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CF Project Cleaner - 1.0

CF Project Cleaner is an application that checks for unused file in your Cold Fusion project. It scans your project directory for all file dependencies and can clean it up for you. Helps you manage your scripts better.

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Current Version: 1.0
Release Date: Jan 18, 2005
License: Freeware
Downloads: 28
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Dive Into Cold Fusion 1.0Data Added 1: May 22, 2013   
Dive Into CFML, is a online book giving novice to guru cold fusion help. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: License: Freeware 

Xindice Cold Fusion Client 1.0Data Added 1: August 06, 2013   
This project is for the creation and development of a client to access the Xindice XML Database Server from Cold Fusion. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 951.9 KB License: Freeware 

Cold Fusion URL Encryption 1.0Data Added 1: February 19, 2013   
This project is designed to further enhance a method of encrypting URL variables in Cold Fusion Applications. The application itself is not the main bulk of the project. The main bulk of the project is the encryption and decryption routines that go on i GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 6.6 KB License: Freeware 

Cold Portal 1.0Data Added 1: June 02, 2013   
Cold Portal is a full featured Cold Fusion Portal system. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: License: Freeware 

CF_CheckForm 114Data Added 1: May 31, 2012   
<b>CF_CheckForm</b> is a Cold Fusion Custom Tag written in CFML to perform formvalidation checks either on a client (browser) using JavaScript or ona server using Cold Fusion Markup Language.
Size: 50.3 KB License: Freeware 

simpleCF Scripts 0.0.1Data Added 1: August 17, 2012   
simpleCF Scripts is designed to give you cold fusion scripts to use for your website to make it a full portal system.
Size: 10.2 KB License: Freeware 

cdat on flex 1.0Data Added 1: June 05, 2013   
A project using a cold fusion language , to be supported on all platforms , using the CDAT project which use , x-11 , subversion and g99 , changing it into a flex project Public Domain
Size: License: Freeware 

Library Course Builder- LibCB 1.0Data Added 1: July 26, 2013   
The Library Course Builder (LibCB) is a Cold Fusion application for academic libraries that pulls together paper and digital library resources to support each course offered on campus. Created by Univ. of Rochester Libraries. GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Size: 1.1 MB License: Freeware 

CFM Office 1.0Data Added 1: June 18, 2013   
The goal of CFM Office is to create an online office environment, similar to google apps, but using Cold Fusion. GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Size: License: Freeware 

interrupt bbs software 06.05.02Data Added 1: June 20, 2013   
Interrupt is a full scale web based bbs package that runs on Cold Fusion. The porject is intended to emulate the old school ansi/dialup based bbs'.It contains user access flags, threaded message areas, file areas, chat, instant messeging and more. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 514.1 KB License: Freeware 

1st Page 2006 3.00Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
1st Page 2006. Html Authoring Tool Html Editor Php Editor.
Five years and 3,000,000+ downloads since the first release, Evrsoft brings you First Page 2006, the highly anticipated HTML editing software. Evrsoft First Page 2006 gives you unsurpassed freedom to create and edit web documents with absolute code control. The latest version includes hundreds of new features and bug fixes. First Page 2006 now includes full support for HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, Javascript, CSS, SSI and Perl. FirstPage 2006 is designed for professional web...
Size: 9.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Html Authoring Tool - Html Editor - Php Editor - Text Editor - Web Editor - Web Publishing - Website Builder

XenoCrawler 1 6Data Added 1: June 04, 2012   
XenoCrawler. Asp Cold Fusion Crawler.
XenoCrawler is an application that allows you to crawl websites, servers, and web pages to view source code, style sheets, scripts, html, graphics, documents, and other related information safely, quickly, and easily without opening a browser or running any scripts. XenoCrawler is targeted for both the developer and the security professional alike. A developer can easily view and download website graphics and source code to see how a website implemented the latest cool features. Likewise, the...
Size: 6.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Asp - Cold Fusion - Crawler - Forensics - Graphics - Hacking - Html - Internet - Investigation - Java

Cold Comfort 1.1.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Cold Comfort. Ant-spiders Balls Cold Comfort.
Tom Khas loves ice cream so much that he takes on the job of frozen dessert customizer at the famous Cold Comfort ice cream parlor. Sadly the job turns out to be far from how he envisioned it. With ice cream servings so massive they must be prepared in a sub zero environment, and hygiene so bad it wouldn't pass any scrutiny, Tom ends up by himself in a gigantic freezer, preparing the treats outside the customers' view. Work would be much easier if Tom was left alone to do his thing....
Size: 1.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Ant-spiders - Balls - Cold Comfort - Freeware - Game - Ice - Ice Cream - Skate - Skating

NetObjects Fusion Essentials 1.0Data Added 1: January 01, 2008   
NetObjects Fusion Essentials. Builder Business Design.
Introducing NetObjects Fusion Essentials, the newest member of the NetObjects family. Fusion Essentials is a free web site design software that offers many core features found in Fusion 10. Features include: drag and drop design, full website management, website asset management, built-in FTP, form builders, photo galleries, e-commerce tool and more. Downloading Fusion Essentials is absolutely free and is the easiest way to try your hand at building web sites.
Size: 55.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Builder - Business - Design - Ecomerce - Editor - Free Web - Fusion - Html - Html Editor - Net Objects Fusion

McElroy McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Use McElroys McCalc fusion pressure calculator to quickly find the right fusion pressure for your job. To properly fuse pipe the fusion pressure must be adjusted so the pipe manufacturers recommended interfacial pressure is achieved.. McElroy | Polyethylene Fusion Products.
Size: 55.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Calculator - Calculator 1 0 - Fusion - Mccalc - Mcelroy - Mcelroy Mccalc Fusion Pressure Calculator - Mcelroy Mccalc Fusion Pressure Calculator 1 0 - Mcelroys - Pressure - Pressure Calculator

Cold Winter Animated Wallpaper 1.0Data Added 1: September 07, 2012   
Cold Winter Animated Wallpaper. Animated Cold Desktop.
Cold Winter Animated Wallpaper bring to your computer screen amazing scenes of the winter, with snow falling from the sky, relax with the sound of the wind and the snow. * 3 Fantastic High Quality Scenarios. * Realistic snowing effect. * High Quality Sound. * Full install/uninstall support.
Size: 7.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Animated - Cold - Desktop - On The Snow - Sky - Snow - Snowing - Wallpaper - Wind - Winter

Cold Winter Screensaver 1.0Data Added 1: August 01, 2012   
Cold Winter Screensaver. Cold Desktop Free.
Cold Winter Screensaver bring to your computer screen amazing scenes of the winter, with snow falling from the sky, relax with the sound of the wind and the snow. * 3 Fantastic High Quality Scenarios. * Realistic snowing effect. * High Quality Sound. * Full install/uninstall support.
Size: 6.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Cold - Desktop - Free - On The Snow - Screensaver - Sky - Snow - Snowing - Wind - Winter

Cold Clock Screensaver 4.0Data Added 1: November 05, 2016   
Cold Clock Screensaver. Animated Screensaver Christmas Clock.
New Year comes to your home! New Year brings us hope for the execution of all desires. Cold Clock holiday screensaver will create the perfect Christmas mood, and will be your perfect companion on winter evenings. Very beautiful drawing made in the form of snowflakes and ice crystals. Analog mechanical dial is at the center of screensaver, you will always know the exact time. Holiday screensaver will not leave anyone indifferent. Just download and enjoy it! All screensavers are very small and...
Size: 5.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Animated Screensaver - Christmas - Clock - Cold Clock Screensaver - Download - Free Screensaver - Holiday - New Year

Ambiance Cold Added 1: October 01, 2013   
Ambiance Cold is a colder blue version of the new Ubuntu theme Ambiance. Just uncompress package into ~/.themes. Also added namebar theme. Just place the whole compressed package into ~/.namebar/themes. If you wish to keep up to date with any changes I make to this theme, please checkout my Launchpad bzr branch: If you're looking for a nice monochrome icon theme, we recommend using...
Size: 41.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Ambiance - Ambiance Cold - Application - Appsmetacitygeneralbutton Layout - Cold - Commandgconftool - Desktop - Enter - Gnome - Handling

Fusion Linux 14.1.RCData Added 1: January 15, 2014   
Fusion Linux is Linux distribution that has desktop usability, ease of use and latest features as top priority. Guiding principles behind this Fedora Remix are; ???‚NsBeyond Upstream???‚N? and ???‚NsMultimedia Out of the Box???‚N?. You can also think of it as a ???‚NsPimp My Ride???‚N? version of Fedora!
Size: 1.7 GB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Beyond - Box - Desktop - Distribution - Features - Fedora - Fusion - Latest - Linux - Multimedia

AllWebMenus NetObjects Fusion component 1.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
AllWebMenus NetObjects Fusion component. Dhtml Menu Fusion Component Fusion Menus.
AllWebMenus NetObjects fusion component allows for the perfect integration for creating web menus of infinite levels in fusion. The component allows for the creation and placement of any cross-browser DHTML / Javascript menu created with AllWebMenus in the easiest and visual way so that the menus can be created in minutes with no programming required. The popup menus are fully functional in DHTML enabled browsers and are highly optimized for speed and design flexibility. DHTML/JavaScript...
Size: 269.9 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Dhtml Menu - Fusion Component - Fusion Menus - Javascript Menu - Netobjects Component - Netobjects Menu Component - Web Menu

Sky Aces Cold War 3.2Data Added 1: December 10, 2012   
Sky Aces Cold War. Free Game Downloading Freeware Freeware Games.
Sky Aces - Cold War is a new simulator of aerial warfare. This time, the action is taking place in present time. What could the third world war look like? Apparently, it would be all about cutting-edge weapons and space-age aviation! The side that will be more aggressive and better at controlling its jets will be the winner! In this game, you will take the pilot's seat in a machine of pure destruction. The powerful machine guns and missile launchers of your plane will not cool down for a...
Size: 26.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Game Downloading - Freeware - Freeware Games

easy fusion 3.0Data Added 1: October 01, 2012   
easy fusion is a java-based framework that intends to automatically deploy and control information fusion systems (IFS) on distributed and dynamic resources.
Size: 3.0 MB License: Freeware 

Fusion Game Server 21Data Added 1: May 14, 2012   
Fusion GS is a GPL perl based front end designed to execute dos based door games through the Linux dos emulator. Through the Fusion GS system one can bring back the days of old, and create a bbs like interface to most of the BBS based games of yesterday.
Size: 86.9 KB License: Freeware 

FUSION Profiler (Semantic Web Services) 1.0Data Added 1: September 16, 2012   
FUSION Profiler is a tool for annotating and exposing Web Services as Semantic Web Services. The innovation of FUSION Profiler is that the exposed Annotated Web Services can be invoked.
Size: 287.3 KB License: Freeware 

Super Mario Bros Halo Fusion 1.0Data Added 1: August 06, 2012   
Super Mario Bros Halo Fusion. Flash Mario Free Mario Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros Halo Fusion is the first oryginal free Mario game created by amateur game creator. What's meen the otyginal? Well, this fangame is a fusion of many games. First off the Super Mario Bros game was mixed with Megaman, Metal Slug, Metroid, Halo 1 and Halo 2 realms. This version contains eight worlds filled with weapons from Halo game from X-Box console, also you can fight in Megaman X 1 and Megaman X 2 world by selecting the four box world. Defeat evil doctor robotnix machines...
Size: 21.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Flash Mario - Free Mario - Mario Bros - Mario Download - Mario Games - Mario Online - Super Mario Games

Frozen Antarctic Screensaver 1.0Data Added 1: July 12, 2012   
Frozen Antarctic Screensaver. Antarctic Cold Continent.
Enjoy the cold and the big white antarctic world, dive into the icy waters of the Antarctic. Give your screen a fresh new look with this amazing screensaver. If you're bored with your old screensaver, try this one and see what it can do for you. *** High Quality Image and Effects. *** High Quality Sound Effect. *** Full install/uninstall support.
Size: 13.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Antarctic - Cold - Continent - Desktop - Free - Ice - Island - Screensaver - Snow - South Polem

Flip Page book template of Cold blue 1.0Data Added 1: June 10, 2012   
Flip Page book template of Cold blue. Flash Flipping Flipping Book.
This new online template is a cold blue style that full of cool power. Eyes on this blue stuff, you will feel like magic! Want to hear highly praise from readers? Try the blue magic! Our template packs are useable with any flash flipping books that created by Flip PDF, including flash pamphlets, novel books, booklets, manuals, photo albums, video dairies, magazines, etc. If you are not sure which background graphic or theme to use, come to us, you may find one.
Size: 3.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Flash - Flipping - Flipping Book - Free Download - Free Flash Ebook Themes - Free Flash Template - Free Flip Book Themes - Free Software - Freeware - Presentation

Topaz Fusion Express 1.0Data Added 1: September 05, 2012   
Topaz Fusion Express. Integration Integrator Photoshop Plugin.
The advantage of using Fusion Express is that you can have direct access to your Photoshop plug-ins without even opening up Photoshop. This streamlines the post processing workflow to ensure the highest level of efficiency. Allowing you to eliminate the need for exporting and importing your images every time you want to edit. Now you can edit directly in Aperture, Lightroom and iPhoto. The tight integration of Fusion Express with these photo organizers eliminates a tedious extra...
Size: 141.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Integration - Integrator - Photoshop Plugin - Photoshop Plugin Access - Plugin Integration - Topaz Plugin

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