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Software Update Wizard -

The Software Update Wizard lets you add 'update over the web' functionality to your applications with just a single line of code. You simply upload your revised software files, together with a simple script, to your web server.

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Release Date: Mar 29, 2010
License: Shareware
Price: $389
Downloads: 77

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Software Update Added 1: August 16, 2014   
Software Update. Freeware Glarysoft Share Experience.
Software Update is a free and instant informer special for those users who care to keep their application up-to-date with new functions and better performance. It scans your computer and lists all the applications installed on your computer, and then checks if there are new versions for them by connecting to Glarysoft software library, where all the latest software update information are submitted and stored. On the easy-to-use and intuitive interface, Software Update offers links to download...
Size: 4.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Freeware - Glarysoft - Share Experience - Share Information - Software Library - Software Update - Up-to-date Information - Updating Software

MyUpdate Toolkit 1.1Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
MyUpdate Toolkit. Check For Updates Deploy Sdk.
The powerful software update utility designed for IT administrators and software developers to easily and quickly integrate update functionality into new and existing software products with minimal effort. Features: Custom logos and artwork, advanced versioning system, language independent, downgrade/reinstall/upgrade options, unique upsell option, update multiple products at once, massively deploy updates within large organizations, inexpensive. MyUpdate allows the user to make informed...
Size: 2.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $25 
Keywords: Check For Updates - Deploy - Sdk - Update Software

Carambis Software Updater Pro Added 1: December 05, 2012   
Carambis Software Updater Pro. Auto Update Autoupdate Soft Update.
Nowadays software update is quite a usual thing: new patches are released, software errors are fixed, vulnerabilities are removed and new functions are added. It is not possible to follow all the updates manually. Carambis Software Updater Pro will scan your system automatically and find downloadable software versions and updates after any potential threats of viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities and data loss are excluded. Carambis Software Updater Pro Advantages : 1. All computer...
Size: 17.1 MB License: Shareware Price: 20.95EUR 
Keywords: Auto Update - Autoupdate - Soft Update - Software Update - Software Update Download - Software Update For Windows - Windows Update Software

Online Update Utility 1.0Data Added 1: June 26, 2013   
Software update delivery service. Versions for standard HTTP and for a specialized server protocol. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: License: Freeware 

Search Engines Parser 1.1Data Added 1: March 03, 2015   
Search Engines Parser. Automatic Data Scraping Automatically Scrape Search Results Data Scraping And Extraction Software.
Search Engines Parser is data scraping and extraction software that can automatically scrape search results from Ask, Bing, Faroo, Google, and Yahoo. The software supports an unlimited number of search queries and enables you to parse and extract data from multiple search engines at the same time. Just enter a keyword and automatically scrape search results such as title, description, full URL, root URL, and raw domain in real time. The extracted data is instantly displayed on the screen and...
Size: 11.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $49 
Keywords: Automatic Data Scraping - Automatically Scrape Search Results - Data Scraping And Extraction Software - Data Scraping Software - Parse And Extract Data - Search Engines Parser

SUS Reports 0.31Data Added 1: February 15, 2013   
A collection of PHP scripts which contain a logfile parser for MicroSoft Software Update Services (SUS) and a couple of reports. For example one report contains patches downloaded/installed by which pc and when. Data will be stored in a MySql Database. GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 60.8 KB License: Freeware 

OpenUpdate rcData Added 1: May 29, 2013   
OpenUpdate. .
OpenUpdate is a service for manage updates for all opensource products that want to use it, the GUI is "software update" linux like GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 20.8 KB License: Freeware 

NextoDI NVS Player 1.0.84Data Added 1: March 02, 2014   
NextoDI NVS Player. .
Connect. Play. Pre-Editing(EDL) for video. NOTE: NVS SOFTWARE UPDATE IS REQUIRED before using your NVS Wi-Fi device. Visit With the NVS Video APP you can connect your NVS (Wi-Fi) remotely using an iPad. Feature include: Play video and audio, Provides basic video-editing functions and the ability to export EDLs to an external drive. Compatibility: iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Size: 3.9 MB License: Freeware 

Hrate - Heart Rate Zone Calculator 1.0Data Added 1: September 30, 2014   
Hrate - Heart Rate Zone Calculator. .
PLEASE NOTE: iPhone software update 3.1.2 was causing crashes for some users when entering data on the settings screen. Updating to version 3.1.3 should fix this problem. Thanks for bearing with us. FREE for a limited time. The Hrate Heart Rate Zones Calculator uses your resting and maximum heart rates to generate a series of zones. The body responds distinctively while the heart rate is within each zone. Use Hrate to target a specific heart rate and help you reach your...
Size: 102.4 KB License: Freeware 

Net Update 1.51Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Net Update. Activex Auto Update Auto Upgrader.
Net Update is the fastest and easiest way to distribute all your software updates. Using a powerful client/server infrastructure, client software can be modified or completely updated in whatever configuration best suits your requirements. Flexible, secure, and reliable. Net Update is a simple, yet comprehensive software update solution. Built on trusted, industry-safe Internet and LAN protocols, it is ideally suited to support IT professionals, network administrators, software developers,...
Size: 1.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $249 
Keywords: Activex - Auto Update - Auto Upgrader - Automatic - C++ - Component - Cumulative - Delphi - Dll - Flashupdate

Update Detector Added 1: June 22, 2012   
Update Detector. Filepuma Freeware Software Library.
Update Detector is a free application from that helps keep the software on your computer up-to-date. It was so light and only takes seconds to run. Update Detector works by scanning your computer for installed softwares, checking the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases and alerting you when updates are available. These will be displayed in your browser for your to view the product information and decide whether to download.
Size: 1.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Filepuma - Freeware - Software Library - Software Update - Up-to-date Information - Update Detector

Crystal Space for Linux Added 1: November 05, 2013   
If you update Vuze and you choose to restart this software, it run the old Azureus graphics. It's normal. Just close Azureus and restart Vuze. It's simply and fast ! Bye
Size: 14.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Azureus - Choose - Close - Graphicsit - Normaljust - Restart - Simply - Software - Update - Vuzeit

Software Catalog 2.3.0Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Software Catalog. Application Catalog Application Database Application Update.
Software Catalog is a Windows utility designed to help keep your applications up-to-date. With the latest features and most current bug-fixes installed on your computer, you can ensure that you're using the most stable, feature-rich versions of all of the programs that you've purchased. As an application database, Software Catalog stores version information, registration information, purchasing information, and web site information for each software package. One click of a button...
Size: 2.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Application Catalog - Application Database - Application Update - Application Upgrade - Software Catalog - Software Collection - Software Database - Software Update - Software Upgrade - Version Catalog

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software 3.6Data Added 1: March 30, 2010   
Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software. Access Fix Access Recovery Access Recovery Software.
Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery Software, a secure and easy to use application is designed to repair damaged, corrupted Microsoft Access (.mdb) files with Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and Modules. You can restore damaged Access files after instances of accidental format, software malfunction, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown or even sabotage. Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery helps you repair and retrieve corrupted data from Access files in data corruption situations like...
Size: 2.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $129 
Keywords: Access Fix - Access Recovery - Access Recovery Software - Access Repair - Access Repair Software - Fix Access - Mdb File Recovery - Mdb Recovery - Microsoft Access Recovery - Microsoft Access Recovery Software

Hardware Helper 3.2Data Added 1: October 22, 2014   
Hardware Helper. Device Device Driver Device Drivers.
Struggling to Get a Newly Added Device to Work? Countless users spend literally hours trying to get devices like webcams, printers, scanners, video cards, and more working properly. It doesn't have to this way! Hardware Helper was designed to automate this process and do the heavy lifting for you, automatically installing and updating nearly any Windows device in minutes. - Automatic, Customized Device Detection: Hardware Helper's custom device identification engine automatically...
Size: 2.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $39.95 
Keywords: Device - Device Driver - Device Drivers - Driver - Driver Scanner - Driver Update - Hardware - Hardware Scanner - Update Drivers

News Publisher 1.0Data Added 1: October 18, 2010   
News Publisher. News Distribution News Submission Software Online Business Promotion.
News Publisher is a free online marketing tool that submits your business information, press release and news to top 100 news and business websites. News Publisher is freeware internet marketing software that promotes your business and sales by submitting your business information, details, and news to top 100 news websites. News Publisher brings sales leads, business contacts and traffic to you and your website or homepage. News Publisher is of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business...
Size: 12.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: News Distribution - News Submission Software - Online Business Promotion - Press Release Distribution - Press Release Distribution Software - Press Release Submission Software - Press Release Submitter - Seo Software - Website Promotion - Website Submission

Software Advisor Added 1: January 04, 2011   
Software Advisor. Advisory Applications Backup.
Software Advisor is a free security tool that protects your PC from the harm caused by out-of-date software and vulnerabilities. Software Advisor detects programs with issues that may compromise PC security, and points you to the correct places to easily download the required updates, patches and fixes. Your anti-virus will not protect you from attacks that exploit the vulnerabilities in outdated software: the only fix is to be vigilant in keeping your software updated and applying patches...
Size: 4.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Advisory - Applications - Backup - Patch - Restore - Security - Software Fix - Software Patch - Software Update - Vulnerability Check

RadarSync PC Updater Added 1: February 23, 2011   
RadarSync PC Updater. Bios Update Driver Driver Update.
RadarSync's PC Updater keeps your computer running faster, safer and better by updating essential driver and software files. Easy to use and fast, PC Updater identifies the latest, correct updates for your computer, helps you download and install them and creates an online backup of all your files! Get PC Updater today to avoid PC problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don't work, and a slow computer. Don't count on Windows Update to keep your...
Size: 1.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Bios Update - Driver - Driver Update - Modem - Motherboard - Printer - Scanner - Software Update - Sound Card - Update

Automatic Software Update 1.0Data Added 1: June 25, 2013   
Aim of the project is to make a robust framework for software updating. From driver updates to desktop applications we want you to update it all.Framework will allow asu plugins to be made and devs to run own servers to update docs/media and others.Currently in research at the moment.Update:Looking for developers to form a team.If you love technology, can code, are technical, creative and innovative, I would be happy to hear from you. GNU General Public License (GPL); Mozilla Public...
Size: License: Freeware 

Driver Updater Platinum 4.0Data Added 1: November 03, 2015   
Driver Updater Platinum. Device Device Driver Device Drivers.
Struggling to Get a Newly Added Device to Work? Countless users spend literally hours trying to get devices like webcams, printers, scanners, video cards, and more working properly. It doesn't have to this way! PC HelpSoft's Driver Updater was designed to automate this process and do the heavy lifting for you, automatically installing and updating nearly any Windows device in minutes. Automatic, Customized Device Detection Driver Updater's custom device identification engine automatically...
Size: 205.1 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Device - Device Driver - Device Drivers - Driver - Driver Scanner - Driver Update - Hardware - Update Drivers

Heimdal FREE 2.2.185Data Added 1: November 13, 2017   
Heimdal FREE. Automatic Software Update Free Software Updater Secure Software Update.
SCANS YOUR SYSTEM FOR VULNERABLE APPLICATIONS - Heimdal FREE scans your computer every 2 hours for outdated software. You can choose from a list of 70 most used software applications in the world. When it spots an out-of-date application, it will immediately react and update it for you. KEEPS YOUR APPS UP-TO-DATE AUTOMATICALLY AND SILENTLY - Heimdal installs the latest updates as soon as they're available. Software vulnerabilities are blocked fast. Faster than cyber criminals can exploit...
Size: 756.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Automatic Software Update - Free Software Updater - Secure Software Update - Silent Software Updater - Software Update - Software Updater

ElecKey 2.0 R5Data Added 1: April 04, 2010   
ElecKey. .net Encryption Activation Server Compact Framework Protection.
ElecKey is the complete solution for software copy protection, software licensing, and secure software distribution. ElecKey provides software security that helps to protect your software applications against piracy. ElecKey provides software licensing capability that enables you to create a wide variety of licensing models, for example, a time-limited evaluation version, computer specific license, floating license, software activation, etc. Features: * Fast and Easy: Protect your...
Size: 21.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $245 
Keywords: .net Encryption - Activation Server - Compact Framework Protection - Electronic Software Distribution - Online Activation - Software Activation - Software Copy Protection - Software Licensing - Software Protection - Software Registration System

RadarSync Driver Alert Service Added 1: December 01, 2009   
RadarSync Driver Alert Service. Bad Driver Bios Update Driver.
Convenient New Driver Alert Service: Get customized Driver Alerts via Email for your computer, from our industry leading driver database. Download Certified Drivers directly from the Email. Schedule Alerts weekly, monthly, or as new drivers become available. This easy to use service will save you time, money and hassles. No software to hog space on your desktop. No remembering to scan. Scan once and Alerts arrive automatically. Benefits: -No longer do you need to maintain you drivers...
Size: 223.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.5 
Keywords: Bad Driver - Bios Update - Driver - Driver Update - Drivers - Files - Fix - Freeware - Hp Driver - Hp Printer Driver

Allmyapps Added 1: June 18, 2012   
Allmyapps. Angry Birds Antivirus App Manager.
Allmyapps is the best App manager for windows. Install, update and uninstall your software in a single click. This service is complete free and support more then 16000 applications likes games, productivity tools, antivirus, antispyware, communications software, security tools. Its the best solution to easily download your favorite software!
Size: 3.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Angry Birds - Antivirus - App Manager - Ccleaner - Cdburner - Codec - Defraggler - Download - Free - Free Software

Secunia Personal Software Inspector Added 1: August 28, 2012   
Secunia Personal Software Inspector. Check Checker Software Update.
The Secunia PSI works by examining files on your computer (primarily .exe, .dll, and .ocx files). These files contain non-specific meta information provided by the software vendor only. This data is the same for all users, and originates from the installed programs on your computer - never from their configuration. Please read the privacy statement available at the bottom of this page and through the Secunia PSI application for more details about how information from your computer is used by...
Size: 717.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Check - Checker - Software Update - Update Checker - Update Version - Verify

StockMarketMirror 6 8Data Added 1: April 10, 2012   
StockMarketMirror. Analysis Charting Download.
StockMarketMirror is an advanced, innovative and easy to use software for charting, stock timing, market timing and advanced analysis of individual stocks and overall stock market, supporting profitable trading and optimal management of trading risk for individual and institutional investors. StockMarketMirror software enables early identification of eminent price movements, relevant for a profitable trading by automatic generating of buy-sell signals for individual stocks, and market timing...
Size: 5.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $195 
Keywords: Analysis - Charting - Download - Finance - Market - Models - Software - Stock - Swings - Timing

Speed Install Added 1: May 05, 2012   
Speed Install. App Store Apps Store Installer.
Speed Install is an automatic software installation tool with a simple and intuitive interface. After you start Speed Install on your computer, it determines the current version, language and bitness of the operating system, which allows Speed Install to download and install the necessary versions of software.
Size: 4.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: App Store - Apps Store - Installer - Software Install - Software Installation - Software Inventory - Software Update Software - Software Updater - Unattended Installation - Update Software

wyBuild Added 1: June 22, 2012   
wyBuild. Create Creator Setup.
Using the wyBuild application you can deliver updates of your software to your users fast. No confusing interfaces - just simplicity. Make your users happy by keeping them up-to-date. They'll love having the latest bug-free versions of your software. They'll talk far and wide about how great your software is. Make your current users happy, attract more users, and make more money all with wyBuild. FEATURES: Visually Design your Updates: A Drag &...
Size: 922.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $20 
Keywords: Create - Creator - Setup - Setup Creator - Update Creator - Update Patch

CloudBacko Pro Added 1: January 28, 2018   
CloudBacko Pro. Amazon Backup Cloud.
CloudBackup Pro is a robust cloud and local backup software designed for backing up virtual machines, databases and business applications. It backs up Exchange, SQL, VMware, Hyper-V, MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino/Notes, and Windows System to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Dropbox, FTP/SFTP sites, and local drives. The VM Run Direct feature can run a backed up VM directly from its backup. Live VM migration is also supported. Besides, Hyper-V...
Size: 188.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $159 
Keywords: Amazon - Backup - Cloud - Cloudbacko - Database - Desktop - Domino - Drive - Dropbox - Exchange

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