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LangPad - Spanish Characters - 1.1

LangPad - Spanish Characters provides an easy way to insert Spanish language characters and symbols into your WordPad and Notepad text. Click the mouse on a character or symbol in the chart, and it will be inserted into your text.

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Current Version: 1.1
Release Date: Dec 1, 2003
License: Shareware
Price: $7
Downloads: 69

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Zen Cart Spanish Language Pack 1.5.04Data Added 1: April 29, 2012   
EspaA±ol, Spanish Language Pack for Zen Cart 1.5. Latest corrections here:
Size: 572.5 KB License: Freeware 

Learn Spanish Language with Flash Cards 1.0Data Added 1: September 01, 2014   
Learn Spanish Language with Flash Cards. .
Learn words using photos and words definitions, set up notification center and you will receive 3 or 6 words per day (depend on your choice) on homescreen of your device. Use the best method with Flash Cards to study Spanish Language vocabulary. This application allows you to learn the basic Spanish language word list for beginners! Learn Spanish and build your vocabulary with photos, definitions and transcriptions. Study the lesson and check yourself. Watch pictures and...
Size: 8.4 MB License: Freeware 

Spanish Whiz 7.2Data Added 1: October 07, 2008   
The Spanish Whiz program contains most of the common vocabulary and verbs which exist in the Spanish language while making an extra effort to give you practice in typical problem areas such as ser and estar, por and para, prepositions, the imperative forms, the subjunctive and idiomatic expressions. You can test yourself in both multiple choice and fill-in question format with the more than 35,000 ready-made questions, and you can make your own word lists. As well as including a dictionary...
Size: 2.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 

Programa de Restaurante Profesional 3 7Data Added 1: April 17, 2012   
Programa de Restaurante Profesional. Espaa Ol Pos Espaa Ol Restaurant Pos Point Of Sale Software Spanish Restaurant Point Of Sale.
Programa de Restaurante Profesional is a restaurant software application in 100% Spanish language. Perfect for restaurant owners who does not want to hire English speaking employees to use the restaurant POS computer software. Programa de Restaurante Profesional (or PRP) is a complete spanish language restaurant point of sale (POS) software and store management software solution. It manages your restaurant operation from the front desk to the back end of your operations, from the cashier all...
Size: 16.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $175 
Keywords: Espaa Ol Pos - Espaa Ol Restaurant Pos Point Of Sale Software - Spanish Restaurant Point Of Sale - Spanish Restaurant Point-of-sale Pos - Spanish Restaurant Pos - Spanish Restaurant Pos Software - Spanish Restaurant Program - Spanish Restaurant Software

Flexionizer Spanish Added 1: August 03, 2012   
Flexionizer Spanish. Conjugate Conjugation Espanol.
Flexionizer is a modern software to learn and to look up verb conjugations. The databases of Flexionizer provide a spanish verb library containing more than 600 entries of verbs. Thus, Flexionizer is intended to all those who learn the spanish language. Conjugations of verbs? Lets remember ...: "Yo soy..., tAs eres...,el / ella es ...". Well, if that would be all, the spanish Presente, it would be easy. But verbs and their tenses and modes are more complex than we would like. Verbs are a...
Size: 23.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $18 
Keywords: Conjugate - Conjugation - Espanol - Grammar - Language - Lections - Lessons - Spanisch - Spanish - Verb

Learn Spanish Verbs 2.20130918Data Added 1: June 07, 2014   
Learn Spanish Verbs. .
Nail the most common verbs on your Spanish quizzes and in everyday Spanish language. Drill yourself on Spanish verbs MORE EFFICIENTLY than with any other app on iTunes. Applying the latest in cognitive science, Brainscape repeats conjugations in the optimal pattern of repetition until you have truly internalized them. Rather than creating frivolous games or distracting quizzes to try to make learning fun,
Size: 13.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $6.99 

Spanish Flashcards with Pictures Lite 1.4Data Added 1: October 10, 2014   
Spanish Flashcards with Pictures Lite. .
Spanish Flashcards with Pictures Lite helps you learn Spanish faster by using flashcards with pictures. - Learn over 30 most commonly used words in the English / Spanish language from A to Z - Browse available words in the database - Search for a specific word's flashcard - Refresh how to pronounce a word in Spanish
Size: 20.9 MB License: Freeware 

Spanish Pretati - Speak Spanish with Audio Translation 2.0Data Added 1: May 16, 2014   
Spanish Pretati - Speak Spanish with Audio Translation. .
The Spanish Pretati app is great for foreign travelers and those wanting to learn how to speak the Spanish language. The app has over 500 commonly used phrases grouped in 10 different categories including Basics, Getting Around, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Shopping & Money, Meeting People and other Useful Words. Designed for everyone wanting to get around in Mexico or Central America, learn or communicate in Spanish, the apps easy search features,...
Size: 43.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Spanish Audio Dictionary 1.0Data Added 1: October 20, 2014   
Spanish Audio Dictionary. .
Spanish Audio Dictionary is the ultimate tool for learning and translating the spanish language. Spanish Audio Dictionary allows you to quickly, and easily locate the most common used words in speech in english and instantly be able to read the translation and listen to the spanish audio recordings of that word on your mobile device. Featuring over 700 of the most commonly used words, Spanish Audio Dictionary is the perfect app for those learning spanish, or for those who need a quick audio...
Size: 4.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Spanish Phrases 2.0Data Added 1: January 04, 2014   
Spanish Phrases. .
Learn over 50 extremely useful and fun Spanish Phrases. A must for anyone traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or for a beginning student of the Spanish language.
Size: 8.9 MB License: Freeware 

Spanish Keyboard 1.1Data Added 1: January 21, 2014   
Spanish Keyboard. .
Spanish Keyboard is specially developed and designed for those who want to write SMS and E-mail in their native language Spanish. Through this application, the user can be able to update their status on Facebook in Spanish language and can tweet in Spanish as well on twitter. The user can save name in contact list by typing in status board, copy and then paste in Contact list. Features of Spanish Keyboard..... - This Application enjoys four sorts of Keyboards e.g. Standard,...
Size: 9.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

L-Lingo Learn Spanish Now 5.32Data Added 1: July 26, 2014   
L-Lingo Learn Spanish Now. .
You don't have to know anything about the Spanish language to use L-Lingo Spanish to equip yourself to converse in Spanish. L-Lingo is designed to be easy to use. It exploits multimedia channels - words, recordings of native speech, and pictures - to enable you to grasp new words and phrases useful on the road, when mingling with native speakers, in day-to-day or family life, and when working. - Thousands of words and sentences -all visualized with images - Full...
Size: 92.8 MB License: Freeware 

BookBox Spanish 3.0Data Added 1: March 15, 2014   
BookBox Spanish. .
(Not compatible with iOS7) BookBox brings you animated stories in spanish language with a scientifically proven read along feature. Watch your kids have fun while they are subconsciously improving on their reading and language learning skills. Available in: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi.
Size: 18.5 MB License: Freeware 

Easy Mailer Spanish Keyboard 2.0.0Data Added 1: August 31, 2014   
Easy Mailer Spanish Keyboard. .
Type messages in Spanish easier and faster with our extended keys for the your iPhone/iPod Spanish keyboard. NOTE1: Make sure you have your Spanish language keyboard selected in your iPhone. NOTE2: The extension keys only work in this application. Please check out "Easy URL Keyboard FREE" first. ***************************************************** SPECIAL FEATURES * Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing
Size: 2.4 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Linguatrivia Spanish 1.01Data Added 1: March 10, 2014   
Linguatrivia Spanish. .
Put your Spanish knowledge to the test with this interactive quiz, based on Linguascope's Linguatrivia competition. With a bank of hundreds of questions on Spanish language, culture, geography and more, this app will put you through your paces whether you are revising for a test at school or college, or just want to practise and improve your Spanish. As an added incentive, your correct answers will enable the little runner to jump the hurdles successfully - whereas incorrect answers leave him...
Size: 1.7 MB License: Shareware Price: $2.99 

Spanish Flirt Generator and Quiz 1.0Data Added 1: January 07, 2014   
Spanish Flirt Generator and Quiz. .
The Spanish language has a rich vocabulary of flirtations and amorous phrases. Learn Spanish and with one touch send a flirt by email. The fastest way to learn Spanish may be by flirting. More than 100 flirtatious phrases. Also includes 300 verbs, 40 adjectives, and 30 anatomy terms relating to flirts. As a bonus includes common phrases used in a "Spanish lovers quarrel." Includes multiple-choice quiz with Spanish and English translations, flashcards,...
Size: 614.4 KB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

TEIMSI Script Language Compiler 0.95Data Added 1: February 28, 2015   
TEIMSI Script Language Compiler. Application Compiler Javascript.
The TEIMSI Script Language Compiler let you create applications or dynamic link libraries for Windows(R) Operating Systems. Learn about professional programming and have a better understanding of the computers language with the TEIMSI compiler, it contains sample projects and a complete documentation to create computer applications and tools. It's also available in Spanish language.
Size: 7.5 MB License: Shareware Price: $59.95 
Keywords: Application - Compiler - Javascript - Script - Software - Teimsi

Compose text by letters 8Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Use you mouse for restore initial text. Online exercises for students of English as a Foreign Language, practicing grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Welcome to the Spanish Language Exercises web page. Language Exercises. Welcome to our website of French self-correcting exercises. We were learning to be penetrating, to discern ”hidden meanings”; and we devoured. now Germany (where they compose stories and dispatches, editorials
Size: 26.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Learning Games

Polynom 1.0Data Added 1: May 02, 2012   
Polynom. .
Spanish-language PHP application dedicated to graph polynomial functions.
Size: 1.9 KB License: Freeware 

Sol y Mar Magazine 1.2Data Added 1: November 01, 2014   
Sol y Mar Magazine. .
Sol y Mar Magazine, Bimonthly Magazine. Published in English and Spanish language. Each issue of Sol y Mar Magazine includes information about tourism, sport fishing, waterfront properties and maritime industry innovations among other things that are entertaining, informative and interesting to our reader. Tap, swipe, and zoom your way into Sol y Mar Magazine, now available by subscription for your iPad
Size: 4.5 MB License: Freeware 

KLOQ Radio Lobo 98.7 FM 1.0.6099Data Added 1: March 14, 2014   
KLOQ Radio Lobo 98.7 FM. .
Radio Lobo is Merced Countys dominant Spanish-language radio station playing the best music in the Regional Mexican format, in the Central Valley. Radio Lobo plays a carefully researched Regional Mexican format, offering only the most recognized and popular artists such as: Joan Sebastian, Banda El Recodo, Intocable, Larry Hernandez, Vicente Fernandez, La Arrolladora, Banda Limy
Size: 7.4 MB License: Freeware 

KOXR La Mexicana 910 AM 1.0Data Added 1: June 13, 2014   
KOXR La Mexicana 910 AM. .
KOXR 910 AM the oldest Spanish language station in Ventura County, acquired in 1998, with a Mexican regional format.
Size: 8.0 MB License: Freeware 

SpeedVel 1.0Data Added 1: March 28, 2014   
SpeedVel. .
This application can measure your current speed and display it in several graphical formats. It is available in English and Spanish language.
Size: 2.0 MB License: Freeware 

Matias the rebellious Chick Premium - Brainy Fables 1.0Data Added 1: March 14, 2014   
Matias the rebellious Chick Premium - Brainy Fables. .
In the world of Matias, children will have an opportunity to discover and practice English/Spanish language with games and a karaoke video song, while learning life skills for todays kids (value what we have and beware of bad influences).
Size: 110.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Amigos Spanish 4.5Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Amigos Spanish. Education Language Learn.
Learn Spanish with the Amigos Spanish verb program. Amigos Spanish helps you practice verb conjugation using tests and puzzles, including anagrams, word search puzzles, crosswords puzzles and more. Fun and easy to use. Amigos Spanish provides the repetition needed for you to quickly gain confidence using Spanish verbs in different tenses. The program is designed for learning at all levels of expertise - everything is fully selectable, whatever your level and knowledge. The program...
Size: 976.6 KB License: Shareware Price: $25 
Keywords: Education - Language - Learn - Learning - Spanish - Verbs

English-Spanish Travel Phrase Book 5.2Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
The English-Spanish talking phrasebook for Sharp Zaurus is easier to use than regular dictionary, although it does not replace it. Optimized for travelers and talking in perfect Spanish, this is the kind of tool you want to have within reach on the streets of Madrid! 1 Dont miss the chance to start learning a new language, be able to find your way, ask for help or even score a date!. BEIKS LLC, publisher of language, medical and other dictionaries and specialized tools and references for...
Size: 359.0 KB License: Demo Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Beiks - Blackberry - Book - Business - Clie Software - Dictionary - Ebookman Software - English - English Dictionary Palm - English-spanish Travel Phrase Book 5 2

Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture for iPad 1.3Data Added 1: October 11, 2014   
Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture for iPad. .
*** 50% OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER *** Not Even Apple Imagined a Developer Could Do THIS with an Application! Introducing the ultimate language learning application! Are you ready to learn Spanish on your iPad in just minutes a day? You are about to experience the evolution of language learning! Never before has learning to speak Spanish been so fun, fast or easy. You'll be speaking Spanish within just minutes of the very first lesson, and our...
Size: 141.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $9.99 

PageFocus Draw 3.90Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
PageFocus Draw. Art Curved Text Double-byte.
An easy-to-use, yet powerful drawing, and desktop publishing program. Supports multiple page document, spell-check, vector drawing, import and export of image and PDF files, multi-column and curved text, and tables. Works seamlessly with open source Ghostscript for importing and exporting PDF files. The program has library management and project management functions for managing your creations. Great for creating brochures, e-book, graphics, labels, forms and pattern graphics. Supports...
Size: 3.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $35 
Keywords: Art - Curved Text - Double-byte - Draw - Drawing - English And Spanish Language Spell-checking - Graphics - Line - Multi-language - Pagefocus

Astronomy Dictionaries 1.0Data Added 1: February 22, 2010   
Astronomy Terms Dictionaries collection: English-German-English English-French-English English-Italian-English English-Spanish-English. BEIKS LLC, publisher of language, medical and other dictionaries and specialized tools and references for mobile platforms! Get your Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Symbian or Linux dictionary here!. Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry and Symbian language and professional dictionaries and references. BEIKS develops and publishes essential applications for mobile...
Size: 218.0 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Astronomy - Astronomy Dictionaries - Astronomy Dictionaries 1 0 - Astronomy Terms Dictionaries - Beiks - Blackberry - Business - Clie Software - Dictionaries - Dictionary

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