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GEUP - 7

Interactive geometry software for performing interactive calculations, visualization and modeling in math, science and engineering. The construction concept and the interactive visualization are the basis of the program.

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Current Version: 7
Release Date: Oct 10, 2016
License: Commercial
Price: 29EUR
Downloads: 459

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Stackz Dictionary Edition 7.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
The Stackz flashcard visualization concept helps to keep the overview over a large amount of words to be learned by representing your current proficiency state with one intuitive view using piles of colored flashcards. The cards are distributed according to the 'mastery level' and colored according to the 'date of the last mastery' - they become darker over time. This system allows distinguishing easy cards from difficult ones immediately, and simultaneously seeing which cards must be...
Size: 9.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $49 

Stackz Standard Edition 7.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
The Stackz flashcard visualization concept helps to keep the overview over a large amount of words to be learned by representing your current proficiency state with one intuitive view using piles of colored flashcards. The cards are distributed according to the 'mastery level' and colored according to the 'date of the last mastery' - they become darker over time. Thich system allows to distinguish easy cards from difficult ones immediately, and simultaneously seeing which cards must be...
Size: 9.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $35 

ThinkComposer 1.1.0824Data Added 1: October 08, 2012   
ThinkComposer. Bpm Concept Map Concept Mapping.
The Expressive Visual Tool, which Adapts to Your World! Take advantage of Deep Visual Documents! A Visual Thinking tool for Understand Complex Problems, Design Precise Solutions and Express Valuable Knowledge. Create Multilevel and Rich Detailed Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Models and Diagrams, all Based on Custom Defined Types of Your Specialized Domain, Business or Field of Knowledge. With ThinkComposer you can : - Outline a vision of your business by generating ideas and combining...
Size: 6.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $99.5 
Keywords: Bpm - Concept Map - Concept Mapping - Diagram - Diagramming - Flowchart - Knowledge Representation - Knowledge Visualization - Mind Map - Mind Mapping

SecFN (Security For Neophytes) 1.0Data Added 1: March 14, 2013   
An interactive visualization tool that teaches the concept of Buffer Overflow Exploitation. This program is intended to instruct users on the underlying principles and NOT how to perform an exploit. Educational Community License, Version 2.0
Size: License: Freeware 

ALF (VE) - A Functional Agent System 1.0Data Added 1: May 26, 2013   
ALF is an agent system that employs several advanced and risky ideas: Processes as Haskell functions as autonomous agents; Standard XML ontology import; Multilevel emergence; Soft modeling; Concept lattices; Metaphoric visualization. BSD License
Size: License: Freeware 

Adding Beads 2.0Data Added 1: August 13, 2014   
Adding Beads. .
The Adding Beads exercise introduces the basic addition table in a way that is engaging and fun. Children gain practice that commits the addition sums to memory and also illustrates the concept with graphic, interactive, visualization. The table on the home screen displays five rows and columns that each show a number to add. Above the table is shown a group of numbered beads that are to be inserted into the cells of the table. The object is to place the bead with the correct number into each...
Size: 3.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

SoundGraffiti 1.1Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
SoundGraffiti. Atr Color Download.
Visualization plugin for WinAmp. Laser effect It is possible to look at it as look at fire. A dance it not a set of poses. A music it not a set of sounds. Moreover, color music it not conformity to each sound of the certain color. I think it is conformity of change of image to music. SoundGraffiti is an attempt to bring the visualization closer to the human perception of music.
Size: 662.6 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Atr - Color - Download - Free - Laser - Light - Music - Plug-in - Plug-ins - Plugin

3D Topicscape Lite 1.01Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
3D Topicscape Lite. 3d 3d Mind Maps Concept Mapping.
3D Topicscape Lite uses the concept-mapping or mindmapping approach to allow ideas and information to be organized, but in place of the usual 2D sheet, it works in 3D. This lets you plan your work as the ideas flow and see your to do list in an unlimited 3D mindmapping landscape. ( Comparison of Lite and Pro versions: ). If you think visually, you now have a new way of managing To Do list, projects and organizing information, computer files, and web...
Size: 26.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $49.99 
Keywords: 3d - 3d Mind Maps - Concept Mapping - Concept Maps - Get Organized - Information Management - Mind Mapping - Mind Maps - Mindmapping - Mindmaps

3D Visioner - 3D Visualization for Visio 2.3.814Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
3D Visioner - 3D Visualization for Visio. 3d 3d Graphics 3d Visioner.
3D Visioner is an add-on for Microsoft Visio 2002/2003 and provides features that let you work with your Visio projects. The ability to see whole project in one 3D scene, including all pages, shapes, links, and even visualized hyperlinks aids in the productivity for Microsoft Visio users everywhere. Create your Visio diagrams as usual, then extrude them into the third dimension only with one click. 3D Visioner is designed to help you feel all of the power of third dimension using minimum...
Size: 6.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $62 
Keywords: 3d - 3d Graphics - 3d Visioner - Add-in - Addon - Building Plan - Diagram - Microsoft Visio - Network Visualization - Office

InfoScope 3.1.4Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
InfoScope. Data Visualization Interactive Visualization .
InfoScope allows users to easily analyze, compare, query, and explore large or complex datasets . InfoScope is a highly interactive visualization tool that shows the big picture by providing an overview of the essential relationships, encourages the explorative discovery of in the overall context, and supports our way of thinking and working by taking advantage of the human perceptual abilities. InfoScope is a highly interactive visualization tool with the following key characteristics:...
Size: 18.7 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Data Visualization - Interactive Visualization

.NET ModelKit Suite 3.8Data Added 1: October 15, 2008   
.NET ModelKit Suite. .net .net Charting .net Components.
Modern businesses are challenged by a host of problems that must be solved immediately or the business won't be a success. One of the most critical problems is the impossibility of making a decision without effectively processed and visually represented information. A complex approach including creation of an effective reporting system, decision support system and real-time data monitoring system is required for the problem solution. .Net ModelKit Suite is a set of components designed for...
Size: 50.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $1600 
Keywords: .net - .net Charting - .net Components - .net Components Package Net Modelkit Suite - .net Components Suite - .net Dashboard Suite - .net Gauges - .net Instrumentation - .net Modelkit Suite - .net Olap

3D Grapher 1.21Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
3D Grapher. 2d 3d Animated.
3D Grapher is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use graph plotting and data visualization software suitable for students, engineers and everybody who needs to work with 2D and 3D graphs. 3D Grapher is small, fast, flexible, and reliable. It offers much of the functionality of heavyweight data analysis and graphing software packages for a small fraction of their cost. The program is very easy to learn - you don't need to read long manuals to figure out how it works, but can just play with 3D Grapher...
Size: 835.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $24.95 
Keywords: 2d - 3d - Animated - Data - Equation - Function - Graphing - Graphs - Math - Plotting

Visual Data 2.9.3Data Added 1: August 03, 2010   
Visual Data. Data Visualization Data Visualization Software Grid.
Scientific data visualization software. Creating vertex, grid and surface model, Delaunay triangles, color map, contour plot, vector plot, 3D contour plot, 4D scatter, 4D slice and 4D vector. Creating graphs of regular data and irregular data. Features: * Regular data and irregular data visualization on Visual Data. * Creating vertex, grid and surface models in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems on Visual Data. * Creating color map, contour plot, vector field...
Size: 3.1 MB License: Demo Price: $150 
Keywords: Data Visualization - Data Visualization Software - Grid - Surface Model - Vertex - Visual Data

LanTopolog 1.28Data Added 1: November 21, 2011   
LanTopolog. Address Alarm Automatic.
LanTopolog is a freeware application that provides physical network topology discovery, visualization and monitoring Key features: - Automatic physical network topology discovery based on SNMP - Provide detailed and searchable physical network topology map so you can quickly isolate network connectivity failures - Topology views show which network devices are connected to each switch port; port connections are labeled with port numbers - Ability to auto-discovery new devices at...
Size: 854.3 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Address - Alarm - Automatic - Discovery - Freeware - Lanstate - Mac - Map - Monitoring - Network

IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer 3.71Data Added 1: February 23, 2008   
IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer. Analysis Database Analysis Product Analysis Report.
The IntelliView Report Analyzer is the interactive report viewing and analysis component of the IntelliView Suite of Reporting Solutions. It delivers ad hoc analysis and custom data visualization capabilities to business users, by allowing them to query, sort, filter, chart, analyze, display, format and print reports with unparalleled ease. With IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer business users get powerful visualization, data mining, ad-hoc analysis, and querying functionalities without any...
Size: 11.4 MB License: Demo 
Keywords: Analysis Database - Analysis Product - Analysis Report - Analysis Reports - Analysis Software - Analyze Data - Data Analysis - Data Analysis Software - Data Analysis Tools - Data Analyzer

Zortam Mp3 Player 1.50Data Added 1: November 12, 2012   
Zortam Mp3 Player. Covers Lyrics Mp3 Media Studio.
Zortam Mp3 Player will enable you to listen all your favorite tracks and at the same time enjoy a show of lights and images visualizing the covers of your albums and song lyrics.You can add additional visualization plugins using Zortam visualization SDK .You can watch scrolling lyrics and cover arts together with different visualizations or static jpg backgrounds while playing Mp3's. Player also support switching to full sreen graphic mode.You may add your own backgrounds and plugins. You...
Size: 2.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Covers - Lyrics - Mp3 Media Studio - Mp3 Player - Player - Visualization - Zortam - Zortam Mp3 Player

The Hypnogenic Screen Saver 2014.1015Data Added 1: December 07, 2014   
The Hypnogenic Screen Saver. 3d Art Fractal.
The Hypnogenic Screen Saver is a highly configurable audio-visualization generator that produces an incredible variety of colorful mathematical patterns that can synchronize with the audio on your PC. Included are hundreds of preset configurations that demonstrate some of the capabilities of the software. If you're feeling adventurous you can use the built-in editor to create your own displays using a huge library of pattern generators, palettes, and controls. Put on some music, fire...
Size: 6.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $20 
Keywords: 3d - Art - Fractal - Light Synthesizer - Pattern - Plasma - Psychedelic - Screen Saver - Screensaver - Synthesoft

The Psychedelic Screen Saver 2014.1015Data Added 1: December 07, 2014   
The Psychedelic Screen Saver. 3d Art Fractal.
The Psychedelic Screen Saver is a highly configurable audio-visualization generator that produces an incredible variety of colorful mathematical patterns that can synchronize with the audio on your PC. Included are hundreds of preset configurations that demonstrate some of the capabilities of the software. You can choose from these or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can use the built-in editor to create your own displays using a huge library of patterns, color generators, and controls....
Size: 2.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $20 
Keywords: 3d - Art - Fractal - Light Synthesizer - Pattern - Plasma - Psychedelic - Screen Saver - Screensaver - Synthesoft

Natural Healing Introduction 2.5Data Added 1: December 14, 2010   
Natural Healing Introduction. Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy Ayurveda.
The Natural Healing Introduction presents many of today's popular alternative medicine therapies alongside ancient healing traditions and new discoveries. Featured Therapies: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Autogenic Training, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, Chiropractic Treatment, Color Therapy, Herbs, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Light Therapy, Magnetic Fields, Meditation, Nutrition and Acid-Base Balance, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Tissue Salts, Visualization and Yoga....
Size: 4.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Alternative Medicine - Aromatherapy - Ayurveda - Biofeedback - Color Therapy - Healing Therapies - Health - Herbal Remedies - Homeopathy - Hydrotherapy

Grapholic 1Data Added 1: November 24, 2008   
Grapholic. .net Charts Area Graphs 3d Graphs Chart Component.
Imagine a complete Graphing solution assisting you right from importing data and manipulating data, plotting graphs, customizing looks, saving and exporting your graphs as high quality images and producing dynamic reports of your data in a matter of a few easy steps. Features: Data Import: Connects effortlessly with your MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access, XLS and CSV files and additionally provides you the functionality to enter the data manually. Select Data: You can select...
Size: 8.1 MB License: Demo Price: $99 
Keywords: .net Charts - Area Graphs 3d Graphs - Chart Component - Chart Control - Creating Bar Graphs - Data Visualization - Graph Editing Statistics - Graph Making Software - Graphing Solution - Import

Dodge Detroit Auto Show 2002 Lineup 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Dodge 2002 Lineup and New Concept Cars Unveiled on Your PDA! Sneak A Peek - see the new Dodge M80 & Razor concept cars! GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS and be one of the first to see the new Dodge concept cars and the complete 2002 Dodge line up in the palm of your hand. Or, if youre at the Detroit Auto Show, stop by Dodge booth and get beamed onsite. (For the exact location of the Dodge booth, see the floorplan inside this guide!) Either way, take a sneak peek - download the Dodge PDA souvenir...
Size: 38.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Advertising - Auto Show - Beam - Beaming - Beaming Station - Blackberry - Brochureware - Computing - Concept Cars - Detroit

Today for Palm OS 2.5.1Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Today brings the concept of a today page in your Palm OS device. Originally developed by Jonas Lindstedt, PocketCraft Software has taken ownership of Today 2.3 s of September, 2005. The Today application gathers information from the built-in applications Date Book, Mail and To Do and displays the things to do today together with current time and date and owner of the handheld device. Other applications (e.g. DateBk4) can be launched instead of the built-in ones.. .
Size: 78.2 KB License: Shareware Price: $8 
Keywords: Brings - Business - Concept - Device - For Palm - For Palm Os - In Your - Organizer - Page - Page In

Jukebox Sound Visualization Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
Jukebox Sound Visualization is a tool to graphically display sounds read from the sound device.. sound visualizer | Get sound visualizer at Get sound visualizer at Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory
Size: 44.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Community - Development - Downloads - Free Software - Open Source - Open Source Software - Secure - Sound Audio - Source Code

Flow Architect Studio 3D 1.3.4Data Added 1: August 07, 2010   
Flow Architect Studio 3D. 3d Architecture Cad.
PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package that enables a simple and easy way to create interactive 3D visualization - virtual walks. Created visualizations are like a computer program, located in one file and are suitable for further distribution and publication on the website. In PIXELPLAN Flow Architect Studio 3D: * You can quickly and easily create a visualization of any object. * You have to keep the facilities built preview (WYSIWYG). * You have the ability to...
Size: 33.0 MB License: Demo Price: 29EUR 
Keywords: 3d - Architecture - Cad - Design - Graphics - Virtual Walk - Visualization

Kyubit AnalysisPortal 1.0Data Added 1: July 09, 2011   
Kyubit AnalysisPortal. Analysis Services Client Bi Tools Business Intelligence.
Analysis Services OLAP Web Client with advanced web based analysis and visualization options. Only few clicks in Internet Explorer to create, visualize and share your OLAP analysis. Subscribe to your OLAP data and receive analysis charts with email or integrate analysis via URL with other web apps. Connect, browse, analyze, subscribe and integrate OLAP data with other web apps. Purpose of this client is to achieve end user intuitive and straightforward analysis, without need for special end...
Size: 5.9 MB License: Trial Price: $395 
Keywords: Analysis Services Client - Bi Tools - Business Intelligence - Olap - Olap Analysis - Olap Subscriptions - Olap Visualization - Olap Web Client

Power Engineer Visualization Component 4.0Data Added 1: February 18, 2011   
Power Engineer Visualization Component. Code Electric Engineering.
Power Engineering Visualization VC++ Source Code Solutions: UCanCode Software is a world-class Power Engineering Solutions provider with an established reputation for customer responsiveness and technical expertise. Our solutions stand behind thousands of T&D projects in over 40 countries around the world. ucancode offers an extensive line of Power Engineering Software Visualization Component that feature some of the most advanced analysis tools for transmission, distribution and industrial...
Size: 488.3 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Code - Electric - Engineering - Power - Solutions - Source - Vc - Visualization

Business Continuity Visualization Tool 0.1Data Added 1: August 11, 2012   
Business Continuity Visualization Tool. .
The Business Continuity Visualization Toolkit assists in the assessment of Business Continuity projects and helps to translate dry technical relationships into colorful pictures suitable for management presentations and board decisions.
Size: 1023.5 KB License: Freeware 

Comics visualization project 2.1Data Added 1: July 09, 2012   
The Comics project allows local downloading and visualization of comics found on the web.
Size: 39.6 KB License: Freeware 

Concept-dsp 32Data Added 1: August 17, 2012   
Concept-dsp. .
This program is intended as an educational tool to explain the concept of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). It uses the Fast Fourier Transform to calculate the DFT of a given arbitrary time domain signal and plots it graphically.
Size: 3.6 MB License: Freeware 

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