddy - Division - Free - Game - Math - Multiplication - Subtraction - Szamody - Vsisystems

Thirsty Parrot Remixed 1.0Data Added 1: June 15, 2012   
Thirsty Parrot Remixed. Parrot Puzzle Remixed.
This pesky parrot is thirsty and you need to help cure his thirst for fruit juice! Switch fruits and make sets of three or more to squeeze juice for the parrot. The more fruits you can squeeze at one time the better and faster you will be able to please the parrot. In order to reach the next level you must fill the parrots juice cup. When you see an ice cube make its way into the map, you must try and get it to the bottom. If you are able to do this you will get a bonus!
Size: 1.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Parrot - Puzzle - Remixed - Thirsty

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