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DelphiDabbler CodeSnip 4.0 Alpha - 1

CodeSnip is an open source program that can be used to manage, display and manipulate a source code database.

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Current Version: 1
License: Freeware
Downloads: 10

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YukResizer Added 1: June 06, 2012   
YukResizer helps you to manipulate multiple images at the same time. With this software you can resize, rotate, add watermark, add label and save back the result in batch mode. With wizard style of operation, you can easily go through 7 steps and complete your image resizing work. Features * Easy and Simple use with wizard style. * Resize/Rotate multiple images in batch mode. * Watermark text/image supported. * Overlay text/image supported. *...
Size: 113.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $9.99 
Keywords: Convert - Image Resizer - Manipulate - Resize - Resize Image - Watermark Image

dollybase 1.0Data Added 1: September 07, 2013   
DollyBase is a free dBase Clone that can manipulate Dbf files and support ndx index files, prg program file and query files.dBase was a popular database program in 80s with a developer lenguage. Many people made applications in dDase III.It's a program for nostalgic people. Features Creation of dbase III/II database types Support most xBase database formats and auxiliary files, like FoxBASE, FoxPRO, dbase IV, dbase III/II/III+ and memo fields (DBT files)
Size: 1.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Applications - Clone - Database - Dbase - Ddase - Developer - Dollybase - Files - Filesdbase - Iiiit

pypol for Linux 0.5Data Added 1: October 11, 2013   
pypol is a Python library that allows you to manipulate polynomials. This is the main page of the documentation.
Size: 92.2 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Allows You - Documentation - Is The - Library - Main - Main Page - Manipulate - Manipulate Polynomials - Of The - Page

MagIcons for Linux 0.1-2Data Added 1: December 03, 2013   
MagIcons is an application to manipulate a whole set of icons. With MagIcons you are able to create color schemes for icons within seconds. If you want to create an iconset, please read the wiki:
Size: 102.4 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Application - Color - Create - Httpwwwmagiconsbplacednetwordpress - Icons - Iconset - Linux - Magicons - Magicons Linux - Manipulate

Tkmatrix 0.7.0Data Added 1: September 11, 2013   
tkmatrix is an education mathematical program to manipulate matrices. Matrices are part of linear algebra. It was developed for students to learn algorithms and test own calculation. Therefore tkmatrix can give not even a solution but all algorithm steps as a protocol (report). It can calculate with float numbers and fractions. Solutions and protocols can be exported to ASCII, html and latex files.
Size: 317.4 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Algorithm - Ascii - Calculate - Exported - Files - Float - Fractions - Latex - Manipulate - Matrices

Image::Xpm 1.09Data Added 1: August 13, 2013   
This class module provides basic load, manipulate and save functionality for the xpm file format. It inherits from Image::Base which provides additional manipulation functionality, e.g. new_from_image(). See the Image::Base pod for information on adding your own functionality to all the Image::Base derived classes.
Size: 10.2 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Adding - Additional - Basic - Class - Classes - Derived - Format - Functionality - Image - Imagebase

favssh 1.0Data Added 1: August 31, 2013   
favssh is a tool to manipulate the ssh configuration file from the command line.
Size: 10.2 KB License: Shareware 
Keywords: Command - Configuration - Favssh - Manipulate

GNU awk 4.0.1Data Added 1: November 19, 2013   
Many computer users need to manipulate text files: extract and then operate on data from parts of certain lines while discarding the rest, make changes in various text files wherever certain patterns appear, and so on. To write a program to do these things in a language such as C or Pascal is a time-consuming inconvenience that may take many lines of code. The job is easy with awk, especially the GNU implementation: Gawk.
Size: 2.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Extract - Files - Implementation - Inconvenience - Language - Manipulate - Operate - Parts - Pascal - Patterns

Manipulate Text In Many Ways Software 7.0Data Added 1: February 17, 2014   
Manipulate Text In Many Ways Software. Chars Editer Input.
This software offers a solution to users who want to manipulate text using several options. The features for this software include: Add Prefix/Suffix Into Each Text Line, Remove Line Breaks, Add Line Breaks (Text Match Related), Add Line Breaks (Characters Count Related), Compare Text Lines, Count Characters, Words, Lines, Delimited Column Extractor Tool, Letter Case Converter, Merge Text (Line By Line), Number Each Text Line, Remove Duplicate Lines, Remove Empty Lines, Remove Letter Accents,...
Size: 6.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $19.99 
Keywords: Chars - Editer - Input - Length - Manip - Manipulating Text Files - New Lines - Output - Prefixes - Putting

Sonix 1.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Sonix. Analog Filter Buffers Input Audio Free.
A single stream quasi synchronous granulator which also features an analog filter to further manipulate the sound with a smooth lowpass,phatpass(with some big bottom end)and highpass formant hybrid settings.The sonix interface is very easy on the eyes and the gui gives sonix the look of hardware rather than software.All the main controls can be automated of course so you get 'full control'over your audio grains,and metering is courtesy of a standard rms sensing VU which...
Size: 1.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Analog Filter - Buffers Input Audio - Free - Granulator - Software - Sonix - Vst - Vst Plugin

Image-XChange SDK 1.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
Scan, Create and Manipulate Raster Image Formats. API and ActiveX. Demo applications for many development tools including C/C++/Delphi, C#, Clarion, VB etc This is a Royalty free SDK - purchase once and no repeat licensing !
Size: 6.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $299 
Keywords: Activex - Api - Bmp - Dcx - Dm - Document Archiving - Document Management - Edm - Edms - Electronic File Management

Select to Excel 1Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Select to Excel. Database Odbc Query.
This small Excel macro allows you to execute SQL commands on any ODBC data source directly in Excel and will paste the results in an Excel sheet where you can sort, filter and further manipulate the data. Useful to quickly extract data from a database and manipulate it within excel. No need to copy and paste large sets of data from other programs to gain the full functionality of Excel.
Size: 21.8 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Database - Odbc - Query - Sql

DC Data Manger 3.71Data Added 1: April 17, 2012   
DC Data Manger. Access Database Access Recordset Create Database.
DC Data Manger lets you navigate and manipulate your database records any way you want. This program is essentially a beefed-up version of DC Binding Recordset , Forget about coding the hard way - with Data Manger, you can add, save, delete, or edit data using only simple codes. Like its predecessor, DC Data Manger assimilates flawlessly into your codes - you don't have to launch it every time you open your program. It works with Visual Basic, Visual C++, and other such COM-based...
Size: 1.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $1299 
Keywords: Access Database - Access Recordset - Create Database - Database Management - Database Software - Database System - Oracle Database - Recordset Asp - Sql Database - Vb Recordset

DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX 1.3Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX. .net Activex Basic.
INI-File Manager ActiveX allows you manipulate with an INI-file and its elements by the easiest way from any programming language. The INI-File Manager ActiveX can be used from VB, VBA, VB.NET, VC++, VC.NET, VBScript,JScript,Delphi, ASP, ASP.NET and any other programming languages which support COM/ActiveX technology. Available features are: * Create new INI-file. * Load existed INI-file from disc file. * Update changes INI-file into disc file. * Encrypt whole INI-file...
Size: 392.4 KB License: Shareware Price: $24.99 
Keywords: .net - Activex - Basic - C - C++ - Cipher - Cnf - Com - Config - Configuration

ecGraph 1.30Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
ecGraph. Activex Component Control.
ecGraph is a powerful graphing ActiveX control that you can drop into your Visual Basic programs to create graphs in a huge range of styles. Great for scientific or technical graphs. You can get a graph up and running with just a few lines of code, and can manipulate the graph layout at runtime from your programs. * Easily create scientific or engineering graphs within your VB applications * Multiple graphs per page * Click and drag to move or resize graphs on the page * Zoom and...
Size: 773.2 KB License: Shareware Price: $129 
Keywords: Activex - Component - Control - Data - Ecgraph - Engineering - Graph - Plotter - Plotting - Scientific

Elegant InterFace 4.0 4.0 04-06-03Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Elegant InterFace 4.0. Access Code Color.
EIF40 helps your applications stay fresh and enhance productivity using an interface to let the end-user manipulate colors preferences for most controls and background textures at runtime. Menu and Report logos can also be changed without redesigning the application so the end user can enjoy the ability to add their own custom logo to their reports. ReScale Magic provides extremely fast and accurate rescale routines that ensure Access forms are resized perfectly to fit the end-users display...
Size: 6.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $79.95 
Keywords: Access - Code - Color - Export - Report - Rescale - Resize - Resolution - Security

PDF-Tools SDK 4.0.312.1Data Added 1: February 16, 2015   
PDF-Tools SDK. Acrobat Api Dm.
All a developer needs to View, create and manipulate Adobe PDF files our extensive 32/64 bit Windows Libraries. Comprehensive Doc's and Examples. Creates impressively small files from a multitude of input sources, Text, Objects and image types. Convert directly from any of the supported Image format files (BMP, DCX, GIF, JBIG, JBIG2, JPEG, JNG, PCX, PNG, TIFF & AMF/WMF/EMF) to PDF. Merge existing files, Extract pages or images, Delete pages, Create and Edit Thumbnails, Bookmarks, and...
Size: 29.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $599 
Keywords: Acrobat - Api - Dm - Document Archiving - Document Management - Edm - Edms - Electronic File Management - Electronic Filing - Extract

PDFtoolkit VCL 2.3Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
PDFtoolkit VCL. Acroform C++builder Delphi Pdf.
Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful component set for Borland® Delphi™ and Borland® C++Builder™ to manage, manipulate, enhance, view PDF documents and process PDF eForms. PDFtoolkit supports filling and reading of PDF forms, compressing, securing, appending and merging of multiple PDF documents, stamping, building Table of Contents, setting bookmarks, and many more functions that can be performed on PDF documents. PDFtoolkit operates on existing PDF documents and can even create new ones by...
Size: 10.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $349 
Keywords: Acroform - C++builder - Delphi Pdf - Extract Pages From Pdf - Fill Pdf Forms - Merge Pdf Documents - Pdf Documents - Pdf Management - Pdf Manipulation - Pdf Organization

PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET 2.43Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET. Acroform Delphi 2005 Delphi 8.
Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful component set for Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET, and Borland Delphi to manage, manipulate, enhance, view PDF documents and process PDF eForms. PDFtoolkit supports filling and reading of PDF forms, compressing, securing, appending and merging of multiple PDF documents, stamping, building Table of Contents, setting bookmarks, and many more functions that can be performed on PDF documents. PDFtoolkit operates on existing PDF documents and can...
Size: 9.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $349 
Keywords: Acroform - Delphi 2005 - Delphi 8 - Extract Pages From Pdf - Fill Pdf Forms - Merge Pdf Documents - Pdf Documents - Pdf Management - Pdf Manipulation - Pdf Organization

RSS Magic for .Net 1.02Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
RSS Magic is a .Net class library that allows developers the ability to download, manipulate, and save RSS feeds through familiar properties and methods. The Silverband RSS Magic component provides you the ability to read, edit, and create RSS feeds that conform to version 2.0 and earlier. No knowledge of XML is required - all XML functions, inluding parsing, manipulating, and creating XML elements and attributes is handled internally by the RSS Magic component. You, as the developer, only...
Size: 211 B License: Shareware Price: $79 
Keywords: .net - Aggregator - Channel - Client - Component - Feed - Library - News - Parse - Rss

sgCore 1.4Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
sgCore. 3d 3d; Boolean.
SgCore is a powerful geometric modeling engine designed for programmers and engineers who deal with 3D modeling. A user-friendly interface, an abundance of functions to create the most complicated objects and manipulate them, the small size of the library itself, full documentation and 24-hour technical support, all make sgCore a natural choice for any 3D programmer. In the sgCore library, Geometros has realized a great number of 3D solid-state modeling functions. Now programmers can include...
Size: 310.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $400 
Keywords: 3d - 3d; - Boolean - Cad - Cad; - Geometry; - Kinematic - Library; - Modeling - Modeling;

Able RAWer Added 1: March 28, 2021   
Able RAWer. Bay Cr2 Crw.
Able RAWer is an easy to use program targeted to view and correct RAW images (photos) taken with digital cameras. Supported formats: raw, crw, cr2, nef, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dcr. Able RAWer is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras. Program allows to resolve all the exposure and white balance issues during the raw conversion. Features: Reads many RAW formats from digital cameras. Supported RAW camera formats (crw, cr2, nef, raw, pef, raf, x3f,...
Size: 3.7 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Bay - Cr2 - Crw - Dcr - Mrw - Nef - Orf - Pef - Raf - Raw

Microangelo Toolset 6.10.6Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Microangelo Toolset. Change Icons Create Icons Icon Creator.
Create icons for Windows 95 thru Windows Vista with Toolset's icon editor. Toolset includes four integrated components that work together, allowing you to view, locate, extract and replace icons, eliminate duplicates, and manipulate all image formats. Toolset's icon editor offers tools specifically designed to make icons for all Windows platforms. From smooth, well-balanced lines, to rich gradient blends of unlimited colors and transparency levels, we think you'll find that Toolset 6 provides...
Size: 5.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $49.95 
Keywords: Change Icons - Create Icons - Icon Creator - Icon Editor - Icon Maker

Neomesh Image Console 1.1.4Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Neomesh Image Console. Command Line Bmp Command Line Gif Command Line Image.
Neomesh Image Console is a command line image converter allowing you to convert image formats, create GIF animations, join images horizontally or vertically and manipulate your images. Image Console is able to load 22 and save 17 image formats including BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, J2K, JPG, JPE, JPEG, JP2, JPC, PCX, PGM, PNG, PNM, PPM, PGM, PGX, TGA, RAS, TIF, WBMP, WMF. Image Console is able to Flip, Mirror, Reduce/Increase Bits Per Pixel, Rotate, Crop, Thumbnail, Add Text, Repair, Adjust RGB...
Size: 570.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Command Line Bmp - Command Line Gif - Command Line Image - Command Line Image Converter - Command Line Image Resizer - Command Line Jpeg - Command Line Jpg - Command Line Thumbnail - Command Line Tif - Commandline Image

Photo Pos Pro image editor 1.36Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Photo Pos Pro Image Editor and Photo Editor (Image editing and Photo editing software) allows you easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos and computer graphics, and easily create eye-catching graphics. Though the Photo Pos Pro image editor is a powerful program, it contains an extremely user-friendly interface enabling you to work intuitively. The software includes complete help system, free step-by-step tutorials and dozens of pre-made photo frames, patterns,...
Size: 26.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $44.9 
Keywords: Add Frames - Batch - Brushes - Computer Graphics - Digital Photography - Draw - Effects - Enhancing - Filters - Frames

PhotoMark 1.3Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
PhotoMark. Adding Watermark Bitmap Bmp.
Want to protect your pictures distributed on the internet from plagiarized by unauthorized ones? It's a good idea to label them with your name. But think of those big applications like Photoshop which can provide such function, they are disk space and memory killer, and slow, and the most important, expensive, so why not try PhotoMark instead! PhotoMark is a professional watermark maker which can let you create and apply watermarks using your brand name, it features the ability to manipulate...
Size: 891.6 KB License: Shareware Price: $28 
Keywords: Adding Watermark - Bitmap - Bmp - Copyright - Gif - Grahics - Jpeg - Photo - Picture - Protect Copyright

Vectorian Giotto 3.0Data Added 1: April 19, 2011   
Vectorian Giotto. Actionscript Animated Animation.
Want to learn and make Flash, absolutely Free? Vectorian Giotto has powerful yet very simple user interface that will allow you to quickly and easily create professional Flash animations for websites. Even if you had no experience whatsoever with animation or graphics tools before, you can learn to use Vectorian Giotto effectively within 10 minutes. With easy-to-use interface, powerful drawing tools, sophisticated shape morphing, stunning built-in effects, sound and scripting support, an...
Size: 8.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Actionscript - Animated - Animation - Authoring - Banner - Buttons - Cartoons - Design - Drawing - Editor

Word Preccessing Icon Collection 1.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Word Preccessing Icon Collection. Collection Custom Design Design.
Word Preccessing Collection 100 Unique Graphic Unit Software Developer , Web Developer and Professionals for world most enhanced high quality Word icon Collections The Word Processing Set is ideal for any applications that allow users to manipulate text, graphics, tables, fonts and colours and more.. Vista , Xp Style 400 Bmp Unit 600 Gif Unit 600 Png Unit 700 ico Unit Native Xp Style 400 Bmp Unit 600 Gif Unit 600 Png Unit 700 ico Unit Total File Unit 4600
Size: 24.3 KB License: Shareware Price: $25 
Keywords: Collection - Custom Design - Design - Glype - Graphic - Horizon - Icon - Icon Collection

AIM Log Manager 1.6.500Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
AIM Log Manager. Aim Aim Logger Aimlogger.
This is a unique and powerful tool to log, organize, manipulate and analyze trends in your AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Basic features: * Record all your IMs, chatrooms, and away messages. * Record buddy events and files/images. * One single log file for easy backup and sending. * Automatic log file compression. * Browse, sort, categorize, edit, cut, copy and paste convos. * Search through conversations. * Locate convos by date, browse forward and back through time easily....
Size: 2.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $24.99 
Keywords: Aim - Aim Logger - Aimlogger - Analyze - Away Message - Buddy Events - Conversations - Im - Im Logger - Im Logging

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