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Camera Module - 1.1.0

The Camera module for the Pocket PC covers 34 digital and 12 conventional film formats

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Current Version: 1.1.0
License: Demo
Price: $29
Downloads: 51

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UserTable 1.0Data Added 1: April 26, 2008   
UserTable. .net Framework 1.1 .net Framework 2.0 C#.
You are searching for a table control for your application with that you can fast and easy integrate a table without data binding? Exactly that is what the ActiveX control UserTable features: beside normal settings as column width and row height, you can define e. g. font type/color as well as background color not only for single cells, but also overall cells for complete columns, rows or even for the whole table. This makes the control flexible and saves a lot of code. Even saving...
Size: 533.1 KB License: Shareware Price: 79EUR 
Keywords: .net Framework 1.1 - .net Framework 2.0 - C# - Control Activex - Usertable - Visual Basic

Camera Module for Palm 1.1.2Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Camera Module for Palm. Camera Depth Of Field Digital.
The Camera module for the Palm covers 35 digital and 12 conventional film formats.The calculations include angle of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance and image area covered.
Size: 295.8 KB License: Shareware Price: $29 
Keywords: Camera - Depth Of Field - Digital - Lens - Optical - Palm - Photo - Photographic - Photography

Camera Module for Pocket PC 1.1.2Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Camera Module for Pocket PC. Camera Depth Of Field Digital.
The Camera module for the Pocket PC covers 34 digital and 12 conventional film formats.The calculations include angle of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance and image area covered.
Size: 567.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $29 
Keywords: Camera - Depth Of Field - Digital - Lens - Optical - Photo - Photographic - Photography - Pocket Pc

1&1 Online Storage 5.0.2Data Added 1: April 09, 2014   
1&1 Online Storage. .
This application gives you mobile access to your data in the 1&1 Online Storage. To access your 1&1 Online Storage, simply enter your 1&1 e-mail address and password. The new "Sync" function allows you to have important files or folders available on your iPhone or iPad (iPod) in order to be able to access them without an Internet connection. Synchronized folders are automatically kept up to date. The integrated automatic camera upload feature enables to automatically back up photos,...
Size: 8.8 MB License: Freeware 

WinFormResizer for .NET 1.1 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
WinFormResizer for .NET 1.1. .net C# Component.
WinFormResizer for .NET® 1.1 is designed to quickly and easily add resolution independence to your Windows® Forms and Controls, both at run time, and at design time when working with the Visual Studio® .NET 2003 development environment. WinFormResizer automatically keeps track of your form's size and position. As your form is resized, WinFormResizer resizes all contained controls proportionately. This includes any fonts and graphics that your controls may contain. WinFormResizer can...
Size: 4.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $135 
Keywords: .net - C# - Component - Control - Design Time - Designtime - Dotnet - Font - Form - Graphic

XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor 1.7.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor. Activex Authoring Tool Content Management.
XStandard is the leading, standards-compliant plug-in XHTML WYSIWYG editor for Windows and browser-based (IE / Firefox) content management systems. Advanced editing capabilities, multilingual (including right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic), fully customizable. Generates clean XHTML Strict or 1.1 markup that meets the most stringent accessibility requirements. Uses only CSS for formatting and ensures the clean separation of content from presentation. The editor's "Directory"...
Size: 6.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Activex - Authoring Tool - Content Management - Developer Tools - Editors - Firefox - Html - Html Editor - Internet - Markup

OrgScheduler 1+1 9.3Data Added 1: October 30, 2017   
OrgScheduler 1+1. Assistant Manager Business Calendar Business Schedule.
This software does allow multiple users to update one calendar. Meaning the calendar belongs to everyone and everyone can read and write to it. OrgScheduler 1+1 gives you low cost network solution for sharing central planner simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup. You can even set network alarms to remind the whole office of an important event, like a meeting, in real-time. Access to the OrgScheduler is controlled by the user security profiles. This is why information is always safe...
Size: 3.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $49.95 
Keywords: Assistant Manager - Business Calendar - Business Schedule - Calendar - Calendar Software - Crm Software - Database - Group Calendar - Organize - Organizer

Camera Module for the Mac 1.0.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
The Camera module for the Mac covers 37 digital formats including 9 digital backs and 12 conventional film formats.The calculations include angle of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance and image area covered.
Size: 3.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $75 

Camera Module for Windows 1.0.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
The Camera module Windows covers 37 digital formats including 9 digital backs and 12 conventional film formats.The calculations include angle of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance and image area covered.
Size: 1.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $39 

Inforama 1.2 GA 1 / 1.3 Beta 2 1.4.GA.2./.1.5Data Added 1: November 03, 2013   
Inforama 1.2 GA 1 / 1.3 Beta 2 Inforama - document templates, generation and distribution. Create letter templates using OpenOffice and import existing Acrobat forms. Merge data to produce high quality PDF documents and automatically email, print and view. Inforama is helping businesses large and small to manage their document generation, document storage and document distribution. Here are some key features of "Inforama": ?A Compose document...
Size: 51.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Acrobat - Carry - Compose - Databases - Document - Documents - Email - Existing - Forms - Generate

1&1 Cloud Server App 2.2.1Data Added 1: August 28, 2014   
1&1 Cloud Server App. .
The enhanced 1&1 Cloud Server App enables quick and easy management of your Cloud Server while on the move. In addition to your server IP, operating system, and server status, the server details also show the current configuration. The server status display indicates whether your server is online or whether there is a problem. You can fully reconfigure your server according to your needs directly from your iPhone or iPad. Using the slider in the configuration menu, you can increase or...
Size: 2.2 MB License: Freeware 

WORLD 1-1, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Edition 1.0.12Data Added 1: March 21, 2014   
WORLD 1-1, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Edition. .
Run and jump your way through the retro arcade World 1-1. You are a daring pizza delivery boy and the delivery guarantee does not have an exception for alien invasions. Make your way through an 8-bit land filled with platforms, pitfalls, crazy power ups, dangerous obstacles, and of course, ALIENS! Grab pizza slices along the way, and deliver them to houses for big bonuses. How far can you go? "Cheat Code Edition" has No In-App Purchases, and Never Will! Slice Doubler,...
Size: 20.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Qore MySQL Module 1.0.7Data Added 1: November 09, 2013   
The Qore MySQL Module requires Qore 0.7.1 and MySQL 3.3 or newer headers and libraries to build. With MySQL 4.1+ you can get transaction support and the module will use the more efficient prepared statement interface. The driver supports the following features (depending on the MySQL client library version): * is thread-safe * stored procedure execution with binding and retrieving values (5 and newer) * transaction management is supported (4.1 and...
Size: 409.6 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Configure - Darwin - Environment - G2b2b - Installation - Installthe - Language - Librariesconfiguremakesudo - Location - Module

Camera Capture ActiveX 1.0.1Data Added 1: September 10, 2012   
Camera Capture ActiveX. Activex Camera Capture.
Camera Capture ActiveX 1.0.1 is an OCX control for software developer. This ActiveX can use any video camera with in your programs, fast and easy. Environment. The control can be run from VB6, VB.NET, C++, ACCESS and any environment that support the ActiveX technique. Functionality. The control allows to capture frames to BMP files or to AVI movies with compression mode, (such as DIVX). The Camera Capture ActiveX 1.0.1 can also set the audio format, load...
Size: 246.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $119 
Keywords: Activex - Camera - Capture - Video

Punch Mix Camera HD 1.0Data Added 1: May 06, 2014   
This is a multi-composition camera which has the pleasure of a punching. The new art feeling which mixes various photographs is very pleasant. ---------------------------------- Now release campaign ($1.99 -> $0.99) ---------------------------------- There are many pleasant and lovely punching die, such as the Hart type, a star type, and a blown off type. The size of a punching die, its angle, and its position are changed free.
Size: 1024.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

3D Fisheye Camera 1.10Data Added 1: May 24, 2014   
3D Fisheye Camera. .
You can take a 3D fisheye photograph with real-time filter effects. Very easily and very quickly. *Now update campaign ($1.99 -> $0.99) This is a very unique camera application program. You can enjoy the 3D view by the camera preview. Feature: Taked photograph is saved in the camera roll. (Mail Sending possible) Normal photo / Anaglyph photo / Stereogram photo Fisheye Projection: Equidistance projection / Reverse equidistance...
Size: 1.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

GALISM Aina vol.1 1.0Data Added 1: May 25, 2014   
GALISM Aina vol.1. .
SALE 50% OFF!!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!! FrontierNEXT's SPECIAL SLAES: $3.99 -> $0.99 "TOKYO FASHION Calendar" $1.99 -> $0.99 "ISM Munchkin" $1.99 -> $0.99 "GALISM" $1.99 -> $0.99 "Adult Karuta" ****************************** Aina, attracting in "egg", will debut in all over the iPhone-world!! From Shibuya, "The Most Charismatic Gal" come out at the high-quality photo collection "ISM"! She cutely walk around Shibuya in her first...
Size: 16.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

GALISM Yumachi vol.1 1.0Data Added 1: September 05, 2014   
GALISM Yumachi vol.1. .
SALE 50% OFF!!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!! FrontierNEXT's SPECIAL SLAES: $3.99 -> $0.99 "TOKYO FASHION Calendar" $1.99 -> $0.99 "ISM Munchkin" $1.99 -> $0.99 "GALISM" $1.99 -> $0.99 "Adult Karuta" ****************************** Yumachi, attracting in "egg", will debut in all over the iPhone-world!! From Shibuya, "The Most Charismatic Gal" come out at the high-quality photo collection "ISM"! She cutely walk around Shibuya in her...
Size: 16.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Chilkat XMP .NET Component 1.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Chilkat XMP .NET Component. Api C#.
XMP .NET Component for adding, updating, retrieving and removing XMP metadata from JPG and TIF image files. Supports C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET for the .NET 1.0/1.1 Framework.
Size: 1.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $149 
Keywords: Api - - C# - Class - Component - Image - Jpeg - Jpg - Library - Metadata

Black Bird for Symbian 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Black Bird is Flash Lite 1.1 (4 level) plane-fighter game with true-type, very realistic graphic. Every level is harder and in every end of the level, there is "big" plane that you must destroy to enter next level. Of course, we must say that every level also brings you new enemy that gives you more points, but this enemy also take more health if they hit you. 4th level is totally different story. It is really hard, and we call it “True gamer level”, because only the...
Size: 81.0 KB License: Trial Price: $5 
Keywords: Arcade - Bird - Black - Black Bird - Black Bird For Symbian 1 0 - Black Bird Symbian 1 0 - Fl1 1 - Flash Lite - Flash Lite 1 1 - Game

Abyss Web Server Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
ABYSS aims to be a fully HTTP/1.1 compliant Web server. Its main design goals are speed, low resource usage, and portability.. Aprelium - Home. Aprelium - Home
Size: 121.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Abyss - Abyss Web Server - Aprelium - Aprelium Technologies - Aprilium - Cgi - Download - Easy - Free - Freebsd

Unlock iPhone 3G 4.0 4.0Data Added 1: April 21, 2012   
Jailbreak iPhone 3G, Unlock iPhone software for ALL iphone versions including 3G, 2.0, 2.0.1,2.0.2. Welcome! You have found the internetapos;s #1 iPhone Unlock software! Within minutes you will be able to unlock any iPhone. Whether your iPhone has version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, or iPhone 3G - we have the software to unlock it all! iphone, iphone unlock, iphone unlock software, unlock 3g iphone, unlock apple iphone, unlock 2.0 iphone, unlock 3g 2.0 2.0.1 2.0.2 2.0.3,...
Size: 28.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Iphone Unlock - Iphone Unlock Software - Jailbreak Iphone 3g - Unlock 2 0 Iphone - Unlock 3g 2 0 2 0 1 2 0 2 2 0 3 - Unlock 3g Iphone - Unlock Apple Iphone - Unlock Iphone - Unlock Iphone 3g - Unlock Iphone 3g 4 0

HalloScreenMaker - make your own halloween wallpaper 1.0.2Data Added 1: January 12, 2014   
HalloScreenMaker - make your own halloween wallpaper. .
****NEW RELEASED Limited Time Event Sale: $1.99 -> $0.99**** Make Halloween wallpaper with your own style! Did you try to use lots of Halloween wallpaper images, but none of them fit for you? Do you want to make your own wallpaper for your iPhone and iPhone5? With the help of HalloScreenMaker, you're able to personalize the wallpaper with your creative and unique design. Show it to your friends how cool your iPhone can be. Making your cool and unique...
Size: 18.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Serial Shot Lite with Filter Effect 2.0.0Data Added 1: April 24, 2014   
Serial Shot Lite with Filter Effect. .
iOS7 Support * How Fast iPhone 4S + iOS 5.1.1 -> 0.276 sec / shoot iPhone 5 + iOS 6 -> 0.1676 sec / shoot * When you take shots for best quality. * Depend on environment * Filter Effect iOS 5 : 15 filters x parameters iOS 6 : 28 filters x parameters iOS 7 : 42 filters x parameters Serial Shut Camera support 15 of filters (and 13 filters are added on iOS 6). You can apply any filters in prevue detail panel. Parameter of each...
Size: 4.4 MB License: Freeware 

Ployd Black Box 1.4.5Data Added 1: May 27, 2014   
Ployd Black Box. .
[ Customer support ] Japanese customer support by KCS corporation has been finished. For customer support , please feel free to email us at What's New in this Version Ver 1.4.0 - Supports the ECO Driving Mode in Main Screen. - Supports the Selection of the camera inner or outer. - Supports the zoom functions for the Camera, - Supports the camera zoom in and zoom out functions. - Supports the ECO Status viewer within...
Size: 9.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $5.99 

Cydia installer 1.1.23Data Added 1: September 06, 2015   
Cydia installer. Cydia Download For Ios 8 4 1 Cydia Installer Cydia Jailbreak.
The previous major update, Cydia 1.1.19 (which was introduced the ability of modify Cydia it self) launched few days ago by the Saurik. Following two minor updates (Cydia 1.1.21 & 1.1.22), Cydia 1.1.23 has came as another huge update for iOS users who have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Size: 69.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Cydia Download For Ios 8 4 1 - Cydia Installer - Cydia Jailbreak - Download Cydia Ios 9 0 - Ios 8 4 1 Cydia Install - Ios 9 Cydia Install - Ios Jailbreak

Audio CD Duplicator 1.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Audio CD Duplicator. Audio Cd Copy Audio Cd Duplicator Audio Cd Ripper.
Audio CD Duplicator 1.0 is software that allows you to duplicate audio CD 1:1. Audio CD Duplicator 1.0 can also rip CDA tracks from an Audio CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files, and to decode MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files from one to another. The software supports many events, with advanced graphical user interface, runs very fast and very easy to use (runs as a wizard).
Size: 964.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $22.5 
Keywords: Audio Cd Copy - Audio Cd Duplicator - Audio Cd Ripper - Copy Audio Cd - Copy Cda Tracks. - Duplicate Audio Cd

ID3 Tag Workshop 0.13Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
ID3 Tag Workshop. Editor Id3 Mp3.
A MP3 ID3 Tag editor support id3 version 1.0,1.1,2.3 and 2.4 perfectly.It is a freeware,you can use and redistribute it freely.But threre is no warranty,use it at you own risk.
Size: 138.5 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Editor - Id3 - Mp3 - Tag

Ressource-Datenbank-Editor 2.1Data Added 1: September 21, 2007   
Ressource-Datenbank-Editor. Audio Database Editor.
With this editor it is possible to build EXE file independent resource files which can be read by any project over a DLL at runtime. This way for example also multilingual applications could be built easily. You can just read the strings at runtime in that language you need at the moment. But not only string, but also images, audio, video and every other type of files can be saved within the resource files and embedded at runtime (e. g. displaying of language specific videos possible). While...
Size: 502.9 KB License: Shareware Price: 79EUR 
Keywords: Audio - Database - Editor - Embedding - Files - Graphics - Image - Independent - Management - Music

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