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PeaZip Portable - 6.5.1

Free portable zip/unzip utility, encrypt and split files, open 7Z, ACE, BZ2, CAB, DEB, ISO, JAR, GZ, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR, RPM, sfx, TAR, ZIP files and many more archive types (180+ formats). Portable and open source, PeaZip runs on Windows and Linux.

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Current Version: 6.5.1
Release Date: Feb 18, 2018
License: Freeware
Downloads: 235

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Email Commander 8.50Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Email Commander. Client E-mail Commander Email.
E-mail Commander is a portable mail software application that does not require any kind of formal installation onto a computer's permanent storage device to be executed, and can be stored on a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive and used on multiple computers. For example, you can run the E-mail client from a USB device in an Internet Cafe while you travel (see more details about portable software at http://www.usbspase.com). Email Commander is sophisticated, but it's...
Size: 1.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $49.95 
Keywords: Client - E-mail Commander - Email - Email Client - Email Commander - Email Software - List - Mail - Mail Client - Mail Software

EasyInventory 1.3Data Added 1: February 03, 2010   
EasyInventory. Easy Inventory Easyinventory Home Inventory.
EasyInventory is a small, portable software application that allows home owners, landlords, etc. to easily track and value their home contents for home insurance and control purposes. It encourages users to not under insure their home(s). By taking some time out to create an inventory of all your contents and keeping it up to date, you can avoid under-insurance. And it could take the headache out of tracking everything and making a claim should the worst happen. EasyInventory allows you to...
Size: 902.7 KB License: Shareware Price: $16.12 
Keywords: Easy Inventory - Easyinventory - Home Inventory - Inventory Software

Portable Software Updater 2 5Data Added 1: April 16, 2012   
Portable Software Updater. Find Update Portable Portableapps.
As you probably know, most of the programs on portableapps.com don't have an update notification feature or, if they do, it's for the non-portable version (which is not very helpful, right?). PortableApps Updater will help you keep your portable software up-to-date. No need to open each program's webpage every day, waste time visiting the download page, wait for the download process to finish, copy it to your portable apps folder and run it. PortableApps Updater can help you skip all these...
Size: 461.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Find Update - Portable - Portableapps - Portableapps Updater - Update Portableapps - Updater

NM Collector Software JE Added 1: June 11, 2012   
NM Collector Software JE. Collecting Collection Collector.
Customizable portable software to manage your collection. Includes room for standard information, notes, and pictures. Designed specifically for collectors. Modify labels or create your own. Unlimited collections. Includes bar codes. Any collection any computer including portable USB Flash Drive. NM Collector Software JE (www.nmcollectorsoftware.com) is for any collection on any computer including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Keep track of all the important information regarding items in all of...
Size: 28.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Collecting - Collection - Collector - Customizable - Home Inventory

PickMeAppLight Added 1: November 04, 2013   
PickMeAppLight. Application Manager Copy Computer To Computer Migration.
PickMeAppLight is a portable software tool transferring about a million personalized programs from one Windows PC to another. PickMeApp's Add and Remove Programs like interface guides you through the capture of a selected program without the need to locate CDs. When complete, your program and customizations is packaged as a single executable. No changes were made to the original program. Then the installation package may be used to reinstall the original program with its settings on any...
Size: 3.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Application Manager - Copy Computer To Computer - Migration - Migration Software - Move Pc - Transfer Pc - Transfer Programs - Transfer Programs And Settings - Windows

PeaExtractor 1.2Data Added 1: September 15, 2016   
PeaExtractor. Decompress Drag And Drop Easy.
PeaExtractor is a simple, free .rar / .zip file extractor for Windows and Linux, also available as portable software (no installation required to use the application, just unpack and run it), localized in 29 languages. It is a spin-off of PeaZip archiver, focused solely on archive extraction for basic usage needs. Open Source (LGPLv3), free for any private and professional use, the application handles 7Z, ACE, CAB, BZ2, ISO, GZ, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, ZIP, ZIPX files and many more formats,...
Size: 4.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Decompress - Drag And Drop - Easy - Extract - Extractor - File - Free - Open - Rar - Simple

USB Safeguard 8.3.1Data Added 1: November 18, 2021   
USB Safeguard. Crypt Flash Drive Free Usb Drive Encryption.
USB Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your private files with a password on your removable drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. It protects data by creating a password-protected virtual drive on your portable storage device (USB flash drive, HDD hard drive, SSD, memory card). Once setted, no one will be able to access your private files without the correct password! USB Safeguard is a portable software and has been developed to run directly from your drive on any...
Size: 544.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $21 
Keywords: Crypt - Flash Drive - Free Usb Drive Encryption - Free Usb Flash Drive Encryption - Memory Stick - Pen Drive - Usb - Usb Drive - Usb Drive Encryption - Usb Flash Drive

legalfinger 1.0Data Added 1: April 18, 2012   
legalfinger. .
Legalfinger is a bunch of Java-based software including a set of portable software installed inside an USB finger to protect any digital content copied onto the USB finger.
Size: 215.3 MB License: Freeware 

PickMeApp Beta 1.0Data Added 1: September 23, 2012   
PickMeApp Beta. Application Organizer Organize Applications Send.
PickMeApp is a portable software tool transferring about a million personalized programs from one PC to another. PickMeApp's a€?Add and Remove Programs' like interface guides you through the transfer of selected programs without the need to locate CDs or repeat any lengthy installations. When complete, all your programs and customizations will be transferred intact to the new PC. No changes are made to the original installations, and the transfer can be easily reversed.
Size: 2.7 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Application Organizer - Organize Applications - Send - Sender - Transfer - Transfer Application

The Panini Language 0.2.0Data Added 1: February 16, 2013   
Panini is a programming language whose goals are to ease development of correct, scalable, and portable software for multicore, many core, heterogeneous & performance-asymmetric core, and cloud platforms. Panini provides new, implicitly concurrent, modularization mechanisms. If programmers use these mechanisms to structure their software system to improve modularity in its design, they get concurrency for free! Modularity implies concurrency. The language thus encompasses fundamental and...
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 

Sinapsis 0.0.3Data Added 1: February 15, 2013   
Sinapsis. .
Free and portable software for visualization and post-processing of results from Quantum Chemistry calculations. Oriented, but not limited, to satisfy the visualization needs from Lowdin [http://www.cucei.udg.mx/~robertof] and deMon2k. Direct visualization from Lowdin output files Direct visualization from deMon2k ourput On the fly construction of scalar fields GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: 101.0 KB License: Freeware 

Structural Analysis Library (libStruct) 1.0Data Added 1: March 03, 2013   
The structural analysis library is a C/C++ portable software library for analyzing the structural properties of stoichiometric networks BSD License
Size: License: Freeware 

PortableApps.com: Portable Software/USB 11.2Data Added 1: March 10, 2013   
PortableApps.com: Portable Software/USB. .
PortableApps.com is the world's most popular portable software solution allowing you to take your favorite software with you. A fully open source and free platform, it works on any portable storage device (USB flash drive, iPod, memory card, portable hard drive, etc). With millions of users all over the world and a full collection of open source software (as well as freeware and commercial software), PortableApps.com is the most complete solution for life on the go. GNU General...
Size: 3.2 MB License: Freeware 

FD Split Excel Workbook 2.5.5Data Added 1: February 03, 2015   
FD Split Excel Workbook. Excel Worksheet Individual Excel File Portable Software.
Deal with a large Excel workbook. You may need to split a large workbook to separate Excel files with saving each worksheet of the workbook as an individual Excel file. For example, you can split a workbook into multiple individual Excel files and then deliver each file to different person to handle it. By doing so, you can get certain persons handle specific data, and keep your data safe. Split a workbook to separate Excel files one by one with copying and pasting? No! It is desperate...
Size: 70.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $29 
Keywords: Excel Worksheet - Individual Excel File - Portable Software - Split Excel Workbook - Split Large Xls File - Split Large Xlsx File - Three Step

FD Left And Right Mouse 2.5.4Data Added 1: March 10, 2015   
FD Left And Right Mouse. Left And Right Hand Left-hander Portable Software.
Left handed mouse Most computers are set up by default to have the mouse on the right. This can be useful for left-handers if you are taking notes or writing while you are also using the mouse as you can do so with your left hand. Quickly Swap mouse buttons You cank quickly swap the mouse button by 'double-click' the Icon. If you want to swap to left hand mouse, just use left button and double-click the icon in the system tray, then the mouse switches left-handed mode. On the contrary, if...
Size: 70.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $19 
Keywords: Left And Right Hand - Left-hander - Portable Software - Repetitive Strain Injury - Swap Mouse Button

KEY Safeguard 2.0Data Added 1: December 20, 2016   
KEY Safeguard. Anti Key Logger Anti Keylogger Anti Keylogger Protection.
KEY Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your typed passwords, credit card numbers and private info, hiding them to any keystroke logging software. It protects info through the insertion of a random sequence of characters into every keystroke so as to hide sensitive data and prevents to steal passwords. Also has a shield against desktop screenshots and don't allows data theft from the clipboard! KEY Safeguard is a portable software and has been developed to protects...
Size: 84.6 KB License: Shareware Price: 15EUR 
Keywords: Anti Key Logger - Anti Keylogger - Anti Keylogger Protection - Anti Screen Capture - Anti Screen Logger - Anti-keylogger - Encrypting Text - Keyscrambler - Keystroke Encryption - Keystroke Logging

HDD Safeguard 1.1Data Added 1: January 25, 2016   
HDD Safeguard. Encryption External Drive External Hard Disk.
HDD Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your private files with a password on your external big drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. It protects data with a password for the entire portable storage device (HDD hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, etc.) and not just for an virtual partition. Once the drive is locked, one cannot read nor write any data to it without the correct password! HDD Safeguard is a portable software and has been developed to run directly from...
Size: 100.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $17 
Keywords: Encryption - External Drive - External Hard Disk - External Hard Disk Protection - External Hard Drive - External Hdd - External Hdd Protection - Flash Drive - Hdd - Hdd External

PeaUtils 1.0Data Added 1: September 26, 2016   
PeaUtils. Checksum Crc Eraser.
PeaUtils is a free suite providing a wide array of file management utilities, a Swiss-Army-knife tool for computing checksum values (CRC32, CRC64), hash algorithms (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA-3_356), compare two files byte-to-byte, view hexadecimal preview of a file, split file in smaller parts and join spanned volumes back to original file, perform secure data deletion - either files and folders, or free disk space. To use the application, open it clicking on program's shortcut or on pea.exe...
Size: 1.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Checksum - Crc - Eraser - File Management - Files - Free - Hash - Md5 - Secure Delete - Sha

Simple Portable Malayalam Search Engine Web Browser Software 1 1Data Added 1: September 06, 2012   
Simple Portable Malayalam Search Engine Web Browser Software. Kerala Browser Malayalam Akashvani News Malayalam Browser.
Simple Portable Malayalam Search Engine Web Browser Software is a light browser which can be used for browsing websites very simply and easily.It is very fast compared to other browsers.An important feature is that it can be used for searching in your native language malayalam.You can type and search in malayalam.Check our website regularly for further updates for the program.
Size: 251.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Kerala Browser - Malayalam Akashvani News - Malayalam Browser - Malayalam Internet Browser - Malayalam Mp3 Search - Malayalam News - Malayalam Portable Software - Malayalam Radio - Malayalam Search Engine - Malayalam Search Engines

JBMail 3.2Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
JBMail. Account Attachment Blacklist.
JBMail is a compact and portable secure e-mail client that supports SSL/TLS encrypted POP3 and SMTP. The software has been designed for simplicity, security and on-line mailbox access meaning that mail is manipulated remotely and NOT stored locally. Delete spam or large attachments without having to first download them! This portable software does not require installation, registry keys or even temporary files. JBMail can be run from a CD or floppy disk, yet it has all the essential mail...
Size: 554.2 KB License: Shareware Price: $35 
Keywords: Account - Attachment - Blacklist - Client - Delete - Diskette - E-mail - Email - Encrypted - Encryption

MoleBox Virtualization Solution 4.4977Data Added 1: April 25, 2011   
MoleBox Virtualization Solution. Create Portable Software Embed Activex Embed Dll.
MoleBox Virtualization Solution simplifies software delivery and deployment for developers, publishers and IT managers. MoleBox VS packages entire application into a single executable file that keeps the functionality of the original program. Portable moleboxed software runs from any source without installation, without extracting packed data or creating temporary files, and without any modifications to the host device registry. MoleBox VS also protects all elements of your application from...
Size: 5.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $150 
Keywords: Create Portable Software - Embed Activex - Embed Dll - Embed Net - Molebox - Molebox Virtualization Solution - Portable Application - Software Virtualization - Virtual Environment - Virtual File System

Carambis Software Updater Pro Added 1: December 05, 2012   
Carambis Software Updater Pro. Auto Update Autoupdate Soft Update.
Nowadays software update is quite a usual thing: new patches are released, software errors are fixed, vulnerabilities are removed and new functions are added. It is not possible to follow all the updates manually. Carambis Software Updater Pro will scan your system automatically and find downloadable software versions and updates after any potential threats of viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities and data loss are excluded. Carambis Software Updater Pro Advantages : 1. All computer...
Size: 17.1 MB License: Shareware Price: 20.95EUR 
Keywords: Auto Update - Autoupdate - Soft Update - Software Update - Software Update Download - Software Update For Windows - Windows Update Software

Lupo PenSuite (x64 bit) 2011.04Data Added 1: April 28, 2012   
Lupo PenSuite (x64 bit). Collection Lupo Pen Suite Pendrive Application.
The Suite includes over 200 highly selected portable programs and games (7-Zip, Audacity, CCleaner, eMule, FileZilla, Firefox, Foxit Reader, GIMP, IrfanView, Miranda, Notepad++, Opera, Thunderbird, AµTorrent, VLC and many more). Over 3 million users have downloaded it. Lupo PenSuite is a completely free suite of portable programs and games. Lupo PenSuite is designed to simplify the user's life, by collecting the best suites and portable programs available on the Web. Optimized to...
Size: 10.7 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Collection - Lupo Pen Suite - Pendrive Application - Portable - Portable Application - Suite - Usb Software - Windows X64 Bit

Cloud Explorer 1.0.1Data Added 1: December 15, 2013   
Cloud Explorer. Box Cloud Explorer Cloudexplorer.
Cloud Explorer is a free software that lets you easily access all of your content in cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. Its intuitive Windows Explorer-like interface makes it easy to manage your cloud stored files. You don't have to sync with cloud-stored files. So you can not only protect your files from unwanted synchronization, but also save space on your computer. Also, it supports a portable environment, so it can be run directly from a USB drive, without...
Size: 2.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Box - Cloud Explorer - Cloudexplorer - Dropbox - Google Drive - Portable Software - Skydrive - Usb Software - Windows Cloud Connect

MyPCInfo 1.2Data Added 1: February 18, 2015   
MyPCInfo. Collect Drivers Gui.
MyPCInfo rapidly collects an extensive ammount of data from your PC and presents it in a nice orderly way. The information retrieved are: Operating System info, Pagefile, Registry, Software, Drivers, Eventlog, Processes, Services, Recovery info, Boot info, Groups, Users, Environment, Shares, Codecs, Desktop, Network, Bios, Product info, CPU, Memory, Logical Drives, Physical Drives, Geo IP, Monitor and Graphics Cards. It is possible to export the information to xml files, that you can...
Size: 3.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Collect - Drivers - Gui - Hardware - Information - Mail - Nice - Portable - Save - Software

MuseTips Text Filter Added 1: May 13, 2011   
MuseTips Text Filter. Search Text Filter Text Reader.
MuseTips Text Filter is a free, lightweight and portable Windows software that lets you read, search and filter text files with ease. Text lines are instantly filtered as you type your search phrase, with all matched terms highlighted in a contrasting color. Features: - Fast as-you-type searching. - Search phrase auto suggestion. - Full support to regular expressions. - Multiple query modes and filter modes.
Size: 1.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Search - Text Filter - Text Reader - Text Viewer

winPenPack: Portable Software Collection 13Data Added 1: July 22, 2013   
winPenPack: Portable Software Collection. .
winPenPack is a project that aims at collecting the most frequently used and most popular open source applications made portable, so that they can be executed without installation from any USB Flash Drive or Hard Disk. The winPenPack suites offer a wide range of portable applications like office tools, internet tools, multimedia tools, development tools, security applications and other frequently used utilities. Everything you need, completely free, open source and portable! Apache...
Size: 306.6 MB License: Freeware 

IObit Toolbox 1.2Data Added 1: March 22, 2011   
IObit Toolbox. Admin Tool Computer Repair Free Computer Tools.
IObit Toolbox is FREE portable software that system administrators and computer geeks will take along to solve PC problems anytime and anywhere. With more than 20 dedicated tools,IObit Toolbox allows you to display/diagnose PC information, enhance PC security, optimize PC performance and repairing PC problems. IObit Toolbox is like a Swiss army knife, with more than 20 computer tools in one place, you have more than 20 powers to diagnose and fix PC problems, including cleaning, optimizing,...
Size: 21.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Admin Tool - Computer Repair - Free Computer Tools - Pc Diagnostic Tool

Bopup Scanner 2.1.9Data Added 1: October 29, 2016   
Bopup Scanner. Active Address Computer.
Bopup Scanner is a LAN scanner which resolves multiple network-specific parameters and displays all the active nodes/systems connected over the network along with useful information on the main interface. Covering almost every aspect of most network tools it offers more detailed information about the connected computers, such as user name, MAC address, IP address, and HTTP server. Useful for network administrators! For the first time usage, you need to click Refresh to generate a list of...
Size: 238.8 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Active - Address - Computer - Freeware - Http - Ip - Lan - Local - Mac - Net

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