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RGBTester - 1.0.1

A utility for testing what RGB colours look like on various devices

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Current Version: 1.0.1
License: Freeware
Downloads: 27

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Klisp, a kernel look-like lisp machine 1.0Data Added 1: August 06, 2013   
Klisp, a kernel look-like lisp virtual machine GNU General Public License (GPL)
Size: License: Freeware 

Look Like 1.0.1Data Added 1: September 01, 2014   
Look Like. .
Look Like - helping young women of fashion in choosing an image on a given day / event, as well as "the answer" to the infinite and the everyday woman's question: "What should I wear today?" Do you want to create a unique and stylish way? Would you like to find a standard that will add a spectacular outfit from the existing wardrobe? In this case, it's time to turn to our application - we will help you determine the order which you today!
Size: 22.5 MB License: Freeware 

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0Data Added 1: August 20, 2012   
Windows 8 Transformation Pack. Pack Transformation Transformation Pack.
Windows 8 Transformation Pack will convert your XP, Vista or Windows 7 based system to look like Windows 8 and some of its features emulated. You don't have to purchase Windows 8 or any 3rd-party applications to get Windows 8 UI experiences. This transformation pack will simply make it done for you for free! It's been a long time since last formidable release of Seven Transformation Pack. There isn't much we can do but wait patiently for something better to inspire us to work...
Size: 58.4 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Pack - Transformation - Transformation Pack - Windows 8 - Windows 8 Look - Windows 8 Transformation Pack

1370 professional icons - vista icons style 1.0Data Added 1: June 27, 2012   
1370 professional icons - vista icons style. Application Icons Game Icons Icons For Develiopers.
Introducing a completely fresh new style full of bright, vivid and vibrant colors that make each icon look like it is finished with real materials, as an example of this you will find in seven style icons with a perfect mix of colors put togheter along with a front view in order to accomplish a real look.This eye catching realistic stock contains very detailed icons that will help you to enhance any kind of application.
Size: 19.1 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Application Icons - Game Icons - Icons For Develiopers - Professional Icons - Professional Web Icons - Sftware Icons - Vista Icons - Windows Vista Icons

Look-A-Like 3.90Data Added 1: July 17, 2014   
Look-A-Like. .
Have you ever been told you look like a celeb? You really do! Prove it by using our app based on face recognition, Look-A-Like. +++Featured in Big App Show with Adam Curry** "Pretty cool app. Great for a cocktail party as a conversation starter."+++ Look-A-Like will help you to discover your twins within celebrities. All you have to do is to choose one of your pics or take new photo and the application will find your famous look alikes. Features
Size: 4.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

AIButton 1.1Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
AIButton. .net Button C#.
AIButton provides developers with an extended Windows Button component with new features for a stylish Microsoft Office or Vista look. The AIButton component is directly derived from Windows.Forms.Button to give you all the standard features of Button with our blending styles thrown in. Using AIButton gives your applications that professional touch with minimal effort. Change your applications from the tired old System colours and bring your .Net applications into the Vista world! This...
Size: 488.3 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: .net - Button - C# - Component - Delphi - Free - Net - Office - Vb - Vista

Realistic Icons Collection 3.5Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Realistic Icons Collection. Icon Icons Stock Icons.
In our era of visual user interfaces, icons have become an essential component of software, help files, web sites, on-line publications and more. Hiring an icon artist is not an easy task. It's not a problem if you can hire a skilled full time artist. But, unfortunately, only large IT companies can afford this. The rest of us have to rely on casual contractors. When ordering custom icon designs from a freelancer, you never know just how "custom" the results will be. According to our...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $299 
Keywords: Icon - Icons - Stock Icons - Vista Icons - Xp Icons

Classic Menu for Office 2010 5.00Data Added 1: March 24, 2012   
Classic Menu for Office 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 Office 2010 Office 2010 Classic Menu.
Classic User Interface: With Classic Menu for Office 2010, you will enjoy the old look of Office 2003, Office XP and Office 2000. It shows classic menus and toolbars on the ribbon of Microsoft Office 2010, and brings back the classic view and old interface. It makes Office 2010 look like 2003, XP and 2000. Save Money and Time on Training: It is very easy to deploy the software to client computers in your enterprise or organization. Your colleagues or employees don't need trainings...
Size: 3.9 MB License: Shareware Price: 23EUR 
Keywords: Microsoft Office 2010 - Office 2010 - Office 2010 Classic Menu - Office 2010 Classic View - Office 2010 Look Like 2003 - Office 2010 Menu - Office 2010 Old Interface - Office 2010 Old Look - Office 2010 Toolbar

FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike 2.04Data Added 1: October 15, 2014   
FaceDouble Celebrity Look alike. .
Snap a photo from your iPhone and find out what celebrity you look like. Facial matching will compare your face to thousands of today's top celebrities. * Vote on matches * See best matches of the day * Get badges for,, and others. HINTS: For those having trouble getting great matches -- try the following: 1. make sure photo is face-on. Tilting your head or only showing "your good side" doesn't help 2....
Size: 5.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Similar Meter Pro - which friend is your look alike match? 3.0Data Added 1: February 25, 2014   
Similar Meter Pro - which friend is your look alike match?. .
Similar Meter Pro is a software to find how others look like you, and find the relationship between you and him/her. Upload your photo and we will find your eye, mouth, nose, eyebrow, then calculating similarity between you and him/her. What's more, Similar Meter Pro also exactly know your age, gender and race from your photo. So just try it! What's new for pro version? Infinite use times, all unlocked features which contains age analyse, gender analyse and race analyse, and totally...
Size: 3.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $0.99 

Celebtwin: Celebrity Look Alike 4.0.2Data Added 1: February 28, 2014   
Celebtwin: Celebrity Look Alike. .
An update includes an ability to create a morph of your photo and celeb photo. Have you ever been told you look like a celeb? You really do! Prove it by using our app based on face recognition, Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike. Celebtwin will help you to discover your twins within celebrities. All you have to do is to choose one of your pics or take new photo and the application will find your famous look alikes. If you want your friends to have fun too send the results...
Size: 10.8 MB License: Shareware Price: $1.99 

Weabers 1.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Weabers. Web Browser Webserver .
Weabers stand for Web Application Browser and Server. It is a PHP and LUA enabled Webserver and Web browser combined into one single executable file. It can be used as a execution framework for offline web based desktop applications. Design your desktop applications with proven web standards like HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML etc. Add some AJAX concepts and execute it in Weabers. Weabsers let you run web based applications without a web server or a browser, just a single application...
Size: 911.6 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Web Browser - Webserver

Hair Master 3.0Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
Hair Master. Computer Hairstyle Imaging Digital Camera Hair Color.
Hair Master offers a variety of options, which let you to decide how far to take your makeover. Hair Master uses a scanned or digital photo image to show you what you would look like with a new hair style or hair colour, makeup or accessories. Results could be saved as special project file, to widely-used graphic formats, or printed. • More than 5000 of brand new high-quality templates • Female/male/children hairstyles, various make-ups, accessories • Improved and new...
Size: 13.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Computer Hairstyle Imaging - Digital Camera - Hair Color - Hair Colour - Hair Master - Hair Styling - Hairstyle - Hairstyle Imaging - Hairstyle Modeling - Hairstyling Software

Style Advisor 1.0Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Style Advisor. Computer Hairstyle Imaging Digital Camera Hair Color.
Do you get tired of your today’s look? Do you want to change something? Do you like to be in a cheerful mood? All of these you can easy perform with Style Advisor. Style Advisor offers a very useful and no-risk way to try completely new style and then, if you find new look suitable, can help you to bring changes to the real life. Program uses your scanned or digital photo image to show you how you would look like with new style, which includes new hairstyles, makeup, accessories, etc....
Size: 24.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Computer Hairstyle Imaging - Digital Camera - Hair Color - Hair Colour - Hair Styling - Hairstyle - Hairstyle Imaging - Hairstyle Modeling - Hairstyling Software - Style Advisor

FindinSite-MS 1.51Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
FindinSite-MS. Api Application
FindinSite-MS is a search engine for a MS hosted web site - easily configurable to * look like part of your web site, * index when you want and * highlight result pages FindinSite-MS is an ASP.NET application that runs in IIS on a Windows server, including shared Microsoft-based hosts - .NET framework 1.1 or later. A Search API XML web service is available for complete programmer control. Powerful search facilities are available, including booleans and wildcards, word stemming and...
Size: 2.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $99 
Keywords: Api - Application - - Ms-hosting - Programmable - Search - Service - Site - Web - Website

JokeScrubber 1.3Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
JokeScrubber. Email Forward Forwarded.
JokeScrubber solves a common and annoying problem for Email users. If you're getting tired of all those messy messages that land in your in-box, this is the program for you. You know the kind of messages: They've been forwarded too often, too carelessly. The lines are littered with arrow (>>) characters and look like a drunk formatted them. Even if the content is worthwhile, you hesitate to pass these messages along because, if you forward them as they are, you'll look like an Email...
Size: 958.6 KB License: Shareware Price: $5 
Keywords: Email - Forward - Forwarded - Forwarding - Jokes - Messages - Messy Messages

SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.6Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
SSH Explorer SSH Client. Ssh Client Telnet Client Terminal Emulator.
SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH/Telnet client and terminal emulator that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it actually is. File View panel lets you navigate through and operate with remote directories and files as effortlessly as if they were on your home computer. The integrated text editor will be a great tool for people who don't like the awkward vi and emacs interface. SSH Explorer also includes a pack of useful Linux commands and allows you to...
Size: 2.9 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Ssh Client - Telnet Client - Terminal Emulator

Ini 1.2Data Added 1: August 09, 2007   
Ini. Beautifier Configuration Ini.
Windows *.ini file verifier, tidier and sorter. Tidies and sorts windows *.ini files, ones that look like this: [section] ; a comment item=value; To use: java.exe -jar ini.jar C:\somedir\somefile.ini UTF-8 Where UTF-8 in the encoding. Opera uses UTF-8. You can leave it to the default for most others. The original is named somefile.ini.old when you are done. Don't run ini more than once on the same ini file or you will overwrite your backup. Don't run ini when the...
Size: 291.3 KB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Beautifier - Configuration - Ini - Section - Sort - Sorter - Sorting - Tidier - Verifier - Windows

MIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65Data Added 1: June 21, 2007   
MIKLSOFT Renamer. Download File Files.
What is MIKLSOFT Renamer? Robust tool for multiple file renaming in the selected folder. This renaming tool allows you to rename big mass of files in the batch mode. Preview list will show you, how your files will be look like after renaming. Visual templates system will helpfully assist you in making up new names. You can save name pattern as template and apply its later to the same files. With MIKLSOFT Renamer you can rename multiple file view preview before rename save renaming...
Size: 1.1 MB License: Shareware Price: $14.95 
Keywords: Download - File - Files - Miklsoft - Name - Rename - Renamer - Renaming - System - Templates

Split Images 7.0Data Added 1: March 24, 2008   
Split Images. Cut Image Cuting Picture Dividing Pictures.
Split images into many small ones. Specify the number of rows and columns to control the number of small images created. HTML file will show small images joined as one to look like original image.
Size: 341.5 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.99 
Keywords: Cut Image - Cuting Picture - Dividing Pictures - Splits Image - Splitting Picture

Direcscape Added 1: September 12, 2010   
Direcscape. Desktop Enhancements Directories File Management.
Direcscape is an innovative software application that is like no other. While, most software file management programs look like Windows Explorer, Direcscape has a unique interface that improves access to files and documents by enhancing the view of the directories. In addition, the design incorporates a note and task feature. Each directory can be assigned a default note, while the task feature associates each task with a directory making finding information associated with each task quickly...
Size: 740.0 KB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Desktop Enhancements - Directories - File Management - Folders - Notes - Organize - Tasks - Windows Explorer

BabyMaker 1.0Data Added 1: August 27, 2008   
BabyMaker. Automatical Babies Baby.
No need to wait for none months to see your baby! All you need is two pictures. Just put pictures of you two into BabyMaker, and see what your baby will look like in just a moment. Impress your friends and family with 'what if' pictures of your possible babies made with just about anyone. You only need two facial photos (passport-style will do) to generate a realistic image of a baby. And we're not talking about cartoon-style pictures or a still-morph picture frozen in the middle of a...
Size: 16.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $19.95 
Keywords: Automatical - Babies - Baby - Baby Portrait - Family - Images - Photo

Advanced ETL Processor Added 1: October 25, 2015   
Advanced ETL Processor. Bcp Business Automation Data Transformation.
Advanced ETL Processor extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database automatically. A unique technology called "What You See Is What You Load" saves a lot of time during testing and design of validation and transformation processes. It shows you how the data will be transformed and loaded into the data warehouse or database without actually loading it. At any time, you can press the "Preview" button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look...
Size: 8.3 MB License: Shareware Price: $340 
Keywords: Bcp - Business Automation - Data Transformation - Etl - Extract Transform Load - Ms Sql Server - Odbc - Oracle - Powerful Etl Tool - Sql Loader

fvwm95 Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
Win95 lookalike Window Manager for X fvwm95 is a Window Manager for the X Window System, configured to look like a win95 user interface. Fvwm95 is no longer maintained upstream; its main continued advantage is that it has low resource requirements compared to some of the other window managers that attempt to look somewhat like windows 95. (TM). The FVWM-95.
Size: License: Freeware 

piGIMP Benchmark Data Added 1: February 25, 2010   
piGIMP is a project to benchmark GIMP against Photoshop, then multithread GIMP plug-ins until it makes Photoshop look like a toy.. SourceForge:.
Size: 9.0 KB License: Freeware 

Master Uneraser 1.21Data Added 1: January 30, 2014   
Master Uneraser. Data File Files.
Master Uneraser can recover accidentally deleted files on your hard drives (even files deleted from Recycle Bin). It has direct access to hard drive on low level and ignores information about existing files on drive, because it analyzes free space of hard drive (where it can find deleted files). It is not well known, that Windows does not delete files completely. It just removes record of file from file system. So, Master Uneraser has good chances to recover deleted file (maybe...
Size: 5.0 MB License: Shareware Price: $29.95 
Keywords: Data - File - Files - Recovery - Undelete - Uneraser

Sky Aces Cold War 3.2Data Added 1: December 10, 2012   
Sky Aces Cold War. Free Game Downloading Freeware Freeware Games.
Sky Aces - Cold War is a new simulator of aerial warfare. This time, the action is taking place in present time. What could the third world war look like? Apparently, it would be all about cutting-edge weapons and space-age aviation! The side that will be more aggressive and better at controlling its jets will be the winner! In this game, you will take the pilot's seat in a machine of pure destruction. The powerful machine guns and missile launchers of your plane will not cool down for a...
Size: 26.9 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Game Downloading - Freeware - Freeware Games

NfsUnderwater5 1.1Data Added 1: May 04, 2011   
NfsUnderwater5. Free Screensavers Screensavers Sea Screensaver.
NfsUnderwater5 free screensaver, featuring ocean life, will decorate your monitor and create a magic and relaxing atmosphere. Your monitor will look like an aquarium with nfsUnderwater5 free screensaver. It's safe to install and run.
Size: 3.2 MB License: Freeware 
Keywords: Free Screensavers - Screensavers - Sea Screensaver - Underwater Screensaver

Image to FlipBook 2.7Data Added 1: May 16, 2012   
Image to FlipBook. Image To Flash Image To Flip Book Image To Page-flip Ebook.
Image to FlipBook is a powerful digital photo albums creator that enables you to create digital photo albums that look like real photo albums and complete with page-flipping action. With Image to FlipBook, you can easily create an interactive flash flip photo album to share photos on your website. The user-friendly flash flip photo album maker lets you can make a delicate photo flippingbook from all your favourite images/photos(.jpg, .bmp, .jpeg, png) with customizable style and amusing...
Size: 10.2 MB License: Shareware Price: $99 
Keywords: Image To Flash - Image To Flip Book - Image To Page-flip Ebook - Online Brochure Creator - Pageflip Photo Albums - Photo Flipbook Builder - Turn Photo Into Flip Albums

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