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Scientific Calculator Decimal -

Scientific Calculator Decimal for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Symbols can be entered by clicking buttons and/or using keyboard and num pad. Calculation history can be stored into text file and printed.

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Release Date: Nov 30, 2008
License: Shareware
Price: $10
Downloads: 213

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archCalc 1.8.1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
archCalc. Archcalc Architectural Architecture.
archCalc is a mixed unit decimal and fraction calculator. It allows one to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and easily solve for a leg or slope of a right tiangle. archCalc works as a standalone calculator or in conjunction with other programs, calculating stair risers in CAD software, or aiding in takeoffs with a spreadsheet. archCalc floats above applications...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $20 
Keywords: Archcalc - Architectural - Architecture - Building - Calculator - Construction - Construction Calculator - Conversion - Decimal - English

Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter 1.6Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter. Binary Binary Converter Calculator.
Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter is a simple and fast number system conversion software that lets you instantly convert between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal number systems. Simply enter a value into one of the edit box and immediately see the results in the other 3 edit boxes. Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter features include: -Immediate conversion between the 4 number systems: binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal. -Allow you to arrange the top to bottom order of the 4...
Size: 982.6 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.8 
Keywords: Binary - Binary Converter - Calculator - Decimal - Developement Tool - Education - Hexadecimal - Maths - Octal

EsbDecimals 2.1Data Added 1: June 27, 2011   
EsbDecimals. Decimal Delphi Prism Framework.
EsbDecimals is a free subset of the forthcoming ESBPCS for .NET - it includes Microsoft .NET Framework Assembly (v2.0, v3.0, v3.5 and v4.0 included) that have classes that supply Constants and Mathematical Routines for the Decimal Type supplied by the Framework. Full C# source is included as well as a Documentation. Demos for C#, VB.NET and Embarcadero Delphi Prism included. Unit Testing using MSTest is also included.
Size: 2.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Decimal - Delphi Prism - Framework - Math - Mathematics - Visual Studio

Mihov ASCII Master 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Mihov ASCII Master is a simple but useful utility that shows you ASCII value of the key pressed - both in decimal and hex! Great for software developers!
Size: 387.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Ascii - Basic - C++ - Character - Code - Decimal - Delphi - Developer - Download - Free

Quick Number Base Converter 1.3Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Quick Number Base Converter. Base Converter Binary Decimal.
Quick Number Base Converter is a little application that sits in the windows system tray and when you click on it, allows you to quickly convert numbers between decimal, hex, binary, octal, etc. It's a simple little tool, designed for those handy times when you need to convert numbers between bases. It also converts numbers to and from windows colors (i.e. type a hex number, see what RGB color it corresponds to). This software is freeware with no limitations, no expiration, and no disabled...
Size: 608.1 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Base Converter - Binary - Decimal - Hex - Number Base - Numeric Base

RGBSlider 1.4Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
RGBSlider. Blue Colors Decimal.
RGBSlider is used to view and edit the variation of individual and combination of Red, Green and Blue Colors and luminance-chrominance according to NTSC standard. Simply move the sliders or enter values in text fields in hexadecimal (0-FF), normalized (0-1) or decimal (0-255) format and view R,G,B, RG,RB, GB, RGB Colors combinations. You can save created colors in File in Hex, Normalized or Decimal format with your comments for later use. Java Run Time Environment (JRE) is required to run...
Size: 286.9 KB License: Shareware Price: $5 
Keywords: Blue - Colors - Decimal - Green - Hex - Red - Rgb - Slider

Webmaster Color Picker 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Webmaster Color Picker. Color Converter Color Picker Compare Colors.
If you've ever tried to select a color scheme for your website, you know it can be difficult. Not only do you have to choose matching colors, but you have to convert them into different representations like HEX or RGB to use them. Now you can use this Photoshop-like color picker to help choose colors for your websites, programs or office applications. It displays HTML, RGB, VB and Decimal color codes for each selected color. You can see the last 18 colors you have selected in order to...
Size: 2.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Color Converter - Color Picker - Compare Colors - Decimal - Photoshop - Rgb - Vb Colors

AddTime 1.0.01Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
AddTime. Calculator Convert Decimal.
Time calculator. Allows to add/sub hours and minutes and to convert the result in decimal. Drag & drop for using with Excel and other programs.
Size: 19.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Calculator - Convert - Decimal - Excel - Hour - Minute - Time

Groovy Hex Editor 1.6Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Groovy Hex Editor. Base-10 Base-16 Binary.
Groovy Hex Editor is a tool for editing binary formats. I've paid particular attention to making it colorful and easy to use and tried to give it a cool looking color scheme (hence the name "groovy" hex editor). You can also downgrade it to a "standard" windows color scheme if thats more to your liking. It's a fully functional hex editor with many advanced features. You can toggle the display between hex and decimal, and there is a built in inspector that easily lets you see the hex, decimal,...
Size: 895.6 KB License: Shareware Price: $15 
Keywords: Base-10 - Base-16 - Binary - Binary Editor - Decimal - Free Hex Editor - Hex Editor - Hex Utility - Hexadecimal

Hex Editor Neo Added 1: October 19, 2011   
Hex Editor Neo. Ascii Bin Binary.
Hex and Binary Code Data Editing Software Utility for Windows. Hex Editor Neo is a basic editor for everyone who works with ASCII, hex, decimal, float, double and binary data. Make patches with just two mouse clicks, manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo/redo. Taste the visual operation history with branching. Changes history can be saved, loaded and modified later. Large files optimized, best performance tool. Features: Unlimited Undo/Redo; Multiple...
Size: 8.3 MB License: Shareware Price: 16.99EUR 
Keywords: Ascii - Bin - Binary - Byte - Code - Data - Decimal - Exe - File - Hex Editor Download

Excel Shift Decimal Point Software 7.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
Move decimal place left or right in block of selected cells in MS Excel. Excel 2000 or higher required.
Size: 410.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.99 

Feet/Inches Metric Conversions Add-on for MathU Pro 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Simple program that provides conversions with numbers in Decimal Feet <> Feet, Inches, Sixteenths <> Millimeters format. Readme file explains the functions of each button and the formats in the readouts of "Ft.In16", "Dc.Ft" and "mm". Program Code included in text file for the users review. My other feet-inches programs do a lot of functions, but for the user that just wants to convert from Feet & Inches <> Decimal Feet <> Millimeters,...
Size: 4.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Conversions - Decimal - Decimal Feet Feet - Feet - Feetinches - Inches Metric Conversions Add - Mathu - Mathu Pro - Mathu Pro 1 0 - Matlab Consulting

Geek Stuff for HanDBase 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
ASCII, Binary, Hex, and Decimal in English. Be careful of the entry for comma. It wants to create another text box that does not exist.. DDH Software -. Leading supplier of Palm OS & Pocket PC applications, including HanDBase, the awarding winning relational database program with forms designer, multi-user syncing, and desktop conduits for Microsoft Access, ODBC and more.
Size: 60.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Ascii - Binary - Business - Database - Databases - Ddh Software - Decimal - English - Geek - Geek Stuff

Bin2Dec2Hex 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Bin2Dec2Hex is a simple program to convert between binary, decimal and hexa numbers.. Snooker.
Size: 4.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Anwendung - Bin2dec2hex - Bin2dec2hex 1 0 - Binary - Business - Convert - Convertors - Decimal - Hexa - Palm

NumbersFraction 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
This program allows you to enter a decimal number. The program then converts the number into a set of fractions to the lowest common denominator. You can export the list to Pocket Word, IRDA or Email. This program requires that you have both the BeanDLL.dll file ** and ** the runtime files for Visual Basic on your PocketPC computer. Simply unzip the file for your processor and place the DLL file in the Windows folder of your PocketPC computer. For free support on installing email me.. .
Size: 16.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Allows - Business - Convertors - Decimal - Decimal Number - Fractions - Lowest - Number - Numbersfraction - Numbersfraction 1 0

Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Two Or More Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal Numbers Softwar 7.0Data Added 1: August 07, 2012   
Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Two Or More Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal Numbers Softwar. Adding Decs Addition Of Decimals Arithmetic.
This software offers a solution for users who want to perform mathematical operations on hexadecimal, octal, decimal and binary numbers. The results are displayed in tabular form that you can save as text or Excel files. Also, results can be copied to the clipboard.
Size: 771.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.99 
Keywords: Adding Decs - Addition Of Decimals - Arithmetic - Bases - Calculate - Dividing Octs - Division Of Octals - Hexadecimels - Hexdec - Hexdecimal

Convert Multiple Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal Software 7.0Data Added 1: April 22, 2012   
Convert Multiple Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary and Octal Software. 0 And 1s 0 To 7 1 And 0s.
This software offers a solution for users who want to convert one or more decimal, hexadecimal, binary or octal numbers. The user can choose to add numbers or load them from a file. A drop down menu allows the user to choose to convert numbers from any one of the formats above into any one of the other types. After starting the conversion, the original number, the conversion type (e.g. decimal to hexadecimal) and the results are displayed in a list which can be saved to a text or Excel file...
Size: 769.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.99 
Keywords: 0 And 1s - 0 To 7 - 1 And 0s - 16-bit - 32-bit - A 10 - Addition - B 11 - Base - Base 10

Binary Viewer Added 1: June 22, 2013   
Binary Viewer. Ads Alternate Data Stream Binary File.
Binary Viewer is a free windows utility allowing you to open and view any file located on your computer regardless of format file was saved. It can display data in decimal, octal, hexadecimal and text (ASCII or Unicode) formats. Program supports Alternate Data Streams (ADS). It also provides functionality of searching within file, copy/paste/save file dump into the file or clipboard. Program has simple and intuitive user interface, supports large file sizes (up to 4GB), has very small...
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Ads - Alternate Data Stream - Binary File - Binary Viewer - Decimal - Edit - Editing - Executable - Free - Freeware

archCalc 1.9.4 B251 1.0Data Added 1: October 01, 2012   
archCalc 1.9.4 B251. Calculation Calculator Decimal Calculator.
archCalc is a science calculator with decimal and fraction calculations. It allows one to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and easily solve for a leg or slope of a right tiangle. archCalc works as a standalone calculator or in conjunction with other programs, calculating stair risers in CAD software, or aiding in takeoffs with a spreadsheet. archCalc...
Size: 2.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $20 
Keywords: Calculation - Calculator - Decimal Calculator - Fraction - Fraction Calculator - Science Calculator

BitEdit9 2.1Data Added 1: July 13, 2013   
BitEdit9. Binary Editor Decimal Editor Hex Editor.
The BitEdit9 Hex Editor by ISA999 Software is a complete hexadecimal tool for Microsoft Windows. - With BitEdit9 you can edit, copy, paste and fill binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal data. - Data editing is quick and easy with extensive features that allow you to jump to a file or sector location, find and replace data you can also jump/skip NULL data(00 00 00 00 00 skip the 00 00 00) - BitEdit9 is available in 16 different languages: Albanian, Chinese, Dutch, English,...
Size: 4.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Binary Editor - Decimal Editor - Hex Editor - Octal Editor

std::decimal Implementation 1.0Data Added 1: July 30, 2013   
A portable implementation of the proposed std::decimal. Some compilers (notably gcc) are already making this available, and it seems likely to become standard.This does not implement the decimal arithmetic, but rather relies on existing implementations (typically C libraries) that can easily be downloaded elsewhere. Boost Software License (BSL1.0)
Size: License: Freeware 

Decimal To Fraction Converter 1.0Data Added 1: July 27, 2014   
Decimal To Fraction Converter. .
This app converts decimal numbers to fractions and vice versa.
Size: 102.4 KB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Decimal Operation 1.0.1Data Added 1: August 07, 2014   
Decimal Operation. .
Become a decimal doctor as you complete operations using decimal numbers! Whether you are adding, subtracting,multiplying, or dividing; this unit will ensure you know the correct way to set up and solve problems involving decimals and whole numbers. This unit of instruction includes the following 4 lessons: Adding Decimals - Determine how to set up a decimal problem. - Add decimals to decimals. - Add decimals to whole numbers. Subtracting...
Size: 2.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $2.99 

Decimal Rounding 1.1Data Added 1: October 11, 2014   
Decimal Rounding. .
This math app can be used to teach and study the rounding of decimals. You can set your own problems or solve random problems. The decimal numbers can be rounded to nearest whole number, tenth, hundredth or thousandth. They can also be rounded to 0, 1, 2 or 3 decimal places. The app guides you step by step when you solve each problem and there are no penalties for wrong answers. Clean interface and the total lack of timers ensures a stress free learning environment.
Size: 1.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $3.99 

Dewey Decimal Classification 1.0Data Added 1: January 07, 2014   
Dewey Decimal Classification. .
The latest issuance of the Dewey Decimal Classification System in a mobile platform. Data is organized in an easy to read and navigate format.
Size: 1.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Kids Math-Decimal Worksheets(Grade 4) 1.0Data Added 1: May 05, 2014   
Kids Math-Decimal Worksheets(Grade 4). .
In Kids Math-Decimal Worksheets(Grade 4),you will find high quality worksheets for decimal skills. The worksheets correlate to the Common Core State Standard for mathematics. You can select different topic worksheets for your needs in the classroom or at home. These worksheets are a great resource for Grade 4. 5 topics for practice: *Identify Decimals *Comparing Decimals *Ordering Decimals *Decimal Conversions *Place Value * Please take a...
Size: 8.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Breaktru Fractions n Decimals 10.0Data Added 1: January 10, 2016   
Breaktru Fractions n Decimals. Add Calculator Converter.
Two programs in one. One that can Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions and another that can convert a decimal to a fraction or a fraction to a decimal. It's a breeze with "Fractions". Quick and easy interface. No confusing menus. Many fraction programs only convert fractions to a decimal. This unique program converts decimals to fractions. Great for school or work. Handy for STOCK quote conversions. Get the Pocket PC edition for Windows CE absolutely FREE when you register the desktop...
Size: 5.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $9.95 
Keywords: Add - Calculator - Converter - Decimal - Divide - Education - Fraction - Homework - Learn - Multiply

InchPro Decimal 1.0.0Data Added 1: November 28, 2016   
InchPro Decimal. Calculator For Converting Inches Calculator For Unit Conversion Conversion Inches.
InchPro Decimal is free program for conversion inches between all units of measurement and also converting any units of measure among themselves. Any transformations for units from next list in any direction: Metric system - (kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, [micrometer, micron], nanometer); US Survey - (foot, link, [rod, perch, pole], chain, [furlong, stade], mile, league); International system - (point, pica, inch, foot, yard, mile);...
Size: 5.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Calculator For Converting Inches - Calculator For Unit Conversion - Conversion Inches - Convert Units - Converting Units Of Measurement

Binary Clock v1.2Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Binary Clock. Binary Clock Current.
Freelabs Binary Clock is a clock that displays the current time in binary/decimal using a LED display. It really doesn't serve much of a practical purpose, unless your goal is to display the time in a strange format. Emphasis has been placed on making the clock cool looking and realistic. There are some features and useful options that might interest you: Freelabs web editor 's features include: LED and Background Color Intuitive Interface Time in 12 and 24 hour format Time Display...
Size: 200.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Binary - Clock - Current - Decimal - Displays - In - Is - That - The - Time

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