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Rename MP3 Files Pro - 4.39

Rename MP3 Files - easily ? Then you need Rename MP3 Files Pro. This automatic MP3 file renamer will rename all your MP3 music files. Rename MP3 Files automatically ~ Rename MP3 files by album, artist, genre - Download and Rename all MP3 right now!

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Rating: 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Current Version: 4.39
Release Date: Jul 14, 2008
License: Shareware
Price: $39.95
Downloads: 198

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MP3 Files Rename Software 7.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
MP3 Files Rename Software. Artist - Track - Title Auto Mp3 Renamer Auto-rename Mp3 Files.
Rename MP3 filenames that you download from file sharing programs. No complicated options, just drag and drop your folders / files into the program and click 'Rename'. MP3s will have case corrected, underscores removed, appropriate spaces added, etc. to make your entire MP3 collection as clean as possible.
Size: 355.2 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.82 
Keywords: Artist - Track - Title - Auto Mp3 Renamer - Auto-rename Mp3 Files - Best Software For Rename A Folder Of Mp3s - Bulk Rename Of Mp3 - Cannot Rename Mp3s - Catalog My Mp3 S - Cddb - Change Mp3 Downloads Name - Correct Format For Mp3 Filename

MP3 File Renamer 6.92Data Added 1: September 08, 2008   
MP3 File Renamer. Addresses Album Artist.
MP3 File Renamer: How to Rename MP3 Files - easily? You need MP3 File Renamer. This automatic MP3 music file renamer will rename, sort and organize all your MP3 music files, fast and easy. MP3 File Renamer will rename MP3 files by: genre / artist / album / title - exactly as you want (variety of ways to rename MP3 music files). It is very easy to Rename MP3 Files with MP3 File Renamer: ~ Easy to start ~ Easy to use. Just run MP3 File Renamer an all your MP3 music files will be renamed,...
Size: 17.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $39.95 
Keywords: Addresses - Album - Artist - Automatic - Automatically - File - Files - Genre - Move - Mp3

GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor 4.1Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor. Edit Tag Id3 Id3 V1.1.
GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor is an easy to use MP3 tag editor supporting ID3V1.1 and ID3V2.x, and it is also a cool MP3 batch renamer, choose the format and batch rename the files in the directory easily. With it, you can edit the lyrics and pictures or copy ID3V1.1 between ID3V2.x. Key Features: Edit MP3 Tag, supporting ID3V1.1 and ID3V2.X; Batch rename MP3 files by the selected format; Copy ID3V1.1 to ID3V2.x or vice versa; Edit lyrics and pictures; Play MP3 files by Windows Media...
Size: 457 B License: Shareware Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Edit Tag - Id3 - Id3 V1.1 - Mp3 Renamer - Mp3 Tag Editor - Rename Mp3

THE Rename 2.1.6Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
THE Rename. Exif Files Folders.
Rename files and folders, pictures with their width and height and EXIF tags. Rename MP3, VQF, OGG and WMA files. Possbility to export tags from musical and pictures files. Rename files with regular expressions. Works separately on either the prefix or the extension. Undo all your rename operations (even if you leave the program). Search internal name of truetype files to rename files. For example "times.ttf" become Times New Roman-Regular.ttf. Modify file attributes (hidden, system, read...
Size: 2.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Exif - Files - Folders - Mp3 - Multimedia - Pictures - Rename - Windows

Batch File Utility 3.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Batch File Utility. Batch File Compress Batch File Rename Batch File Rename Utility.
Batch File Utility is a folder and file renaming utility, that supports wildcards and regular expressions with a variety of renaming features, including options to change case, replace characters, replace strings, set file attributes, rename mp3 files based on their ID3 tag information and more. In addition, the program can also move or copy files and optionally (batch)compress them. Batch File Utility provides a preview of the changed names as well as an Undo option that allows you to...
Size: 996 B License: Shareware Price: $24.95 
Keywords: Batch File Compress - Batch File Rename - Batch File Rename Utility - Batch File Renamer - Batch File Utility - File Renamer - Mp3 Renamer

Magic MP3 Tagger 2.2.4Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Magic MP3 Tagger. Audio Automatically Collection.
Magic MP3 Tagger is more than a normal ID3 tag editor. It has been specially designed to automatically identify and sort music collections, which is a different approach than other tagging applications use. The program uses a high sophisticated music identification algorithm to repair, edit, tag, rename and organize your MP3 files. The powerful dynamic identification algorithm combines available song data with an internal music database under consideration of different naming patterns and...
Size: 4.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $19.9 
Keywords: Audio - Automatically - Collection - Id3 - Identify - Magic - Mp3 - Music - Parse - Rename

Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.07Data Added 1: February 10, 2010   
Acritum Sophisticated Rename. Batch Exif Change Batch File Renamer Batch Rename Jpg Files.
Sophisticated Rename is a powerful Windows utility that simplifies the batch processing of various types of files, including photos and music. The most prominent feature of the program is that it doesn't use predefined rules of renaming. You specify the rules for a renaming task with the help of visually adjustable data types. For example, variables can extract specific parts of the original file name, counters can enumerate files both in numerical and alphabetical ways, conditionals allow...
Size: 972.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $59.95 
Keywords: Batch Exif Change - Batch File Renamer - Batch Rename Jpg Files - Batch Rename Photos - Batch Rename Pictures - Exif Editor - Exif Viewer - File Rename Software - Id3 Editor - Id3 Viewer

File and mp3 tag renamer 2.2Data Added 1: May 24, 2007   
File and mp3 tag renamer. Batch Bulk Download.
File And MP3 Tag Renamer is a powerful, easy-to-use multiple file and mp3 renaming utility. With this powerful program ,you can quickly and easily batch rename files and mp3's with a number of possibilities and options, including change case, change the file extension, insert string,delete string,replace/remove string ,set the file attributes&time stamps, and enumeration renaming allows you to add number sequences to your filenames. File And MP3 Tag Renamer also allow you to rename your...
Size: 768 B License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Batch - Bulk - Download - Extensions - File - File Extensions - File Rename - File Renamer - Id3 - Mp3

Quick File Rename Personal Edition 5.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Quick File Rename Personal Edition. Batch Rename Batch Renamer Fast Folder Rename.
Quick File Rename is a full featured professional batch file and folder (2-in-1!) renaming utility that is both easy to use and has features such as Undo, Real-time Preview, instant rename by dragging and dropping files, a built in folder browser to browse drives / folders over local as well as network drives, DOS 8.3 file convert, file rename using wildcards, file masking to filter files, allows you to prefix/postfix characters, replace characters, uppercase/lowercase/mixed case rename,...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Batch Rename - Batch Renamer - Fast Folder Rename - File Rename - File Renamer - File Utility - Folder Rename - Mp3 Rename - Mp3 Utility - Multiple File Rename

Acritum Sophisticated Rename 3.105Data Added 1: June 20, 2012   
Acritum Sophisticated Rename. Batch Exif Change Batch File Renamer Batch Rename Jpg Files.
Sophisticated Rename is a powerful Windows utility that simplifies the batch processing of various types of files, including photos and music. The most prominent feature of the program is that it doesn't use predefined rules of renaming. You specify the rules for a renaming task with the help of visually adjustable data types. For example, variables can extract specific parts of the original file name, counters can enumerate files both in numerical and alphabetical ways, conditionals...
Size: 1.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Batch Exif Change - Batch File Renamer - Batch Rename Jpg Files - Batch Rename Photos - Batch Rename Pictures - Bulk Renamer - Exif Editor - Exif Viewer - File Rename Software - Id3 Editor

CD-Tag 2.26Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
CD-Tag. Aac Ape Audio Converter.
Rip CDs, convert MP3, AAC/M4A, FLAC, APE, MPC, OGG, WMA, WV, TTA, SHN, or OFR. Tag and rename your music files and directories using a highly customizable profile. Other features include: mass tag and rename, editting and splitting CUE sheets, importing album info from FreeDB, creating playlists for albums, creating and verifying SFV/MD5 verification files, and lots more!
Size: 2.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $24.95 
Keywords: Aac - Ape - Audio Converter - Cd Rip - Convert To Mp3 - Flac - M4a - Mp3 - Mp3 Converter - Mp3 To Wav

TheMP3Renamer 1.8Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
TheMP3Renamer. File Mp3 Mp3 Organizer.
Rename All Your MP3 Files in a organized manner (Artist-Album-Title). More Features Available such as alternative name schema and file relocation.
Size: 951.8 KB License: Shareware Price: $9 
Keywords: File - Mp3 - Mp3 Organizer - Mp3 Rename - Mp3 Tag - Mp3 Title - Renamer - Song Tag Edit - Utility

RenameMaestro 3.0.2Data Added 1: February 17, 2010   
RenameMaestro. Batch File Rename Batch File Renamer Batch Rename.
Instantly batch rename files and folders. Rename multiple files using mp3 and photo tags, numbers, dates, letters and more with this batch file renamer. The instant preview makes it a breeze to rename quickly. Change the created and modified dates of files in this fast batch file rename utility. Drag drop and rename thousands of files instantly. Save actions for later use. And get an immediate constant preview every single step of the way. Features include the ability to see internal...
Size: 2.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $29 
Keywords: Batch File Rename - Batch File Renamer - Batch Rename - File Rename - File Renamer - Mp3 Renamer - Rename - Rename Files - Rename Mp3 - Rename Multiple Files

Visual Renamer 1.9Data Added 1: July 05, 2011   
Visual Renamer. File Rename File Renamer Mp3 Rename.
Visual Renamer - you won't imagine renaming template that it can not perform! This most powerful batch renaming tool is unique. Apart from common features of batch renaming, preview & undo options, it can rename karaoke files, supports THM, EXIF, MP3 tags, and has lots of different filters to sort out files, including manual sorting. Besides, Visual Renamer allows you to create your own custom scripts. Any renaming can be done if you have Visual Renamer. You could assume Visual Renamer is...
Size: 3.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $24.5 
Keywords: File Rename - File Renamer - Mp3 Rename - Multi Rename - Multiple Rename - Ouickrename - Rename Files - Utility

drepen MP3 Added 1: July 21, 2012   
drepen MP3. Compress Mp3 Compression Mp3 Organizer.
The drepen MP3 is an application that aims to make a copy of your MP3/WMA files in the desired order in devices like mp3 players. As we know, when we copy several files, their order are disordered. To resolve this situation, we basically have two options: - Make a playlist inside the unit (PlayList) after the copy; - Assemble the layout manually setting the order, file by file copying. This is because the process of order in most devices is about the order of the ripped...
Size: 3.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $25 
Keywords: Compress - Mp3 Compression - Mp3 Organizer - Rename Mp3 - Renamer - Transfer

Smart MP3 Renamer For Linux 0.2.2Data Added 1: August 27, 2013   
Smart MP3 Renamer is a cross-platform application allowing to easly rename a list of MP3 files using their ID3 tags. Features - Rename MP3 files like you want inserting where you want in the name an ID3 tag. - Rename multiple MP3 files in one click.
Size: 409.6 KB License: Shareware 
Keywords: Allowing - Application - Crossplatform - Easly - Files - Rename - Renamer - Smart

MP3 Sorter Added 1: June 21, 2007   
MP3 Sorter. Mp3 Manager Mp3 Organizer Mp3 Rename.
How can radio DJs so quickly find tracks when they need them? It's because all files are neatly arranged in folders and the favorite song can be found quickly. Prograce MP3 Sorter will help you quickly and easily arrange your collection of MP3 files. All files will be renamed to have the artist's name and the title of the track in their names and arranged in folders like this: "Artists\Album + Year". Try our powerful MP3 organizer and renamer for free.
Size: 2.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $24.95 
Keywords: Mp3 Manager - Mp3 Organizer - Mp3 Rename - Mp3 Sorter

Complete File Renamer 2.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Complete File Renamer. Batch Renamer File Renamer File Renaming.
Complete File Renamer is a multiple file renaming tool. It makes it easy to keep movie, music, image and other file's names consistent and organized. It comes with lots of renaming options, an integrated file browser, mp3 tag support, instant preview capabilities, and a user friendly one-two-three interface. This version of Complete File Renamer comes with a command line utility tool cmdren.exe, aka Command Line File Renamer 1.0. Using this utility you can write batch commands or scripts...
Size: 547.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Batch Renamer - File Renamer - File Renaming - Mp3 Renamer - Rename File - Rename Files - Renamer

Quick File Rename + MP3 Rename 3.0Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
Quick File Rename Personal Edition allows you to rename multiple files at once, just by dragging and dropping from an explorer window. It allows you to change the first letter to uppercase, change all letters to uppercase or lowercase, change the file extension, and advanced options which allow you to replace certain characters of your choice, the concatenation of characters, and the removal of characters.NEW in this version are advanced features such as Undo, Real-time Preview, DOS 8.3 file...
Size: 246.0 KB License: Freeware 

mp3Tag Pro 7.4Data Added 1: June 30, 2012   
mp3Tag Pro. Batch Rename Mp3 Download Album Art Download Id3 Tags.
Big audio collections are not easy to sort. If you have a significant number of sound files, you are likely to store them more or less in order. Otherwise it becomes hardly possible to know what is inside those music folders. mp3Tag Pro is a capable MP3 tag editor with powerful functions and user-friendly interface. It can automatically generate missing ID3 data (title, artist, album, year, genre, comments etc.) from parts of filenames and subfolder names. If MP3 file information is not...
Size: 5.1 MB License: Shareware Price: 24.95EUR 
Keywords: Batch Rename Mp3 - Download Album Art - Download Id3 Tags - Download Lyrics - Id3 Tag Editor - Id3 Tagger - Id3v1 To Id3v2 - Id3v2 To Id3v1 - Import Tags - Mp3 Renamer

Rename File 3.17Data Added 1: June 13, 2010   
Rename File. Batch Batch Rename Batch Rename File.
Rename File - How to Rename File? What is the best way to rename file? Rename multiple files with the best file renaming software. This program is designed to rename file of any type, automatically rename file in any bolder, batch rename file and just rename multiple files. All files will be organized, sorted and renamed to be in ideal order with the best file renaming software. Batch rename files, rename multiple files and rename file in batch mode with batch file renamer. All files will be...
Size: 18.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $39.95 
Keywords: Batch - Batch Rename - Batch Rename File - File - Multiple Rename File - Rename - Rename File - Rename File Batch - Rename Files Batch

The GodFather 0.80Data Added 1: June 01, 2012   
The GodFather. Mp3 Mp3 File Music.
Do you own mp3 files ? How about ogg, mpc, ape, flac, aac, apl, wv, mp4, ofr, spx or tta files ? Do you have a lot of them ? If yes, then you probably already know that it is easier to create a chaotic budge of files with strange names and in wrong locations than to have a clean and nice collection where every file is where it is supposed to be, with a perfect name and Tag information. Sounds like the truth... don't worry The GodFather is here to put order to chaos and put...
Size: 6.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Mp3 - Mp3 File - Music - Rename - Sound

MP3 Fox 4 14Data Added 1: May 10, 2012   
MP3 Fox. Id3v2 Tag Mp3 Mp3 Tag.
MP3Fox is easy to use, standard options will probably deliver the best results. Features * Rename multiple mp3 files using ID3v1 or ID3v2 tag * Fix filenames of mp3/wma files without tags intelligently Remove track numbers, fix upper/lower case, remove junk information, web adresses, ripper tags etc. * Custom your own renaming schemes * Edit ID3 Tags * Simulate the result before renaming the files * Save Artist and Title into tag...
Size: 614.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Id3v2 Tag - Mp3 - Mp3 Tag - Rename - Rename Mp3 - Tag

Rename Expert 5.3.0Data Added 1: May 09, 2013   
Rename Expert. Batch Rename Change Case Change Name.
With Rename Expert you can quickly and easily rename files and folders. As a batch file renamer, the program offers a variety of useful features to create meaningful names. For instance, you can automatically rename files using metadata (e.g., Exif and IPTC information to rename photos or ID3 tags to rename MP3 files). With this all-in-one renaming solution, it is possible to simultaneously rename folders along with subfolders and files (incl. network support). In addition to renaming, files...
Size: 6.8 MB License: Demo Price: 29.95EUR 
Keywords: Batch Rename - Change Case - Change Name - Exif - File Names - File Rename - Folder Names - Folder Rename - Insert - Number Files

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 27.45Data Added 1: October 05, 2020   
Zortam Mp3 Media Studio. Bpm Analyzer Cd Ripper Cover.
Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application suite. It has several modules such us Zortam Mp3 Auto Tagger, Mp3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, Mp3 Volume Normalizer, BPM (Beats Per Minute) Analyzer, CD Ripper, YouTube To Mp3 Converter, Mp3 to Wav converter. With Zortam Mp3 Media Studio you can batch auto tag your Mp3 files, rename Mp3 files using Mp3 tag information, write Mp3 Tags from a filename. Batch auto tagging process downloads automatically album art, lyrics and...
Size: 21.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Bpm Analyzer - Cd Ripper - Cover - Covers - Id3 Tag Editor - Id3 Tagger - Lyric - Mp3 Auto Tagger - Mp3 Id3 Tag Editor - Mp3 Manager

MP3-finder 1.4Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
MP3-finder is specifically designed utility for fast and easy mp3 files searching on your computer and local network. With mp3-finder you can:- Find mp3 files on your computer and LAN. - Find mp3 files by ID3v Tags information. - Sort results by one click. - Create and save results report in txt or csv format. - Play files in Winamp and create Winamp playlist. - Edit ID3v Tags information.- Rename mp3 by Tag info.
Size: 481.0 KB License: Freeware 

Advanced Renamer 3.11Data Added 1: August 07, 2011   
Advanced Renamer. Add Attributes Batch.
Advanced Renamer is a freeware program for naming a large batch of files or folders in a snap. It uses several methods for creating the new names and it has tools for multimedia files like photo and music files. This program makes it easy to set up an advanced batch job using multiple methods on a large group of files. The eight different methods makes it easy for you to change the names, attributes and timestamps of files in one go. With Advanced Renamer you can construct new file names...
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Add - Attributes - Batch - Case - Change Case - Change Name - Delete - File Rename - Insert - Mp3 Rename

MP3 renamer 2006 by MiKe Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
This shell script allows the renaming of MP3 files in a directory according to their id3 (v1 or v2) tag. This uses id2v2 and is command line based, while allowing very easy using, it has a great outuput! Simple, Fast, Useful! It renames mp3 files according to ID3v1 or id3v2 tags. Great for mass renaming of mp3s in both UNIX and LINUX. Plus, it's FREE! Unix name -> rename-mp3. MP3 Renamer 2006 by MiKe.
Size: 4.0 KB License: Freeware 

LuJoSoft MP3Renamer 1.0.0Data Added 1: May 24, 2011   
LuJoSoft MP3Renamer. Filenames Generating Mp3.
This program lets you browse to a specified directory, and rename any MP3s you want there to match their ID3 tags. It does error checking for invalid characters in the filenames, duplicate filenames, and MP3s where the entire tag is missing.
Size: 923.9 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Filenames - Generating - Mp3 - Rename

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