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PrivateTunnel VPN Client -

Private Tunnel is pleased to release their unique VPN client to access their free and premium VPN services.

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ITC Server for Linux 1.5Data Added 1: October 27, 2013   
ITC Server is an Internet server with traffic control. Built in mail server, VPN server, Firewall. All with WEB administration panel. Easy to install and use! You do not need to know linux at all, ITC Server installs automatically! Installation takes only 10 minutes and you get real internet server with traffic control, firewall, AD integration and much more! All this for very low price and with full technical support!
Size: 10.2 KB License: Shareware 
Keywords: Administration - Built - Control - Firewall - Installation - Installs - Integration - Internet - Itc - Itc Server

ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0Data Added 1: November 23, 2010   
ViPNet OFFICE. Encryption Firewall Internet Security.
ViPNet OFFICE is an IP VPN and it provides secure client-to-client encryption so that mobile workers, home workers, and remote offices can communicate securely over the Internet with a staff at work directly and central VPN gateway. ViPNet OFFICE is designed as unique client-to-client or client-to-site VPN software with build-in secure business applications: encrypted Instant Messaging (IM), encrypted file exchange, build-in mail system - a stand-alone solution for a standard e-mail...
Size: 61.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $255 
Keywords: Encryption - Firewall - Internet Security - Personal Firewall - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Gateway - Vpn Server - Vpn Software

ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN) 1.0Data Added 1: September 26, 2012   
ViPNet OFFICE 2.2.0(EN). Encryption Firewall Internet Security.
ViPNet OFFICE is an IP VPN and it provides secure client-to-client encryption so that mobile workers, home workers, and remote offices can communicate securely over the Internet with a staff at work directly and central VPN gateway. ViPNet OFFICE is designed as unique client-to-client or client-to-site VPN software with build-in secure business applications: encrypted Instant Messaging (IM), encrypted file exchange, build-in mail system - a stand-alone solution for a standard e-mail...
Size: 61.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $255 
Keywords: Encryption - Firewall - Internet Security - Personal Firewall - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Gateway - Vpn Server - Vpn Software

WooGamble Free VPN Browser Added 1: August 21, 2014   
WooGamble Free VPN Browser. Free Vpn Free Vpn Browser Freevpn.
VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology creates a secure tunnel between your PC and one of our servers. The tunnel encrypts all user's Internet traffic (including all applications' traffic) and hides user's IP address by replacing it with the IP address of our server. VPN service will become an assistant for those who care about their safety and anonymity and those who don't want to share their personal data with their ISP's and those websites they visit. If you carry on any commercial...
Size: 39.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Vpn - Free Vpn Browser - Freevpn - Freevpnbrowser - Vpn - Vpn Browser - Vpnbrowser

ViPNet TUNNEL 2.8.11 SP4Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
ViPNet TUNNEL. Encryption Firewall Internet Security.
If you are looking for how to secure your Internet traffic between two or more offices, ViPNet TUNNEL is the best choice for you. It can be install in minutes and has a 45-days demo trial period, when you can check all required configuration. ViPNet technology has not any complaints on secure issues since it built in 1991. ViPNet TUNNEL is designed for making protected virtual private networks between offices or LANs to communicate confidentially over a public network, like Internet or...
Size: 27.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $255 
Keywords: Encryption - Firewall - Internet Security - Personal Firewall - Remote Access - Virtual Private Network - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Gateway - Vpn Server

Privacy Scanner 1.0Data Added 1: June 10, 2012   
PrivacyScanner is part of PrivacyProtector project. PrivacyProtector is safe private network without a way to block - unlike any VPN gateway or proxy based service. Our Privacy Scanner shows how important information about You are being collected by various websites. You can see all sensitive info at a glance including Your IP address, operating system and browser model, even history of recently viewed pages. Your every click leaves a lasting impression on the visited servers. On this basis,...
Size: 1.3 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Remote Access - Secure Virtual Private Network - Set Up A Vpn - Set Up Virtual Private Network - Virtual Private Network Connection - Vpn Connection - Vpn For Free - Vpn Server - Vpn Software - Vpn Tunnel

iPIG Secure Access VPN Server 1.00Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
iPIG Secure Access VPN Server. 802 11 A B G Aes Encryption.
Set up a VPN server in less than 1 minute. Free client software. Using powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology, the iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPIG) creates a secure "tunnel" that protects your inbound and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network. iPIG shields your data from even the most sophisticated methods of online spying and snooping like the "Evil twin attacks". In addition, your sensitive information is not only...
Size: 641.5 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: 802 11 A B G - Aes - Encryption - Hotspot - Network - Open - Proxy - Public Hotspot - Secure Access - Security

IAS Reporting 3.41Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
IAS Reporting. Analysis Country Ias.
FactotumNOW IAS Reporting imports IAS/RRAS (Microsoft VPN) log files through an engine that can be installed onto the VPN/IAS server. IAS (Microsoft® Internet Authentication Service) statistics are then updated automatically every two minutes. Reports can be viewed through a comfortable console and exported to Microsoft Excel (if installed). The report viewer can be run remotely from any desktop on the network or on the IAS/RRAS server directly. FactotumNOW IAS Reporting allows you to...
Size: 56.6 MB License: Shareware Price: $189 
Keywords: Analysis - Country - Ias - Identity - Import - Ip - Log - Monitoring - Protection - Resolution

UserGate proxy server 4.2Data Added 1: October 21, 2007   
UserGate proxy server. Antispyware Protection Antivirus Protection Caching.
UserGate is a gateway server solution providing extremely secure Internet connection sharing and complete traffic control that now includes Panda and Kaspersky antivirus protection. Both the Panda and Kaspersky antivirus engines are fully integrated into UserGate Proxy. This solution is very efficient for setting up Internet access for small and medium size networks. UserGate is easily managed, does not require special qualifications and can be set up in minutes. UserGate 4.2 has many...
Size: 7.5 MB License: Shareware Price: 58EUR 
Keywords: Antispyware Protection - Antivirus Protection - Caching - Content Filtering - Dual Antivirus Scan - Firewall Software - Ftp - Internet Connection Sharing - Kaspersky Antivirus - Panda Antivirus

Bart VPN 1.0Data Added 1: December 10, 2012   
Bart VPN. Anonymous Browsing Anonymous Web Surfing Hide Your Ip.
A VPN encrypts your internet traffic, making your online activities impossible to intercept by any anonymous or evesdroppers (especially useful when connected to insecure networks such as public WiFi hotspots). There are two types of protocoles the safe connection can run over: User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) transport. Once connected to a Bart VPN server, your online identity will be masked behind one of our anonymous IP addresses. Servers available for...
Size: 12.9 MB License: Shareware Price: 9.99EUR 
Keywords: Anonymous Browsing - Anonymous Web Surfing - Hide Your Ip - Mask Your Ip - Vpn - Vpn Service

Globus VPN Browser Added 1: September 23, 2014   
Globus VPN Browser. Free Vpn Free Vpn Browser Freevpn.
By doing so, you will be able access certain website not available in a certain region, thanks to connection redirection to dedicated server that can access that website. Besides, you can keep your personal data private, as ISP providers will not be able to collect information about you. A powerful and secure browser application with user-friendly interface Globus VPN Browser helps you maintain an anonymous status when browsing the Internet by using VPN technology in order to connect your...
Size: 38.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Vpn - Free Vpn Browser - Freevpn - Freevpnbrowser - Vpn - Vpn Browser - Vpnbrowser VPN for iOS 1.4Data Added 1: April 20, 2016 VPN for iOS. Apple Vpn Free Vpn Hide Ip.
World's most trusted VPN provider,, with over 3 million users now offers newly enhanced VPN Apps for all Devices and Operating systems with Free VPN. iOS app offers a life time free plan which can be renewed infinite times. The free plan come with a 500 MB data transfer limit for two weeks. The app is designed to be extremely user friendly and you don't even need to register/sign up. Just download the app and start using it. VPN offers 100+ servers in 24 different...
Size: 12.5 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Apple Vpn - Free Vpn - Hide Ip - Vpn - Vpn For Ios - Vpn For Iphone - Vpn For Mobiles

Barracuda Home Server 3.3Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Barracuda Home Server. Asp Chat Http File Manager.
BarracudaDrive - Home Server is a free Web-Server for personal use. BarracudaDrive includes many advanced features such as a Web File Manager, WebDAV, HTTPS tunnel, an advanced server side scripting language, games, etc. Barracuda includes Lua Server Pages, an easy to use scripting language for designing Database-Driven Web Sites. Lua Server Pages, or LSP for short, follows the PHP syntax, and the server side HTML tags start with . With BarracudaDrive, you can...
Size: 2.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Asp - Chat - Http File Manager - Https - Https Tunnel - Jsp - Lsp - Lua - Network File System - Peer To Peer

BizVNN 3.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
BizVNN. Remote Access Vpn .
Server-less and peer to peer VPN based on NAT traversal (RFC-3489). VNN is useful for the users in different branch offices to use their LAN based applications across the Internet without requiring them to reconfigure their routers or firewalls. They can run the applications just as they are on the local area network. When users with VNN software running on their PCs, based on VNN's virtualized LAN, the users will see a new subnet IP address on their PC. Each user's PC will be given a fixed...
Size: 3.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $30 
Keywords: Remote Access - Vpn

FileWay Free 3Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
FileWay Free. Exchange 2003 Exchange Server Isa Server.
Secure Document Access from Everywhere, An Essential Business Continuity Solution Download, upload, email, edit, view and manage documents, directories from any browser. An MS server based solution provides scaleable access to your orgs file servers. Interfaces to corporate portals, Outlook Web Access, Sharepoint, and other web apps. FileWay Free comes licensed for 3 users, to use at you like. Its used by orgs from 10 to over 100,000 users. Additional users maybe purchased at any time....
Size: 32.0 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Exchange 2003 - Exchange Server - Isa Server - Outlook Web Access - Owa - Remote Access - Remote File Access - Sharepoint - Ssl Remote Access - Vpn

Ken Messenger Server 5.0.2Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Ken Messenger Server. Application Applications Business.
Ken Messenger Server the Instant Messenger Server working with our IM Ken Messenger. Ken Messenger is a professional Instant Messaging software system based on the client/server principle. It allows companies, organisations, institutions and dispersed workgroups to create and control their own private messaging network without having to use and depend on public IM servers. Ken Messenger Server is probably the only IM server that can be installed by anyone within less than 15 min. Its...
Size: 9.6 MB License: Demo 
Keywords: Application - Applications - Business - Chat - Chatrooms - Chatting - Collaborating - Collaboration - College - Colleges

PA Server Monitor 4.0Data Added 1: April 02, 2011   
PA Server Monitor. Directory Change Monitor Disk Space Monitor Email Alerts.
PA Server Monitor is a Windows service that monitors the health and availability of Windows servers, network services (on Windows, Linux and other operating systems), and devices. No agents are needed to monitor remote servers. Also includes rich reporting on most monitored resources. PA Server Monitor can watch: * Event logs on local and remote Windows servers * Ping response times * CPU and memory usage * Free local and server disk space * Changed files and directories...
Size: 34.3 MB License: Demo Price: $99 
Keywords: Directory Change Monitor - Disk Space Monitor - Email Alerts - Event Log Monitor - File Change Monitor - Pager Alert - Performance Counters - Ping Monitor - Reboot Server - Restart Service

Network Time System 2.0.1Data Added 1: March 14, 2013   
Network Time System. Atomic Client Correct.
Network Time System provides a solution to system time maintenance problems. This powerful client/server software enables you to set up a virtually fail-safe synchronized time environment for networks of any size and complexity, from small office networks (LAN) to those maintained at large enterprises (VPN, VLAN, WAN), from single site networks to those including numerous domains and involving complex routing techniques. Network Time System allows the creation of a custom source of precise...
Size: 17.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $230 
Keywords: Atomic - Client - Correct - Lan - Network - Ntp - Server - Sntp - Sync - Time

Linux VPN Masquerade Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
Linux VPN Masquerade allows you to use an IPSec or PPTP VPN host (client or server) behind a Linux masquerading firewall.. Linux VPN Masquerade.
Size: 24.0 KB License: Freeware 

VoIP SIP Server SDK 2.1.3Data Added 1: July 23, 2010   
VoIP SIP Server SDK. Activex Audio Components.
VoIP SIP Server SDK provides a powerful and highly customizable API solution based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to quickly add SIP based server features to your application or to build new one from scratch. It accelerates the development of Session Initiation Protocol compliant server (registrar) with a fully-customizable user interface and brand name. This SIP API contains a high performance SIP conferencing Server capable of delivering crystal clear sound even for both low and...
Size: 89.7 KB License: Shareware Price: $499 
Keywords: Activex - Audio - Components - Conference - Dll - Library - Sdk - Server - Sip - Voicemail

Fastream IQ Proxy Server 6.5.0RData Added 1: September 30, 2011   
Fastream IQ Proxy Server. Content Filter Ddos Firewall Gzip Accelerator.
IQ Proxy Server is a robust and secure content/transparent/reverse proxy server solution for Windows. Both filtering and caching content and transparent proxy with kernel-mode NAT/PAT and securing and accelerating reverse proxy with SSL offloading and per domain URL rewrite support as well as DDoS and country firewalls. Latest version includes SYN attack protection. Solid Reasons to Choose Fastream IQ Proxy Server to Secure & Accelerate Your Web Site and Share & Accelerate LAN Connection...
Size: 8.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $79 
Keywords: Content Filter - Ddos Firewall - Gzip Accelerator - Proxy Server Software - Reverse Proxy Server - Server Failover - Ssl Offload - Syn Flood Protection - Url Rewrite - Web Cache

Hirouter 8.1Data Added 1: September 29, 2010   
Hirouter. Firewall Flow Control Network Management.
HiRouter free routing software is a stand-along operating system based on the Linux x86 kernel, it can be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features- routing, firewall, VPN server, QoS and more. These features cater to the network management of some groups, such as cafe bar, company, net bar, SOHO and more. Main Features Of HiRouter Routing Software Network Solutions: * Support DNS/IP/URL/Keyword filtering to prevent from malicious Web sites &...
Size: 58.6 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Firewall - Flow Control - Network Management - Router - Router Software - Routing Software - Vpn

TrueConf Server 4.1.0Data Added 1: October 08, 2013   
TrueConf Server. Company Group Conferences Svc.
Software-based video conferencing server TrueConf Server is designed for group videoconferencing for up to 250 participants in the private networks (LAN/VPN) and over the Internet. Full HD (1080p) format is available. Video conferencing software TrueConf Server is a unified communications platform, providing the support of client applications on popular platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS. Collaboration tools such as virtual whiteboard, presentations and desktop demonstration,...
Size: 70.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $1595 
Keywords: Company - Group Conferences - Svc - Unified Communications - Video Conferencing Software - Videoconferencing Server - Webrtc

KeenVPN 1.0Data Added 1: September 23, 2012   
KeenVPN. Hide Ip Online Security Vpn.
Nowadays, there are so many kinds of online attack. When you surf internet, your personal information and your activity could be monitored and stolen. KeenVPN provides secure tunnel to give your more protection. All your internet activity go through our VPN servers. Besides this, KeenVPN could also be used to hide your IP address. The others would think your come from other countries. How KeenVPN works? When you select a VPN server from our VPN server list(US, UK and DE), your network...
Size: 2.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $39.95 
Keywords: Hide Ip - Online Security - Vpn

VPN Watcher 1 4Data Added 1: May 26, 2012   
VPN Watcher. Connection Monitoring Network.
VPN Watcher prevents controlled applications from sending any data to network while established VPN connection is down. FULL version suspends applications instead of closing and enables you to run controlled applications with command line arguments. This can be usefull to work with many applications like MetaTrader, Poker, Remote Desktop, online games etc. The "Advanced checking" feature adds additional checking, if the VPN server is reacheable, every 1 second to detect the connection loss...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Connection - Monitoring - Network - Secure - Vpn

VyprVPN for Windows Added 1: February 02, 2021   
VyprVPN for Windows. Download Vpn Free Vpn Free Vpn For Windows.
The VyprVPN for Windows application automatically configures and simplifies managing your VPN connections. The cutting-edge VyprVPN apps are faster, easier-to-use, and more stable and intuitive than any other free VPN app available! Switch freely between 50+ global server locations and multiple VPN protocols with a single click. The VyprVPN apps feature a sleek and intuitive look and feel, with powerful new features and customization options. Unlike most free VPN providers, VyprVPN is not an...
Size: 10.7 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Download Vpn - Free Vpn - Free Vpn For Windows - Free Windows Vpn - Internet Privacy - Internet Security - Online Privacy - Personal Vpn - Vpn - Vpn For Windows

VyprVPN for Mac Added 1: February 23, 2021   
VyprVPN for Mac. Free Mac Vpn Free Vpn Free Vpn For Mac.
The VyprVPN for Mac application automatically configures and simplifies managing your VPN connections on your desktop and laptop devices. Switch freely between 40+ global server locations and multiple VPN protocols with a single click. VyprVPN also offers cutting-edge apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices. The VyprVPN apps feature a sleek and intuitive look and feel, with powerful new features and customization options. The apps are faster, easier-to-use, and more stable and intuitive...
Size: 29.8 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Mac Vpn - Free Vpn - Free Vpn For Mac - Internet Privacy - Internet Security - Mac - Mac Vpn - Online Privacy - Personal Vpn - Vpn

PrivacyProtectorGVN 2.1Data Added 1: June 10, 2013   
PrivacyProtectorGVN. Access Blocked Sites Bypass Firewalls Free Vpn.
PrivacyProtectorGVN is a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) client, which, unlike the other VPN services available on the market, does not need central server(s). This significantly increases the user's protection against private data loss, identity theft or interception of information. Using this type of solution allows for a number of unique features such as, temporary changes in the IP (e.g. for watching videos on the web), handling blocked access to certain sites (such as censorship in...
Size: 1.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Access Blocked Sites - Bypass Firewalls - Free Vpn - Private Browsing - Security Shield - Virtual Private Network - Vpn - Vpn Client

Iwasel Mac 0.31Data Added 1: August 17, 2013   
Iwasel Mac. Mac Vpn Mac Vpn Client Mac Vpn Server.
Iwasel Mac, one of the most trusted and reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) services for personal and business use, now supports your Macintosh devices using Stealth VPN technology. Your favorite VPN service for Mac is now available for the wide public. Connect to our high speed, stable servers in 4 easy steps: Download, Install, Login - RUN We always do our best to make things easier for you. No more setups. Just download our application, install it on your device, login and...
Size: 12.1 MB License: Demo 
Keywords: Mac Vpn - Mac Vpn Client - Mac Vpn Server - Machintosh Vpn - Macintosh Vpn Setup - Macintosh Vpn Software - Unblock Vpn Mac - Vpn For Mac

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